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‘Perineum sunning’ is latest insanity wellness influencers swear by

They’re soaking up some rays where the sun don’t shine.

The hottest trend gripping wellness die-hards is tanning their cans, or “perineum sunning,” as influencers are calling it.

“In a mere 30 seconds of sunlight on your butthole, you will receive more energy from this electric node than you would in an entire day being outside with your clothes on,” says an influencer, who goes by Ra of Earth. In a viral video that has racked up more than 35,000 views, he gestures toward the sun as three naked men lie down, point their backsides to the sky and make sounds of pleasure.

Ra of Earth has also posted a step-by-step “Sun Worship exercise” pulled from “The Tao of Sexology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom” by Dr. Stephen T. Chang that says the practice can help keep the area “healthy and free of germs.”

Chang and Ra of Earth aren’t the only ones, either. Other influencers appear to be just as inspired to catch some ultra-vile rays.

“[Thirty] seconds of direct sunlight injection to the anal orifice is equivalent to being outside in the sun all day!” writes influencer Troy Casey.

One Californian claims butt-chugging vitamin D not only helps her sleep better but helps to regulate her hormones.

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Source: New York Post

Original publication 26 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 23rd December 2019

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El Naturismo en Francia

Probablemente cuando hablamos de naturismo en Europa, uno de los países que mas tenemos en mente por su apertura y normalización social con el desnudo así como la variedad de lugares donde poder ir de vacaciones o afiliarse a centros naturistas es sin lugar a dudas Francia.

Uno de los destinos más frecuentes o con mayor oferta naturista es la región de Aquitania donde cerca de un 33% del turismo va a esta zona del país. Su normalización está mas extendida por todo el país pero quizás en esta zona es donde más personas y familias deciden visitar y pasar unos días. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Espacio de Información Naturista

Original publication MAYO 19, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 29th May 2018

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The Naturist Talks: Kim & Peter From Australia

One of the main reasons why we started this project is to show the world that naturists are not some strange dark commune but that actually everyone could be one… Or could enjoy being one if they took the first step.

Our main example of “everyone” is of course ourselves, we write posts about naturism in general but also about our own experiences. But some of you might be thinking “Yes sure, those two are probably just the strange kids in the block…” (nah, we know you’re not thinking that about us, but we’re trying to write an introduction here). So we decided to let other naturists have a word as well.

So please sit back and get inspired! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication April 16, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 18th May 2018

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Rikke er naturist: Vi skal stoppe med at være så kropsforskrækkede
Naturisten Rikke Laursen har altid elsket at være nøgen. Hun gider ikke være perfekt og har fundet friheden på naturistcamping.

På naturistcampingpladsen ved Kysing Strand går naturisten Rikke Laursen og klipper hæk med sin veninde, som er på besøg.

Veninden er ikke naturist og er en stor kvinde på omkring 140 kilo, så hun har ikke lyst til at være nøgen. Men det er varmt at klippe hæk og lige så stille smider veninden tøjet.


Til sidst er hun med nede og bade nøgen, og for første gang nogensinde kunne Rikkes veninde hvile i at være nøgen. For rundt omkring dem gik andre naturister med et par ekstra kilo på sidebenene, og det er fuldt acceptabelt.

Og det er netop det naturisme gør; at man føler sig fri, ifølge Rikke Laursen.

– Jeg elsker følelsen af at være nøgen og få sol på kroppen. Det er fantastisk at bade nøgen, for man føler sig som en havfrue eller delfin, fortæller Rikke Laursen. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: dr

Original publication 16. SEP. 2017

Posted on NatCorn 2nd May 2018

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Naked Utopia: how England’s first nudists imagined the future

The naked body is as old as humanity. But nudism as a social form, organised into clubs and societies, only came of age in England in the 1920s. Its practitioners were from a range of backgrounds and included those with interests in “physical culture” (today we would refer to this as body building and beauty contests). Many were interested in natural health, including vegetarian and raw food diets, and new exercise regimes from hiking to yoga.

‘Sun worship’. Health and Efficiency magazine, 1935.
‘Sun worship’. Health and Efficiency magazine, 1935. H&E naturist magazine/Hawk Editorial Ltd.

Nudism was particularly embraced by artists and intellectuals as part of a wider set of progressive practices associated with free thought. Many were internationalists inspired by longer standing German nudist traditions, which were far more popular and organised on a larger scale than English efforts. They understood disrobing to be part of a wider ideal of physical, mental and spiritual liberation. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Conversation

Original publication April 9, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 12th April 2018

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Irish Saunas – 100 years behind

As we gathered at Dublin Airport on a cold damp, dark morning I found it hard to envisage that within a few short hours we would be sampling the delights of Europe’s largest spa, Therme Erding.

Stepping off the plane at Munich Airport we were immediately taken aback by the sharp drop in temperature. The snow began to fall as we took the last leg of the journey via taxi. Looking out at the snow-covered landscape it was hard to believe we were only minutes away from a Bavarian paradise. On arriving at Theme Erding I was struck by the pure scale of the dome like structure, and hundreds or cars in what seemed to be a completely full car park. Surely this could not be on a normal working day? Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Irish Naturist Blog

Original publication FEBRUARY 27, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 2nd March 2018

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Mackay man starts push for region’s first nude beach

A FORMER aircraft engineer and warrant officer proudly wore an air force uniform for 22 years, now he wants to swap it for — nothing.

Hay Point resident Ned Kelly (not the bushranger) wants to gauge interest in establishing a nude beach near his home.

Ned Kelly wants to made a Hay Point beach a naturist hangout a few hours a day.
Ned Kelly wants to made a Hay Point beach a naturist hangout a few hours a day. Troy Kippen

Mr Kelly denies ever being a naturist, but since moving to Hay Point about six months ago the sea change has him thinking about some personal changes too.

“I was walking around the unit here with no clothes on feeling quite comfortable,” Mr Kelly said.

“And I started wandering if there was a nude beach in the area.”

Not finding one, he decided that he would start his own. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Daily Mercury

Original publication 31st January 2018

Posted on NatCorn 10th February 2018

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The naked truth about sunbathing … and here’s a titillating glimpse of me and Mrs Wells in the buff
Columnist Martin Wells decide to throw of the constraints of moralistic suburbia and go naturist on their European tour

As I’ve hinted at before in this column, there’s something intensely liberating about being alone in a foreign country with no one but each other to worry about.

Martin and Jane Wells try sunbathing nude in Portugal
Martin and Jane Wells try sunbathing nude in Portugal

My wife and I are free to be who we want to be and, indeed, free to be who we’d like to be. There are none of the restraints you find in normal social situations, where the company of friends demands a certain conformity and you are scared of ‘letting your hair down’ for fear that someone you know might be watching.

And judging. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Derby Telegraph

Original publication 9 DEC 2017

29th December 2017

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Two new Costa Blanca nudist beaches declared official
VILLA JOYOSA council has declared their nudist beaches official!

The popular coves of Racó de Conill and l’Esparralló have been declared areas of traditional naturism and the council will continue to promote tourism to them by means of a poster campaign. The two nudist beaches – part of a 15 kilometre stretch – have long been famous for naked sunbathing and swimming but, until now, have not been officially recognised.

At the start of this week, the municipality placed new signs at the entrances to the beaches which proudly state in both Spanish and Valencian that it’s an ‘area of nudist traditions’.

RACÓ DE CONILL: Now declared an official nudist beach.
RACÓ DE CONILL: Now declared an official nudist beach. Flickr

The Racó de Conill is a small cove with a beach around 200 metres long and part of Finestrat. Access is via a short road with the final section completed on foot.

The beach at l’Esparrelló is on the other side of the town, near to Paradís beach, and is 160 metres in length. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: RTN

21 August, 2017, 6:50 pm

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The Rise and Fall of a Nudist Colony That Scandalized L.A. in the 1930s

Deep in the Cleveland National Forest, high above Lake Elsinore on the border of Orange and Riverside Counties, there is a winding road called Ortega Highway. Although it is only 40 or so miles from Los Angeles, it feels like another world — this is Trump country, biker bar country, general store country. A couple of turns take you to the entrance of a dirt road, rutted and deserted. An old, vandalized sign indicates that you are entering a place named Mystic Oaks. A short drive down the road, you hit what looks like the entrance to an abandoned camp — chicken wire gate, a wooden sign for Mystic Oaks, KEEP OUT and BEWARE OF DOG postings. Behind the gates, there is no one, just the remnants of wooden buildings and scurrying lizards. Despite its current foreboding feel, for more than 70 years this secluded camp was the refuge of pioneering nudists who danced, sunbathed and played naked in the dusty sun.

During the interwar period of the last century, the idea of nudism as a protest against modern, urban life flourished in certain progressive circles. “Amid rapid urbanization and the rise of a consumer-oriented economy dominated by giant corporations and white-collar work,” Brian Hoffman writes in Naked: A Cultural History of American Nudism, “many intellectuals, physical-culture promoters and urban reformers thought that Americans’ increasing disconnection with their natural environment threatened to weaken the nation.”

Photo of two men at the entrance to Olympic Fields Nudist Camp in 1937. One man stands with hands on hips next to the automobile's open door, as the other man phones the main office from the handy telephone booth at the front gate. May 5, 1937.
Photo of two men at the entrance to Olympic Fields Nudist Camp in 1937. One man stands with hands on hips next to the automobile’s open door, as the other man phones the main office from the handy telephone booth at the front gate. May 5, 1937. Works Progress Administration Collection/LAPL Photo Archive

Hoffman also notes that popular fictions like Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan glamorized the rugged, back-to-nature lifestyle. Two nonfiction books also greatly influenced many city-dwelling intellectuals looking for an escape from the stresses and anonymity of city life. …Read full original article…

Source: LA Weekly

15 August, 2017, 7:25 pm


In response to a tweet regarding the above item the following further information was received from the AANR Western Region (TwitterWeb). We are most grateful to them for taking the time and interest to respond.

“Olympic Fields was also known as Elysia, MᶜConville and finally Mystic Oaks … it sits near the Orange/Riverside county line in El Cariso CA.”

Pete MᶜConville (.ᴘɪᴄ) opened “Elysia” w/ Hobart and Lura Glassey in 1933

El Cariso for 74 years …
Elysia (1933-1934)
Olympic Fields (1934-1954)
MᶜConville (1954-2000)
Mystic Oaks (2000-2007)

Pete MᶜConville (top)
Pete MᶜConville (top) opened “Elysia” w/ Hobart and Lura Glassey in 1933

Dee Matteson and Cécile Allain at a summer pageant … Pete MᶜConville is the ᴍᴄ at the club which ʙᴀʀᴇs his name in his honour.
Dee Matteson and Cécile Allain at a summer pageant … Pete MᶜConville is the ᴍᴄ at the club which ʙᴀʀᴇs his name in his honour. AANR

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FKK: „Die jungen Leute werden prüder“
In St. Peter-Ording gibt es immer weniger Nacktbader – obwohl sie gern gesehene Gäste sind.

St. Peter-Ording | Das Gefühl von Freiheit, keine nassen Klamotten am Körper und nicht das ständige An- und Ausziehen – Nacktbaden hat für Anhänger der Freikörperkultur (FKK) viele Gründe. So auch für Birgit (60) und Roland (63) aus dem Harz, die seit 2001 jedes Jahr nach St. Peter-Ording in den Urlaub fahren. Hier genießen sie unter anderem das Baden am FKK-Strand. Beim FKK-Baden wird das Tabu der öffentlichen Nacktheit gebrochen. Hinzu kommen immer weitere Sportmöglichkeiten für „Nacktivisten“ wie Nackt-Wanderwege oder Nackt-Radtouren./em>

Sie hatte anfangs noch Hemmungen. „Als Kind lernt man, mit Badesachen schwimmen zu gehen. Da war es doch eine Umstellung, aber man gewöhnt sich dran, und man fühlt sich viel freier“, sagt die 60-Jährige. „Das An- und Ausziehen der nassen Sachen ist eine Qual“, sagt ihr Mann.

„Entweder man hat fünf Bade-Outfits mit oder man läuft den ganzen Tag in nassen Sachen rum und wird krank“, bestätigt Jürgen (61) aus Neubrandenburg. Er fährt mit seiner Frau Heide (61) seit 15 Jahren jedes Jahr nach St. Peter-Ording. „Zum Wochenende wird es meistens ein bisschen voller“, hat das Paar am FKK-Strand beobachtet.

Badestellenleiter Jan Lorenzen hat den Strand im Blick
Badestellenleiter Jan Lorenzen hat den Strand im Blick Anna Rubb

„Aber es ist niemals zu überlaufen – und das in der Hauptsaison“, versichern Dieter (73) und Erni (60) aus Hessen. Die Weite und der fast menschenleere Strand beim morgendlichen Spaziergang fasziniert die Beiden besonders. Auch das Paar aus Hessen bevorzugt das Gefühl der Luft am nackten Körper. Zudem genießt es die Ruhe am FKK-Strand. „Hier ist jeder für sich, man liegt nicht Handtuch an Handtuch“, sagt Dieter (73). …Read full original article…

Source: Shopsel.de

13 August, 2017, 6:20 pm

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Reportage en immersion et sans couverture pour sincérité mise à nu
Naturisme à Toulon

De nombreux adeptes viennent s’adonner à la joie du bronzage intégral à deux pas du centre urbain.Sous les terrasses d’une barre d’immeuble les baigneurs profitent d’une vieille tolérance toulonnaise qui perdure.

Toulon, plage de la Mitre. Du haut du sentier des douaniers beaucoup ici choisissent de reprendre leur souffle à l’ombre des pins… En ne scrutant pas que l’horizon. C’est qu’une petite crique, aujourd’hui à découvert, dévoile les charmes de baigneurs libérés – du moins du port de leur maillot.

Juste en bas de la station météo.
Juste en bas de la station météo. T.T. L'utilisation de l'article, la reproduction, la diffusion est interdite - LMRS - (c) Copyright Journal La Marseillaise

Une situation plutôt cocasse étant donné qu’on est là à une centaine de mètres d’un grand boulevard toulonnais. Une ville que les mauvaises langues ne placeraient pas en bonne position dans le palmarès des cités ouvertes d’esprit. En cause : la Marine, la bourgeoisie catho… Tout ça, tout ça. Read full original article…

Source: la Marseillaise

12 August, 2017, 5:10 pm

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España, nueva patria del nudismo
Según una encuesta de Ifop las españolas son las que practican con más frecuencia el ‘topless’ y el nudismo.

La nueva patria del naturismo es España. Esto es lo que sugiere la encuesta realizada por el instituto demoscópico francés Ifop que muestra que las españolas son las que practican con más frecuencia ‘topless’ y nudismo.

Pese al mito de las inclinaciones libertinas de las francesas y el culto al naturismo de las europeas del norte no son las mujeres de esos países las que más se desnudan sino las españolas. Según una encuesta de Ifop difundida este viernes, el 49% de las españolas afirma haberse desnudado de cintura para arriba en al menos una ocasión en la playa, seguidas por las alemanas (41%) y las holandesas (35%). Sólo el 29% de las francesas admite, en cambio, haberse quedado en topless.

Una playa nudista en Tenerife.
Una playa nudista en Tenerife. Getty Images

España ocupa igualmente el primer puesto entre las que admiten haber hecho nudismo alguna vez en su vida (25%), seguida nuevamente de Alemania (21%) y Holanda (13%). Sólo el 9% de las francesas y el 8% de las italianas admiten haberse quedado en cueros alguna vez, lo que las iguala casi a las estadounidenses consideradas en general más recatadas. Read full original article…

Source: SER

11 August, 2017, 6:20 pm

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Tourism website changed over Guernsey ‘nudist beach’ concerns

GUERNSEY’S tourism body has been forced to change its website – after hinting that a secluded bay may be a nudist beach.

Until recently, Visit Guernsey’s website had carried the wording that Le Jaonnet Bay ‘is not officially a nudist beach, but may not be appropriate for families’.


All reference to nudism has now been removed, and the description now reads: ‘As Le Jaonnet is one of Guernsey’s harder beaches to get to, it does not attract many visitors, making it ideal for a peaceful day in the sun.’ Read full original article…

Source: Jersey Evening Post

10 August, 2017, 6:15 pm

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Single Women’s View

Many women travel alone nowadays, myself included, but going on holiday solo is different. Will I be bored? Will I get lonely? Will I relax and enjoy myself (which after all, is the whole point of a holiday!)? All these questions and more rattle around in our heads, as we try to make a decision. Or they certainly did in mine. The strong, independent, 21st century woman in me was shouting “Yes! Do it!” and finally that voice won out.

So one Tuesday last August, I found myself strapped into an Easyjet seat on my way to Kefalonia in the Greek Islands, land of Captain Corelli and his oh so famous Mandolin, and my destination of choice, Vassiliki Naturist Resort. Now I have understated just how complex my decision making process was and it included an internet tour of every naturist resort in the Mediterranean. For the last few years, having dabbled in naturism in the UK, I had promised myself a proper naturist holiday. Admittedly, I hadn’t anticipated going alone, but following the break-up of my relationship, it was that or nothing. And I was determined that being alone wasn’t going to stop me.

To cut a potentially long story short, I finally settled on Vassiliki Naturist Resort. Their website kept luring me back with promises of naturist sailing and massage and days by the pool. The owners, Mark and Sam, sounded sociable and provide weekly barbecues, nights out to a local taverna, a few options that I thought might allow me to get to know some of the other guests. Read full original article…

Source: Vigla Natura

9 August, 2017, 6:55 pm