Controversial family nude swim returns to Waterworld this weekend

One session held last year saw around 20 protesters gather outside the entrance to Waterworld

A controversial nude family swim is returning to one of Stoke-on-Trent’s most popular attractions this weekend


Skinny-dipping in Cornwall’s historic miners’ pools

In search of the historic tidal pools in Cornwall which miners created using dynamite.

Wild swimming in Cornwall is becoming increasingly popular.

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Fears some of Cornwall’s swimming pools and leisure centres could close for good

Local authorities are calling on the Government to provide financial assistance

There are fears that some leisure centres will not reopen unless financial assistance is provided by the Government.

Councils across the South West are asking ministers to approve a funding submission to help local authorities meet the costs of reopening and operating leisure centres across the country.


Skinny-Dipping With Grandma

In one of my favorite family pictures, I am standing in a semicircle of women — my mother, my aunts and my cousins — all of us barefoot on the grass, dressed in white terry cloth robes. We are about to take a memorial skinny-dip. It’s a year after my grandmother died, and this is the best way we know to honor her.

My grandmother spent her summers at a family lake house in northern Wisconsin. Every morning, she’d rise at dawn, put on her robe, and trek barefoot down the dirt path to the lake.


30 days of winter dips.

If you hadn’t already realised….I’m a skinny dipper.

Which means I like sun and warmth. I do love mountains, skiing, hiking etc but really the main thing in my life lately is skinny dipping. I search for sun and warm weather, the kind of weather where any more clothing than shorts and t-shirt is too much, and no clothing at all is the best. You won’t meet many naturists or skinny dip enthusiasts who look for cold water. It’s really not that comfortable to be naked in winter, when all the sane people are wrapped up in hats, scarves and puffy jackets. Preferably, I like to be able to spend a prolonged period of time naked, not just a quick in/out of the water and then run home to the hot shower. So warm temperatures are what I want. If you haven’t tried it before then you wouldn’t believe how good it feels to emerge naked from a crystalline river on a hot day and let the warm sun dry your skin. Mmmhmm that’s the kind of skinny dipping I would usually go for!

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Coronavirus: Fight over nude swimming marks return of pre-Covid life in Europe

There is no better sign we are moving on from coronavirus than being embroiled in a heated debate about nude swimming, and it has drawn national attention.

Lychen’s local council’s ban on naked swimming – and other activities such as naked yoga – has returned the town to the banalities of pre-coronavirus summers and earned it a spot on the national public broadcaster’s nightly newscast

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9 rules you have to follow when swimming pools reopen

Swimmers will be able dive back into pools from tomorrow [11 July] as the government eases lockdown restrictions on the sporting world.

Outdoor swimming pools in England are allowed to welcome back customers from Saturday July 11, while indoor swimming pools can open again from July 25.

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Swimming Pool Hygiene. Proposal of the Naturist Movement to Municipalities and Health [Spain]

Mandatory to shower naked and with soap in the changing rooms before accessing the pools and wearing a well-washed bathing suit.

“I protect you, and you protect me”, is the philosophy on which we base the need for the use of sanitary masks: protect the other. If we all wear them, when necessary, we will all be protected.


Nude swimmers defy COVID and cold to support Lifeline

The annual Winter Solstice Nude Charity Swim will be swum this year on 21 June as planned, but founder Ian Lindeman was worried it wouldn’t – and that was before COVID-19, an event he didn’t live to see.

Chairperson of the now-named Ian Lindeman Memorial Nude Charity Swim, Ben Johnston, spoke to Ian a week before his death in November last year and assured him it would most definitely still go ahead.

More than 170 people took part in the swim last year and expectations were that the numbers would double this year. That won’t happen.