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Subzero weather withers polar plunge participation

Given the mercury dropped to -6degC in Dunedin on Saturday morning, it was not surprising some of the hardiest members of the Southern Free Beaches naturist club chose not to participate in their annual winter solstice polar plunge.

Southern Free Beaches naturist club member Paul Campion makes a splash at the club’s annual winter solstice polar plunge at Warrington Beach on Saturday.Gregor Richardson
Southern Free Beaches naturist club member Paul Campion makes a splash at the club’s annual winter solstice polar plunge at Warrington Beach on Saturday.

However, about half a dozen members saw it as a challenge and bravely ventured into the frigid surf at Warrington Beach, despite some of the sand being hard and white with frost.

One member, who declined to be named, described just how cold the water was.

“This is the kind of temperature where men start turning into women.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Otago Daily Times

Original publication 25 June 2018

Posted on NatCorn 7th July 2018

Nudist swims for kids defended as ‘safe, happy and healthy’
Ryedale Naturist Club offered children free tickets to its naked swims :: Leading naturists said the sessions are in children’s ‘best interest’

Naturists have jumped to the defence of naked child swim sessions, claiming they are in children’s “best interest”.

Leading lovers of nature hit back against “mass hysteria” prompted by Ryedale Naturist Club’s free swim offer to under 18s.

A council investigation was launched into the club after The Gazette disclosed details of an advert encouraging kids to swim nude alongside adults at Derwent Pool, near Malton, North Yorkshire .

References to children, and the club’s free entry offer, have since been deleted from the club’s website after a flurry of online anger.

Derwent Pool, near Malton is offering £5 naked swim sessionsGoogle
Derwent Pool, near Malton is offering £5 naked swim sessions

But British Naturism (BN) stood by the sessions, saying: “A naturist environment is a safe, happy and healthy environment for a child to be a part of.

“Prudery, not openness or nudity, harms children.”

Andrew Calow, from BN Yorkshire, said it is in a child’s “best interest” to see real bodies rather than explore the internet.

He said: “Don’t let readers’ prejudices masquerade as facts. Naturism is a family activity enjoyed by people all over the world.

“Children are safe attending a naturist swim with their parents. They attend as part of a family unit.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: GazetteLive

Original publication 25 APR 2018

Posted on NatCorn 26th April 2018

Previous Article on this issue: Nudist paradise: The public pool hosting £5 naked swim sessions and ‘kids go free’ offer

Nudist paradise: The public pool hosting £5 naked swim sessions and ‘kids go free’ offer
Naturists from Teesside and beyond flock to a council-owned pool in North Yorkshire to bare all :: Even children are encouraged to swim nude

The idyllic North Yorkshire district of Ryedale is an unlikely nudist paradise.

Best known for Eden Camp, Flamingo Land and Castle Howard, it boasts a much more obscure attraction.

Derwent Pool, near Malton is offering £5 naked swim sessionsGoogle
Derwent Pool, near Malton is offering £5 naked swim sessions

Naturists from Teesside and further afield flock to council-run Derwent Pool, near Malton, for £5 naked swim sessions.

The public pool and sauna offers the “best chance of a naked swim” in the North when its doors close to the public between 3pm and 5pm every other Sunday.

“Our swims are just like going to any council-run swimming pool except we don’t use swim-wear,” proclaims Ryedale Naturist Club’s website. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: GazetteLive

Original publication 22 APR 2018

Posted on NatCorn 23rd April 2018

Standard Deviations: ‘Nakationing’ — naked vacationing — is a thing?
They’re calling it “one of the fastest growing trends in both travel and recreation.” Me? I call it just plain awkward.

Apparently, the “nakation” is a thing now.

At least, that’s what the American Association for Nude Recreation would have us believe.

You’ve heard of the “staycation”? The “mancation”? Even the “praycation”? Well, get ready for the nakation, a trademarked combination of “naked” and “vacation.”

Logo for International Skinny Dip Day
Logo for International Skinny Dip Day

I know about the nakation because awhile back a friend forwarded to me an email from the aforementioned AANR — based in Kissimmee, Florida — announcing that the group has designated the second Saturday in July as International Skinny Dip Day. This raises two troubling questions, in my mind:

1. Isn’t it a tad presumptuous for a group calling itself the American Association for Nude Recreation to assume it has the authority to declare an International Skinny Dip Day? I mean, you’d think they’d at least get input from naked people in other countries before making such a bold proclamation.

2. Why would anyone send an email about skinny dipping to me, the guy about which there’s absolutely nothing that could even remotely be considered “skinny”? Continued…Read full original article

Source: Standard-Examiner

Original publication APRIL 15, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 16th April 2018

Nudists being welcomed to Irish leisure centres to use pools, saunas, steam rooms and even water slides as naturist community continues to grow
Indoor private nude swim sessions are growing in popularity across the country

NUDISTS have been hosted in seven swimming pools – including one with a slide – as the community grows in numbers across Ireland, we can reveal.

The latest new venue to rent out their facilities was Coral Leisure in Co Monaghan which allowed naturists to use its pool, sauna, steam room and even its water chute.

Indoor private nude swim sessions are growing in popularity in IrelandStock image
Indoor private nude swim sessions are growing in popularity in Ireland

They used the venue last month and plan to do so again in April.

Manager Ciaran Murtagh said they had no complaints – and revealed he is happy to provide the fully-clothed lifeguard duties himself.

He said: “It is not exactly for me, but whatever you are into!

“No complaints. They are a private user group. They pay a rental fee to come in outside of normal opening hours. We have had no issues.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Irish Sun

Original publication 3rd April 2018

Posted on NatCorn 7th April 2018

Byron’s nude beach gets stay of execution

Byron Shire Councillors voted at last Thursday’s meeting to continue a trial of changed conditions at the shire’s only official nude beach at Tyagarah but emphasised there was no guarantee the beach would remain clothing optional in the longer term

Enjoying a bit of fun in the sun are some naturists relaxing at the clothes-optional beach, Tyagarah.Jeff Dawson.
Enjoying a bit of fun in the sun are some naturists relaxing at the clothes-optional beach, Tyagarah.

A spokesperson for the local naturist group told public access that the current trial, which was originally slated for three months but has continued for five, had been a success in clearing out seamy sex abusers whose presence on the beach had increasingly riled beachgoers and local residents.

She called for the beach’s clothing optional status to be confirmed, following the erection of signage, daily police patrols and a range of initiatives by her group. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: echo.net

Original publication March 26, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 26th March 2018

Nudist defends naked swimming at Waiheke Island after criticism from locals

A proud naturist is defending the rights of people to swim sans togs, as complaints about naked bathers are on the rise on Waiheke Island.

Getty Images

Free Beaches NZ president Mike Ward has been swimming nude for the last four decades, and says naturists have happily flocked to Waiheke Island beaches for the last 30 years.

“Once you have tried it, you really can’t go back to the idea that wearing togs is anything like a sensible thing,” he told RadioLIVE on Thursday. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Newshub

Original publication 15/03/2018

Posted on NatCorn 16th March 2018

Butt-naked swimmer braves freezing temperatures for his morning skinny dip
This bold swimmer braved the ‘beast from the east’ to go skinny dipping.

Launching himself into the bitterly cold sea, the swimmer took a stark naked paddle as the UK prepares for Storm Emma.


Paragraph text Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Metro

Original publication 27 Feb 2018

Posted on NatCorn 9th March 2018

Mass skinny dip for a good cause
Would you bare all for charity?

We wanted to create an event that would not only push the boundaries and drive awareness for an important cause, but also inspire people to let go of their inhibitions, have fun and celebrate their wonderful bodies in all their diversity.

If this hot weather is making you want to strip off and head to the beach, you could be in good company next month when the Bay of Plenty is hosting a group skinny dip for a good cause.

Breast cancer survivor Tracy Harding, 60 will be doing a naked swim as a fundraiser.George Novak
Breast cancer survivor Tracy Harding, 60 will be doing a naked swim as a fundraiser.

The inaugural Nude Dude charity swim is being held on March 15 at an unnamed Western Bay beach.

The swim will be a fundraiser for Tauranga’s Breast Cancer Support Service, which provides emotional and practical support for Western Bay women with breast cancer, and their families. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Bay of Plenty Times

Original publication 3 Feb, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 16th February 2018

Man Files Complaint About “Excessive Nudity” In Men’s Locker Room
“I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity.”

A Canadian man is complaining about what he describes as “excessive nudity” in the men’s changing room at his local public pool.

Norm Waddell goes to the Cowichan Aquatic Centre in Duncan, British Columbia, for physiotherapy. He told staff the men’s locker room is packed with elderly men letting it all hang free. Waddell admits they’re not doing anything illegal, but insists the lockers are for public use and everyone should feel comfortable in them.

“I don’t think it’s right that these men make it so uncomfortable for others with their nudity,” he said. “I have a son who is not comfortable with it either. There are separate cubicals and shower stalls in the change rooms so these men should be made to use them.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Logo newnownext

Original publication 1/23/2018

Posted on NatCorn 2nd February 2018

Nudist Reality vs. Cancelled Calgary Nude Swimming Event

It’s 2018 and the community that wears a swimsuit in the pool or ocean has a long way to go to understand the nudist lifestyle and values Recently the city of Calgary cancelled a nude swimming event planned for an indoor swimming/recreation facility sponsored by the group Calgary Nude Recreation.

This wasn’t the first time a nudist group had rented a city of Calgary owned facility for an event and it won’t be the last either. Unfortunately this time, public outcry and threats of violence pushed city officials to cancel the event. An online petition supported by more than 22,000 people framed the argument against the event stating the following concerns:

“I respect the concept and believe in an 18+ setting it could be a popular event. However, having naked children around a bunch of naked adults doesnt seem like a good idea for any reason. Realistically there is alot of mental illness out there that this event could trigger/effect. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Clothing Optional Trips

Original publication January 21, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 28th January 2018

A Matter of Principle or Cutting off my nose to spite my face

Today was supposed to be my first Naturist swim at our local pool. The group organizer on Facebook contacted us to say that the pool double booked with another naturist group.

Normally this might not have been an issue but as I know the other group and their principles, I opted not to go feigning the onset of a cold.

Why would I deny myself a chance to go skinny dipping you ask? Well, you see, I once tried to join this other group only to be refused membership because I was a single male naturist. Their reasoning? They want an equal men to women ratio and said I could join if I brought a female companion. What a load of *%#! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

Original publication JANUARY 20, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 25th January 2018

BBC wildlife host Kate Humble strips off for skinny dip in freezing lake
Kate, 49, bared all as she took to being at one with nature for new series Off The Beaten Track, filmed in Wales

BBC presenter Kate Humble sheds her clothes to go skinny dipping in scenes watched by millions of TV viewers.

The Londoner, 49, displayed her bare backside as she plunged into a freezing lake while travelling around Wales for her new BBC2 series Off The Beaten Track.

Kate Humble bares her backside in BBC2 series Off The Beaten TrackBBC
Kate Humble bares her backside in BBC2 series Off The Beaten Track

Kate said she wanted to see if she was “brave enough to immerse herself” in the world of artist Natasha Brooks, who regularly swims naked.

Describing her nude dip, she said: “There’s that middle bit where it creeps over your thigh.
“I can’t speak because it’s so cold.”

The Springwatch host has previously revealed her fondness for sunbathing naked in her French holiday home and claims she once danced naked in the desert with her husband. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Sun

Original publication 4th January 2018

6th January 2018

‘Nude dudes’ – and ladies – wanted for Tauranga naked swim for breast cancer charity

Tauranga will host a mass skinny dip for a good cause next year.

Registrations have opened for the inaugural “Nude Dude” charity swim to be held on March 15, 2018, at an unnamed Western Bay beach.

Tauranga will host a mass skinny dip next year to raise money for a breast cancer charityBay of Plenty Times
Tauranga will host a mass skinny dip next year to raise money for a breast cancer charity

After registering, nude dudes – who can be of any gender – must fundraise a certain amount – $300 for individuals and $1000 for groups of up to four – to make the cut for the R18 birthday suit 100m splash in the surf.

Only those competing will be given access to the beach, and there will be no spectators allowed.

The swim will be a fundraiser for Tauranga’s Breast Cancer Support Service, which provides emotional and practical support for women with breast cancer and their families, and receives no government funding. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: New Zealand Herald

Original publication 19 Dec, 2017

22nd December 2017

Nudism and Naturism in Austria
Where to Take it All Off

Austrians have taken the title of ‘Most Likely to Go Nude at a Beach’ from the Germans, in a naked wrestling match no-one wanted to see, with a quarter of the country saying they have stripped off in public on vacation at some point in their lives.

Although many consider Austrians to be a formal and rather conservative people, the extent of nudity in Austrian culture may surprise the visitor to Austria.

As in many European countries, nudity is more prevalent on television and films in Austria than it is in the US. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: tripsavvy

Original publication 10 June 2017

7th December 2017

Naked Swimming in School

Durante años, hasta bien entrada la década de los 70 en las escuelas, institutos, universidades y/o asociaciones deportivas de Estados Unidos las clases de natación, principalmente en piscinas cubiertas, que se impartían a niños y adolescentes se realizaban en completa desnudez, era una práctica normalizada y estandarizada el dar las clases de natación sin traje de baño. En el documental Naked Swimming in School publicado en tres capítulos en YouTube en 2010, firmado por K. Dean Rhodes, el historiador se pregunta porqué ocurría esto y como es posible que nadie lo recuerde y, a continuación relata su investigación para dar respuesta a estas dos preguntas, presentando distintos documentos y un par de entrevistas de la radio.

Respecto al por qué, comienza contando que en la primera mitad del siglo pasado era bastante normal que los hombres fueran a bañarse y nadar desnudos en la naturaleza. Nadie esperaba otra cosa, especialmente cuando lo habitual era que no se mezclaran hombres y mujeres en este tipo de actividades. Culturalmente, en esa época se consideraba que un hombre no tenía por qué avergonzarse de que alguien le viera desnudo. Si que se esperaba que se cubrieran cuando hubiera mujeres presentes, pero más que por no avergonzarse ellos, por no ofender a las mujeres. En esa época, el desnudo masculino se utilizaba como símbolo de salud y vigor. A este respecto son curiosos los anuncios de una marca de jabones que utilizan ilustraciones de soldados bañándose en grupo en cualquier río, totalmente desnudos por supuesto. En esa época ese tipo de ilustración daba una imagen de salud y virilidad, como ya se ha indicado. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

27th November 2017

Hiding Our Nudity

I’ve written about modesty in the past and with all the sex abuse scandals popping up in the media I have to wonder how this might affect Naturists in the future? I fear that naturism will be labelled even more shameful than it currently is and soon there will no longer be any safe haven for us.

I re-posted a blog from Clothesfreelife.com regarding an article in the Montreal Gazette that they do not want nudity in changing rooms at a public pool in Brossard near Montreal. I still can’t believe that society has such a hang up with nudity and could this be the tipping point that spells the end of body freedom? The article stated that many changing rooms in the future will be gender inclusive with separate stalls for changing and showering and will thus eliminate nudity altogether.

John brought up an interesting point as I was discussing the issue of the pool in Montreal and he said that there could also be a religious aspect to it that I hadn’t thought of and seeing anyone nude can be offensive to their faith. If that is the case isn’t it like everyone trying to be politically correct by saying Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas? Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturist Fab

22nd November 2017

Cornwall’s bathing waters score a 100 per cent pass rate against tougher new standards

All of Cornwall’s beaches have made the grade against tough bathing water quality standards, according to figures published by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs.

Gyllyngvase Beach, which has been rated excellent for its water quality
Gyllyngvase Beach, which has been rated excellent for its water quality

Of the 142 designated bathing waters assessed in Devon and Cornwall just three in Devon have been rated as ‘poor’ under new standards introduced in 2015, which are twice as tough as in previous years.

In Falmouth, Gyllyngvase and Swanpool were rated excellent with Maenporth coming in as good while Church Cove, Coverack, Kennack Sands, Poldhu, Polurrian Cove, Porthleven and Praa Sands were also all rated as excellent. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Falmouth Packet

21st November 2017

Nudity in pool locker rooms: natural or offensive?
Roland Bérard has been using Brossard’s indoor pool for 30 years.

It never occurred to the 67-year-old healing facilitator and former engineer that it was inappropriate to take all his clothes off in the locker room to shower and change.

But the South Shore municipality informed swimmers in its November newsletter that nudity is forbidden in changing rooms.

“I’m all for respect," says Roland Bérard, pictured outside the complex that houses the Antoine-Brossard pool, "but when I’m taking my shower, I don’t want to wear my bathing suit.”John Mahoney / Montreal Gazette
“I’m all for respect,” says Roland Bérard, pictured outside the complex that houses the Antoine-Brossard pool, “but when I’m taking my shower, I don’t want to wear my bathing suit.”

“The city would like to remind users of the public pools that in the changing rooms, they must be clothed, covered up or use the cubicles or toilets,” aquatic supervisor Dominique Lavigne wrote in an email to Bérard after he sent a query about the new rules.

Locker-room etiquette will get even more complicated two years from now, when Brossard opens a new aquatic centre with a universal changing room, rather than separate ones for men and women. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Montreal Gazette

16th November 2017

Reflections from my Trail
Skinny Dipping?

Normally all of these tales are based on personal memory, but this one is hearsay. However, the source is one of my oldest and dearest friends and I would trust my life to his recollection above almost any other, in what is, fortunately, becoming a long life with many, many friends and acquaintances.

This tale originates in Western Pennsylvania, where I grew up, and involves three of my best friends and an unknown young woman that were enjoying a wonderful Pennsylvania summer participating in a very popular activity. This likely happened about 1961, and it was then fashionable for young people to enjoy nice cooling swims in the Ohio River at a favorite place, one I enjoyed many times when I was home. At the Neville Island Park there was a long rope swing that allowed the swingers to fly out over the river and splash into the deep, cool water. Normally the park was open from about noon to near sunset.

Now in 1957 I departed to pursue an education and I was never home again in summer due to various jobs which kept me away. However, my friend Nick and his now wife, Linda along with another old friend, Paul and his girlfriend kept up the tradition and continued to make the 20 mile drive to enjoy the swimming at Neville Island Park. I learned of this escapade at a 50 year class reunion in 2007.

On a hot sultry summer night, when the idea was hatched, prompted mostly by Paul, to sneak into the Neville Island swimming area about 11 p.m. and go “swimming in the dark!” Now 50 years later, Nick couldn’t remember if the plan was to do a co-ed “Skinny Dip” or whether it was just to be an unplanned swimming in full clothes or partially clad, but Linda remembers that they didn’t bring swimsuits! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Clearwater Tribune

22nd October 2017

400 naked people plunged into the sea with the sunrise

The British have once again proved that knowingly wear the title of most pretentious nation on the planet, having started a Grand swim naked, which only remembers Druridge Bay in Nothumberland, reports Rus.Media. About 400 naked absolutely enthusiasts of both sexes, regardless of age or body type, the sun bravely went into the icy waters of the North sea.

400 naked people plunged into the sea with the sunrise Enchanting sight!
400 naked people plunged into the sea with the sunrise
Enchanting sight!

What are they, you ask? And that they have a charity event like this. Called North East Skinny Dip (“North East skinny dipping”), it was held for the seventh time, and invented it in 2011, 38-year-old paramedic from Sunderland JAX Higginson.

The event takes place completely naturally: people splashing in the icy waves, embraces, uplifts hands to the sun and generally enjoying life in every way. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Sherbrook Times

17th October 2017

Don’t touch

I was always a shy young girl in my teens and didn’t really think about boys that often. I remember my father always telling me and my four elder sisters not to talk to boys so this followed throughout my younger years. In the back of my head I could always hear those bullies telling me that I would never have boyfriends or get married. This stuck! I couldn’t even possibly think about it. When I was 13, there was a boy who swam at the same club as me and he had bright blond hair and piercing blue eyes. I think he was the first boy I had a crush on. At the end of the year we always celebrated our achievements in swimming and had a club disco.

I was looking forward to seeing him there and hoping he would’ve noticed me. When he arrived he caught my eye but never took time to look back at me. I watched him all night until he walked out the door. I got up to use the toilet and as I walked down the corridor there he was … kissing my sister. I was so horrified I ran into the toilet quietly crying. I knew from that day there was no possibility any boy would even bother to look at me yet alone date me.

When I turned 15, my best friend told me her cousin liked me and I didn’t believe her. Why should I? I was lacking so much self esteem and confidence that I remember workmen shouting out to me on many occasions, ‘smile sweetheart’. I honestly walked around with my shoulder drooped and my face watching every step I took. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Disability Talk

15th October 2017

What does it really change?

I was having a discussion with a bunch of friends about hiking and more specifically naked hiking. One of my female friend was really puzzled and asked this simple question: « but what does it change? You can walk wearing a light short and that should not change anything, so what does it really change to walk naked? » My answer was one word: « Everything! »

Now I continued. « Have you ever skinny dipped? You know, just dropping your clothing and jumped into the water entirely naked? How did it feel? ». The answer was of course it felt great not only because of the feeling of the water over her naked body, but also because it was kinda… forbidden. True, first timer feels going over the border and it creates this adrenaline-induced feeling of transgression.

« Now, » I continued, « if you get to go on a nudist beach and get naked to tan and swim, you will not feel anymore, quite quickly actually, this feeling of transgression. What will remain though is this feeling of well-being. This is exactly what naked hikers are experiencing too. » Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Nu et heureux – Naked and Happy

8th October 2017

El placer de la desnudez

Nuestra necesidad de absorber el sol por todos los poros de la piel corresponde a una necesidad biológica. …Es una manera de cuidar de nosotros mismos y de honrar este cuerpo que nos ha sido entregado bajo nuestra responsabilidad para que vivamos plenamente nuestra vida terrestre. (France Guillain).

Son muchos los que muestran dificultades en desnudarse en presencia de otras personas. La única razón de esta molestia parece ser la culpabilidad que ha sido inculcada por una educación estricta que considera el cuerpo y los órganos sexuales como algo vergonzoso. Sin embargo, el desnudo aporta muchos beneficios físicos y psicológicos. Es un excelente aprendizaje con el fin de liberarse de la vergüenza, saborear las pequeñas cosas, encontrar más autenticidad en la relación con los demás, desarrollar el respeto y la buena relación con los demás. Igualmente es un sedante de la violencia sexual. Los movimientos naturistas han sido pioneros en esta experiencia armonizadora y liberadora. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Vida Naturista

25 September, 2017, 5:20 pm

Israeli Olympic swimmer’s new innovation lets you skinny dip without being totally exposed
Have you ever wanted to go skinny dipping but were too embarrassed to expose your private parts to the entire beach? Guy Barnea, an Israeli Olympic swimmer, found a solution with his new innovation: a floating clothes hanger upon which people may hang their swimsuits deep in the water and retrieve them before returning to the beach.

Israeli Olympic swimmer Guy Barnea has come up with a new innovation aimed at helping those interested in skinny dipping without exposing their private parts to the entire beach: a floating clothes hanger. The innovation, which is currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign, proposes to install floating clothes hangers within the ocean’s waters, where those interested in skinny dipping can leave their bathing suits in order to swim naked. However, the catch is that they will be able to wear their swimsuits before and after entering the water without showing off their goods to other beach-goers.

Getting naked in the seaChannel 2 News
Getting naked in the sea

“Following a video shoot that included skinny dipping, I was surprised by the liberating pleasure that this experience provided everyone, which is completely different from the experience of swimming in bathing suits,” Barnea explained. “In my opinion, this is a business potential that has not properly been realized to date. Many people will pay for the experience, just as they are used to paying for enjoyable experiences such as watching a movie or eating at a restaurant.” Cont…Read full original article…

Source: JOL

17 September, 2017, 5:10 pm

Brave Dad Bares Bod Less Than 6 Months After Wife Gave Birth

New dad Keith Mallon has been heaped with praise after daring to appear in public wearing just a pair of swimming trunks, less than six months after his wife Jean gave birth to their first child.

33-year-old Mallon took to the swimming pool at his local leisure centre wearing just a pair of three-quarter length Nike shorts and a pair of Speedo goggles, leaving onlookers amazed with his post-birth figure.

Although some people were put off that Mallon would be showing so much skin in public so soon after his wife went through 46 hours of labour, many others rushed to commend him for bravely flaunting conventions that new dads should hide their bodies away.

“I think it’s a wonderful message to send to new dads everywhere about being proud of your body, even after your missus gave birth to a child,” said Jim Horan, editor for Waterford Men’s Fashion magazine Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Waterford Whispers News

15 September, 2017, 5:20 pm

Skinny dip set to take place at Druridge Bay this month
In case you weren’t already aware, September is Great British Skinny Dip Month.

This month, at locations across the UK, people will once again be encouraged to shed their inhibitions, and their swimming costumes, to try the liberating experience of costume-free swimming as part of The Great British Skinny Dip.

A previous skinny dip at Druridge Bay.Owen Humphreys/PA
A previous skinny dip at Druridge Bay.

Venues across the country are preparing to welcome people to take the plunge, from beaches to leisure centres. In Northumberland, Druridge Bay is hosting a dip at dawn Sunday, September 24, one of two taking place in the North East. Although the event is fun, there are some important underlying aims. The Great British Skinny Dip sets out to counter negative body self-image and demonstrate that the human body comes in all sorts of diverse shapes and sizes. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Northumberland Gazzette

07 September, 2017, 5:10 pm

Rhossili Skinny dip

Rhossili Skinny dip
19 June 2011

Want 2 see 400 + people break the skinny dipping World Record at #Rhossili in aid of @mariecurieuk? #NTskinnydip

Cont…Read full original article…

Source: National Trust

06 September, 2017, 5:10 pm

Making a splash
Canines take over the pool at annual doggy dip

Last one in the pool is … a wet dog? While we may be well into September, the dog days of summer are still hanging around.

And this weekend, they’ll be hanging out poolside.

The most eagerly anticipated pup-pool-party of the year is back, and bigger than ever. On Saturday and Sunday, the tastefully appointed pools and cabanas at Laurel Creek Country Club are going to the dogs for the third annual Doggy Dip. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Burlington County Times

05 September, 2017, 5:50 pm

Naked truth about naturism: Meet some of the people who love to strip off
Elland naturism club bares all for the first time

A naturist club revealed all this weekend when its members opened up for its first ever open day to mark The Great British Skinny Dip.

And no matter how many times you tell yourself that it is the most natural thing in the world it’s still hard not to feel at least slightly startled by the sight of stark naked men discussing Town’s chances against Southampton over a game of pool while their equally naked wives enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

Ashdene Naturist Club in Elland, Calderdale.
Ashdene Naturist Club in Elland, Calderdale.

Although I had known vaguely for years that there was a naturist club called Ashdene hidden away somewhere in Elland it was only on Saturday that I finally got round to visiting the seven acre site which overlooks the River Calder. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

29 August, 2017, 5:10 pm

Local uproar at peaceful Kentish town turning to swingers paradise
A adult private members club is accused of bringing traffic and noise to the leafy area.

Residents of a town in Kent are are up in arms over a local naturist spa resort they accuse of bringing hoards of swingers to the peaceful town.

Eureka sun club, a private members club near Sevenoaks, describing itself as a “naturist venue”, has drawn local ire, according to a report in the Sunday Times, for allegedly bringing traffic, noise and people knocking on doors.

Anyone trying to peak at the goings on at the Eureka sex club near Fawkham, Kent, from the nearby Manor Road is confronted by dense shrubbery.Google Maps
Anyone trying to peak at the goings on at the Eureka sex club near Fawkham, Kent, from the nearby Manor Road is confronted by dense shrubbery.

On it’s Facebook page, Eureka advertises events including a ‘Wednesday Naked Party’, the flyer for which reads: “Gents permitted to wear towels, ladies same or in lingerie.” Cont…Read full original article…

Source: International Business Times

28 August, 2017, 5:20 pm

Llanes planea desterrar de sus playas las hamacas y tablas de surf de alquiler
«Se trata de actividades económicas que ocupan suelo público, por lo que habrá que buscar nuevas ubicaciones», explica el concejal Javier Ardines

La proliferación de empresas de turismo activo, escuelas de surf y negocios de alquiler de material como hamacas o sombrillas que está teniendo lugar en diferentes zonas costeras del país amenaza con afectar pronto a los arenales llaniscos. Es lo que indica el concejal de Playas en el Ayuntamiento de Llanes, Javier Ardines (IU), quien trabaja en la elaboración de una nueva ordenanza que regule el uso y estancia en estos espacios naturales con la intención de, entre otras cosas, aligerar la «cada vez mayor afluencia de personas y presión se ejerce sobre las playas. Cada año hay más visitantes y nuevos intereses económicos, por lo que se hace necesario tratar de establecer un control sobre todo ello», asevera el edil.

La presencia de «empresas de turismo activo que ejercen su actividad en pleno verano en medio de arenales con gran afluencia de usuarios», así como de escuelas de surf y otros negocios, genera molestias entre muchos de los amantes del mar y la arena. «Cada año son numerosos los bañistas que se quejan, pues consideran que estas empresas privadas están ocupando un suelo que es público», explica Ardines.

Un grupo de alumnos y profesores practica surf en la playa llanisca de San Antolín.NEL ACEBAL
Un grupo de alumnos y profesores practica surf en la playa llanisca de San Antolín.

En efecto, señala que «existen numerosas playas que tienen acotados varios metros cuadrados de arena para albergar tablas de surf, paddle surf, kayaks, canoas, patinetes, sombrillas, tumbonas y demás objetos en alquiler. Sin embargo, no debemos olvidar que hablamos de un espacio público y esto son actividades económicas, por lo que tendrán que buscarse otro sitio para almacenar su material», explica el edil de IU a EL COMERCIO. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: El Comercio

26 August, 2017, 5:20 pm

Costas sigue sin construir una senda segura en la cala nudista

Los bañistas que eligen la playa nudista de Playa Morena, en El Portús, para disfrutar de un buen chapuzón, continúan un año más sin poder acceder a la zona de una forma segura. Los que no lo hacen a través del camping se ven obligados a hacerlo por el monte, jugándose el tipo. La Demarcación de Costas del Estado, un organismo que depende del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, todavía no ha iniciado los trabajos previstos para abrir una senda que permita el acceso desde la zona de la rambla, en paralelo a los alojamientos turísticos.

El proyecto está bloqueado en los juzgados, porque afecta a diferentes construcciones, como casas prefabricadas, una treintena de parcelas de acampada, una piscina, aseos y un muro. Hasta que estas edificaciones e instalaciones no sean retiradas, Costas no podrá entrar en la zona de servidumbre para realizar las obras.

Dos jóvenes, por el monte, camino de Playa Morena. P. S. / AGM
Dos jóvenes, por el monte, camino de Playa Morena.

La mayoría de los usuarios de Playa Morena están hospedados en el camping, pero otros deciden escalar por el monte, pasar por unos escalones construidos en la roca y casi destrozados y andar entre piedras. Hay quien se arriesga a despeñarse, incluso yendo con menores de edad. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: La Verdad

25 August, 2017, 5:50 pm

Hénansal. Un camping naturiste en projet
Bertrand Pilard, déjà propriétaire de deux campings à Saint-Jacut, veut ouvrir un camping naturiste à Hénansal, à quelques kilomètres de la plage du Lourtuais, à Erquy (22). Si les autorisations arrivent, il pourrait ouvrir au printemps 2018.

« J’ai grandi dans un camping ; mon père tenait celui des Hotieux à Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer. Aujourd’hui, j’ai repris le flambeau et depuis 2006, je suis aussi propriétaire du camping de la Presqu’île à Saint-Jacut. Naturiste depuis 16 ans, Bertrand Pilard, avait à coeur d’ouvrir un camping pour les personnes qui souhaitent vivre nu. Pour l’instant, il n’en existe qu’un dans les Côtes-d’Armor, à Bourseul. « Cela faisait très longtemps que je cherchais un emplacement du côté de la plage du Lourtuais, une très belle plage naturiste, bien surveillée et bien gérée par la commune d’Erquy. Je suis alors tombé par hasard sur le site de la Bonnais, une ancienne ferme qui accueillait un camping et une auberge et fermée depuis 2011. Il fallait aussi l’accord de la commune d’Hénansal et du maire qui m’a accueilli à bras ouverts ». Sur ce point, il reste quelques autorisations à obtenir et en particulier une modification du Plan local d’urbanisme intercommunal avec Lamballe Terre et Mer. Cette question doit d’ailleurs êre aborder dans quelques semaines en septembre.

Bertrand Pilard, 48 ans, est déjà propriétaire de deux campings à Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer et naturiste depuis 16 ans.
Bertrand Pilard, 48 ans, est déjà propriétaire de deux campings à Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer et naturiste depuis 16 ans.

Une piscine couverte en vue
Acheté il y a environ deux ans, le site, d’environ 5 hectares, est en plein travaux. Car Bertrand Pilard ne manque pas d’ambition pour ce nouveau projet qui lui tient vraiment à coeur. L’ancien corps de ferme, qui doit être rénové, pourrait dans les mois qui viennent pourrait abriter un restaurant, un bar, une salle de réception avec une cuisine pour les groupes, mais aussi une salle de jeux. « Je vais aussi construire une piscine couverte avec des jeux aquatiques, ainsi qu’une paillote avec une fausse plage de sable », précise Bertrand Pilard. Côté hébergement, difficile de connaître la capacité exacte. Néanmoins, le gérant du futur camping prévoit des chalets, des emplacements pour des mobilhomes, des caravanes, des tentes et tout un aménagement paysager pour embellir les cinq hectares. « Il y aura également quatre chambres à louer dans la longère », précise-t-il. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Le Télégramme

25 August, 2017, 5:40 pm

Nudist beaches and super yachts: How Diana escaped Royal limelight in UNSEEN snaps
NEW pics have revealed how Diana got out of the public eye after separating from Prince Charles by heading to far-flung beaches – even nudist ones.

The Peoples’ Princess was a seasoned traveller and jetted off to the most exotic, enviable locations in the world.

It is 20 years since Diana tragically died in a Paris car crash aged 36, and snaps from her getaways have emerged.

Princess Diana on holiday in 1997
Princess Diana on holiday in 1997

She separated from Prince Charles officially in December 1992.

The pics show her in a series of holidays after this date on a yacht and beaches as she got away from the intense public interest in her life. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Daily Star

23 August, 2017, 5:30 pm

Le Betulle centro naturista de ” La Cassa “
Os presentamos un lugar con muchos años de tradición naturista en la zona de la Cassa en Italia.

Una actividad naturista comenzó en 1969, cansados de practicar Naturismo en el extranjero, un grupo de amigos en Turín se hacen con un pedazo de tierra al pie de los valles Lanzo y ese día comenzó su aventura.

Transformar una tierra abandonada en un ambiente de vida en armonía con la naturaleza fue una empresa épica. Ellos son los pioneros de un movimiento naturista en suelo itálico, Le Betulle se convirtió en un pequeño paraíso terrenal hasta el punto de ser el primer centro Naturista italiano reconocido por INF-FNI (Federación Internacional Naturista).

Con los años, gracias al trabajo de los miembros, se ha convertido en un centro naturista moderno y europeo, armoniosamente integrado en la naturaleza virgen del Val Ceronda en las fronteras del Parque Natural La Mandria. …Read full original article…

Source: C.P.N.L.

19 August, 2017, 5:10 pm

Nude blogger left furious after her Instagram account was deactivated… but she’s launched a new naked profile to spread ‘body positivity’
Jessa O’Brien, 28, from Australia, ran the ‘body positive’ feed and had amassed over 42,000 followers since launching in October 2016

A NUDE blogger has hit out after her popular Instagram page was deactivated without warning.

Jessa O’Brien, 28, from Australia, ran the “body positive” feed and had amassed over 42,000 followers since launching in October 2016.

Jessa had over 42,000 fans on her old feedTHENUDEBLOGGER_/INSTAGRAM
Jessa had over 42,000 fans on her old feed

But, Jessa found herself back to zero after the account was suddenly deactivated.

She now believes that her profile was removed because it breached Instagram’s nudity policy. …Read full original article…

Source: The Sun

18 August, 2017, 1:19 pm

El naturismo en Islandia

Los islandeses están bastante a favor del nudismo y en general no son demasiado moralistas. Con la cantidad de piscinas termales que tienen en el país, es normal que una de las actividades más populares entre personas de toda condición sea juntarse a tomar un baño. Y por supuesto en esas situaciones, tienden a pasearse desnudos por ahí. De la sauna a la bañera, y de la bañera a la sauna. Y hasta hoy, a ningún lugareño se le han caído los ojos al suelo ni nada por el estilo.

Además del balneario que podemos encontrar casi en cada pueblo y como nos comentan, a muy buen precio, hay algunos balnearios turísticos, mas caros, pero muy bien montados. Aunque el mas famoso el el Lago Azul, recomiendo visitar también los Baños Naturales situados en la zona del lago Myvatn. Son una Réplica en pequeño del anterior pero tienen menos turismo. Están abiertos hasta las 12 de la noche y recomiendo entrar antes de que se haga de noche para quedarnos allí a relajarnos de la magia que se genera con la oscuridad.

Pero las aguas termales mas famosas de Islandia son las conocidas como La Laguna Azúl, (Bláa Lónið), está en la península de Reykjanes, cerca del pueblo de Grindavík y no muy lejos de Reykjavik. De echo, estas aguas termales son el lugar mas visitado de Islandia. El agua procede una planta geotérmica cercana que la mezcla con agua marina. Como en el caso de los Baños Naturales, recomiendo ir a atardecer para permanecer allí un rato durante la noche. Puedes además de bañarte, untarte la cara con una mascarilla, muy buena para la piel, tomarte una copa en el agua o cenar en su restaurante. Me parece imprescindible en un viaje a Islandia. …Read full original article…

Source: C.P.N.L.

16 August, 2017, 6:50 pm

Por qué desnudarse es bueno para la salud
Los beneficios del turismo nudista son sobre todo psicológicos, pues reduce el estrés y eleva la aceptación personal

Estar y mostrarse desnudo en público tiene, según quienes llevan este estilo de vida, hasta 205 efectos beneficiosos sobre nuestra salud física, psicológica, social o sexual, y continúa siendo una opción muy a tener en cuenta cuando planeamos nuestras vacaciones estivales. En España practican el nudismo hasta dos millones de personas –entre españoles y extranjeros–, y se calcula que el turismo naturista mueve cada año a más de 20 millones de personas en toda Europa, aunque su promoción, habitual en países como Francia, sea todavía poco frecuente en España.

“Inicialmente, muchos se atreven por curiosidad. Y una vez que lo prueban, la mayoría decide no ponerse el bañador nunca más”, dice Ismael Rodrigo, presidente de la Federación Española de Naturismo (FEN). “Lo que atrae a la gente es esa sensación de libertad, de sentir el agua y el aire en todo tu cuerpo, estar en comunión con la naturaleza”. Un bienestar que promueve una mayor aceptación de nuestro cuerpo, reduce el estrés, mejora la autoestima y favorece la superación de ciertos cánones de belleza que condicionan nuestra vida. “Los medios de comunicación tienden a mostrarnos ciertos tipos de cuerpos que se consideran en ese momento atractivos, y eso contribuye a que desde pequeños aparezcan complejos y posteriormente problemas como la anorexia y la bulimia”, afirma Rodrigo, mientras apunta a la educación como la mejor manera de superar estos problemas. “Si desde pequeños nos enseñan a ver la desnudez como algo normal, aprenderemos que hay diferentes tipos de cuerpos y que eso es natural. Pero, en vez de eso, oímos que estar desnudo es malo, y si nos pillaban sin ropa nos decían: ‘¡Marrano, vístete!”.


Practicar el naturismo suele ser señal, además, de una mayor conciencia ecológica y de respeto al medio ambiente: “Casi todo el mundo que conozco que está vestido en casa, usa aire acondicionado. Yo no lo tengo, porque cuando te quitas la ropa, la temperatura baja unos cinco grados. Y además pones menos lavadoras, por lo que contaminas menos”, continúa. …Read full original article…

Source: El País

16 August, 2017, 6:10 pm

5 étapes pour préparer ses vacances naturistes

Ça y est, le printemps est là, l’été va bientôt arriver, il est grand temps de penser aux prochaines vacances, si vous ne l’avez pas déjà fait. Comme tout projet, les vacances se préparent et les vacances naturistes n’échappent pas à la règle. Le site wikiHow consacre un article à la préparation des vacances en 24 étapes. Je vais ici me limiter à 5 étapes pour des vacances naturistes vraiment réussies, desquelles vous garderez de beaux souvenirs et reviendrez en pleine forme.

Mais au fait, avant de se lancer dans la préparation de vos vacances, le naturisme, c’est quoi ? Chacun a sa petite définition, notre partenaire naturisme.fr vous en donne un aperçu. Alors, prêt à passer des vacances naturistes ? C’est parti ! …Read full original article…

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16 August, 2017, 5:40 pm