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Is Nudism on the Decline?

Yesterday, I went with my family to Volcano Bay, Universal Studio’s newest waterpark in Orlando, FL, and what really surprised me was the number of thong bikinis on display. We’re not talking a few bold teenagers here and there. In nearly every crowd waiting for a slide, you could easily find someone, from a middle-aged woman to a mom pushing a stroller, with 80% of her butt-cheek exposed. Some of these swimsuits left very little to the imagination, so that from the rear, at least, these women looked almost naked. I remember when thongs were made illegal in Clearwater, at the beach nearest me, but now you can see them at a waterpark, with young children milling about, and nobody raises an eyebrow. When did this happen, I asked my wife? Oh yeah, it’s in fashion now, she told me. Such a matter-of-fact answer, of course, doesn’t explain HOW thongs came to be seen as everyday normal, but I really shouldn’t be surprised. As we have seen on TV, the gluteus maximus is no longer a part of the body we censor. We have moved up in the past hundred years, from the ankle and the knee to the thigh and the bare buttocks. All that remains is the female nipple (which should come next) and finally, the genitals. It’s really only a matter of time (though we may not see it in our lifetimes) before full frontal nudity becomes the norm, even at Volcano Bay. Which reminded me of this piece I wrote back in 2015 (updated for 2019).

In a word, NO.

It is a popular misconception that nudism is going the way of disco. These are the same people who believe the 60’s were one big Woodstock/orgy fest. But one historian argues (whose name escapes me), with a list of charts and graphs, that people were actually a lot more conservative during that time than we imagine. And all I could think while reading his book was Duh! What would be the point of a counter culture when what you’re countering is generally accepted? What followed after the sixties, however, was the much more permissible seventies, where premarital sex dropped off the list of taboos and drugs came into frequent use (today, marijuana is legal in most states). But modern nudism has been around long before the sixties, since the Germans exported it to America in the 1900s. The resort I visit, Lake Como in Land-O-Lakes, FL, was founded in the forties. The only thing we can say about nudism during the sixties was that, thanks to print media, and magazines that allowed for nudity, like Playboy, public awareness about the lifestyle grew dramatically. But just like everything else attributed to the decade, there was a lot less casual nudity going on than people imagine. The difference between now and then? Nudism is no longer news. It has fallen so far under the radar, in fact, that when Caliente, the largest clothing-optional resort in the country opened in Tampa, nobody noticed. Decades prior, there would have been police raids and neighbors protesting. But the lack of fanfare is precisely what nudists have long been striving for. Nobody wants to be counter-culture forever, unless you’re a rock band looking to grab headlines. Nowadays, nudism is so commonplace, you can visit any number of travel sites to book a “clothing optional” vacation, or “nakation.”

The Roskilde Naked Run
The Roskilde Naked Run

According to Forbes magazine,

The nude travel business, while skimpy on clothes, is covering itself with profits. The Kissimmee, Fla.-based American Association for Nude Recreation estimates that nude travel is a $400 million global industry–up from $300 million in 2001.

I was first introduced to nudism on the Greek islands in the nineties. Back then, the only option for going nude was at the beach. Today, three new resorts have opened up, Vritomartis Naturist on Crete being the most popular. Clothing optional venues have been popping up all over the world, in fact, from Mexico to the Caribbean to Thailand, each larger and more luxurious than the last. Castaway Travel even offers nude cruises, something that would not have seemed possible two decades ago.

Despite all of this commercialization, it is important to note that nudism does not and should not = venues. This would be like measuring acceptance of homosexuality by how many gay bars have opened. First and foremost, nudism is a social movement, not a marketing venture. Some people feel that resorts are antithetical to the movement (I know I do), that we should not have to hide behind concrete walls, far from other people, to live the way we want. The purpose of nudism is to change attitudes toward the human body, to rid the world of harmful, sexist, outdated taboos. In such a world, “clothing-optional” would be redundant. This is one reason why, in recent years, younger people have been moving away from organized nudism.

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Source: The Writers Disease

Original publication 14 October 2019

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Know the benefits of acroyoga naturista (Brazil)

How about doing a physical activity that involves yoga concentration and posture, with acrobatics and, to complete, Thai massage movements? All these features can be found in the naturist acroyoga!

The technique has long been famous among celebrities, but the goal of high demand is all the benefits that exercise can bring to your body, body and mind. Do you want to include a different practice in your routine? Naturopathic yoga instructor Fred Schinke reveals the benefits of naturopathic acroyoga.

Unlike most sports that aim only at overcoming results, the naturist acroyoga provides much deeper physical and mental work. The first point is that you need a partner to perform the fundamental movements of the technique, which means working together and especially mutual trust. In this way, the technique helps you overcome fears, insecurities and deal better with others, perfect for those who are shy or have anxiety and depression.

Not to mention that your body also benefits from this exercise. All movements help strengthen muscles by working the abdomen, arms, legs and spine.

Acroyoga grace and balance

If you are already a yoga practitioner, even better, since you will have more strength and flexibility to perform acro movements. But that does not prevent inexperienced people from practicing the technique. Sport is welcome for all people, but before starting, it is essential to consult a doctor to see if everything is fine with your joints, spine and overall health. And be sure to ask the expert if he is free to practice the exercise!

There are positions that are essential for this activity. However, it is important to always practice them with caution, without exceeding the limits of your body and with the help of a professional in the field.

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Source: Naturismo Peru

Original publication 10 October, 2019

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Naturist speaks out after naked man doing squats on bridge leaves passing drivers baffled
Stuart Haywood, from Midway, in Swadlincote, in the Midlands, spoke out after drivers were left baffled by the nude man on Wednesday, September 18

A naturist has spoken out after a naked man was seen doing squats on a bridge over a busy stretch of Midlands road yesterday.

Stuart Haywood, from Midway, in Swadlincote, in the Midlands, spoke out after drivers were left baffled by the nude man on Wednesday, September 18.

The man with no clothes was spotted exercising by gobsmacked motorists over a busy Burton-upon-Trent bridge.

The man with no clothes was spotted exercising by gobsmacked motorists over a busy Burton-upon-Trent bridge.

Stuart has said, even as a naturist, he would never start exercising on a town centre footbridge – unless it was for a charitable event, with permission from the police.

The 82-year-old commented after a naked man was snapped by a passerby doing squats and lunges on the footbridge over St Peter’s Bridge yesterday (Thursday September 18).

It is not clear why the man he had chosen to do his exercises on the bridge rather than in the privacy of his own home, but Staffordshire Police have confirmed the incident has not been reported to them.

Mr Haywood, who has been stripping off for pleasure for almost 10 years and takes regular breaks to naturist camps, said: “I do not know the man or why he is doing his exercises in a very public place.

“Being naked in public is not an offence but causing alarm or distress is.

“As a confirmed naturist I would never do that unless it was for a charitable event and it had been given the ok by the police.

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Source: BirminghamLive

Original publication 19 September 2019

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Naked run organisers in northern France ‘overwhelmed’ by interest
Organisers of a naked 6km running race have had to impose entry limits after being overwhelmed with the level of interest in their event.

The Hauts-de-France Naturistes group were astonished when a post promoting the first ever nude run in Berck-sur-Mer in the Pas-de-Calais département was viewed 600,000 times on Facebook.

The post, featuring a stylised drawing of naked runners, asked viewers: “Do you like to run naked or have you always dreamed of doing it? Come and join us on Sunday, September 22th on the naturist beach of Berck.”

The 6km beach run is organised by a local naturist organisation.
The 6km beach run is organised by a local naturist organisation. AFP

“We didn’t think we would arouse such interest,” says Philippe Lehembre, president of the Hauts-de-France Naturistes.

“It’s true that this is the first time we’ve organised a race, but we do activities all year round,” he told Le Parisien.

In fact local officials became so worried about the potential size of the event that the group was forced to apply for a permit and limit numbers for the race – which consists of two laps around a 3km circuit on the beach – to 60.

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Source: The Local

Original publication 5 September 2019

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Hot Topics: Nudity for Sport – Why public nude swimming is good for your confidence
Across the UK there are various naturist swimming pools, where you can swim amongst other naked people.

Before you completely rule it out, consider the positive impacts that nude swimming may have on your self-confidence.

A recent scientific study has shown that people who are naked in a social setting have higher self-esteem than the rest of the population

General relaxation and relief;

  • An escape from the repression of modern, daily life;
  • You have more skin (all of it, in fact) exposed to sunlight and, therefore, more Vitamin D – a vitamin recognised at government level as so significantly lacking for the majority of people in the UK that it is the only supplement nationally recommended;
  • When you swim naked, there is no soggy fabric sticking into every crease, no swimming costumes left getting colder and more uncomfortable the longer out of the water you are and no scratchy material to rub against your skin and irritate it;
  • Your naked skin also dries much quicker;
  • Think of the all-over suntan!;
  • Being naked in the company of others helps our perceptions of what constitutes a healthy body – we’re all very different and subscribing solely to mediated images is very unhealthy.

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Source: Give Me Sport

Original publication 12/08/19

Posted on NatCorn 28th August 2019

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Local nudist resort sees influx of new members, faces development challenges
Officials at Emerald Lake Resort, Montgomery County’s lone nudist resort, are gearing up for the annual celebration of au naturel fun as National Nude Recreation Week — celebrated this year from July 7 to July 14 — begins Sunday

But despite a growing membership and increased interest in the lifestyle, the resort faces an uncertain future due to a yet-to-be-determined development on the property adjacent to the resort.

Located off Loop 494 in Porter near U.S. 59, Emerald Lake has a long history in the Houston region as the only designated and officially recognized place for the thousands of Southeast Texas nudists to visit sans clothes. The resort, which has been owned by several different people and entities since the 1980s, sits on the former site of a gravel pit that was mined decades ago during construction of U.S. 59. The gravel pit, which filled with natural spring water after it was closed, is the center piece of the sprawling resort that features offices, two bars, a swimming pool, small beach and space for dozens of campers.

With National Nude Recreation Week beginning on July 7, management at Montgomery County's lone nudist resort — Emerald Lake in Porter — say the resort is seeing an influx of new members, especially people who are younger and also who identify as LGBTQ. The resort is hosting one segment of the 2019 World Record Largest Skinnydip on July 13 as part of the week-long celebration.
With National Nude Recreation Week beginning on July 7, management at Montgomery County’s lone nudist resort — Emerald Lake in Porter — say the resort is seeing an influx of new members, especially people who are younger and also who identify as LGBTQ. The resort is hosting one segment of the 2019 World Record Largest Skinnydip on July 13 as part of the week-long celebration.

Jonathan Gockel, the resort’s on-site resident manager, said the resort will be hosting events throughout the celebratory week of July 7-14, capped off by participation in the nationwide World Skinnydipping record attempt, scheduled for 2 p.m., Saturday, July 13.

“We try to be involved with as many of these events as possible to bring awareness,” Gockel said of the event, which is part of the resort’s partnership with the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Activities and preparation for National Nude Recreation Week began in early June when the resort hosted an “Olympics-style” game day involving pool volleyball, cornhole and other activities. Campers and other RVs with license plates from New York, Missouri and other states dotted the wooded resort as members of all ages frolicked sans clothes and cheered on participants in the cornhole contest.

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Source: Chron

Original publication July 5, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th July 2019

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Nudity in the sport of ancient Greece

In ancient times, even before the classical era, for example, during the Cretan Minoan civilization, athletic exercise was an important part of everyday life. In fact, the Greeks credited several mythological figures with athletic achievements, and the male gods (especially Apollo and Heracles , sponsors of the sport) were commonly represented as athletes. While Greek sculpture often showed men completely naked, a new concept appeared for women, "venus pudica" (or partially nude), see " Nike of Samothrace ". Nudity in sports was very common, with almost all sports performed naked. As a tradition it was probably introduced for the first time in the city-state of Sparta, during the late archaic period.

The civilization of ancient Greece (Hellas), during the archaic period, had an athletic and cultic aesthetic of nudity that typically included adult men and adolescents, but sometimes also children, women and girls. The love for beauty also included the human body, beyond love for nature, philosophy, the arts, etc. The Greek word gym means " a place to train naked ." Male athletes competed naked, but most of the city-states of the time did not allow female participants or even spectators at those events, with Sparta being a notable exception. The origins of nudity in ancient Greek sports are the subject of a legend about the athlete Orsipo de Megara . There are several myths regarding these origins; in one, Orsipo loses his clothes during the race for the stadium of the XV Olympic Games in 720 BC, which gives him an advantage and wins. Other athletes emulate it and fashion is born.

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Source: Info Nudism

Original publication 04/23/2019

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Would exercise work better if we did it naked?

The ancient Greeks found the nudity practical and pleasurable, and wore draped clothes that could come off in a matter of seconds if the need arose. They discovered that training for athletics while enjoying the advantage had its share of the benefits, but historical evidence also suggests that students attended classes without wearing clothing. The lack of clothing was so common, in fact, that it became part of the tradition of the Olympic Games.

The oldest form of the Olympic Games dates back to 1100 BC and already in the seventh century BC, reports appear of the Spartans discarding their clothes during the competitions. When they were not restricted by clothing, naked athletes won such a high proportion of contests that other competitors began to copy their style of “birth attire”. From then on, nudity became an integral part of the Olympic tradition, until the games were banned by the Christian emperor Theodosius in 393 AD to embrace polytheism. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Info Nudismo

Original publication 11/5/2018

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‘Everything is swinging’: Aussies redefine ‘skins game’ in first Nude Golf Day

Has Greg Norman started a movement?

Just two weeks after the Australian golf star bared it all for ESPN’s Body Issue, an Australian nudist couple, Bruce Jensen and Julie Jarvie, hosted the first Wandering Bears Nude Golf Day at Humpty Doo Golf Club, according to Northern Territory News.

Clothes are unnecessary, but shoes can still be helpful.
Clothes are unnecessary, but shoes can still be helpful. CLIVE HYDE

Jensen, who owns the nearby Brujul Nude Retreat, is a regular player at Humpty Doo, and realized that the relatively quiet setting would allow him to make a public course go fully-privates.

That required bending of the club’s relatively traditional dress code, which reads: “Members and visitors are required to maintain a standard of dress considered to be in keeping with both style and neatness according to the character and standing of the Club. Neat and tidy attire at all times.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Golf.com

Original publication July 13, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 31st July 2018

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El deporte nudista un sin sentido

Ayer leyendo noticias en un periódico digital leí una noticia sobre la World Naked Bike Ride, una prueba de cicloturismo que consiste en ir en bolas y en bici, y me hizo recordar las veces que he pensado que el deporte nudista no tiene sentido.

Estoy de acuerdo con la libertad de expresión, de acuerdo con el nudismo, totalmente a favor que cada uno haga lo que quiera con su cuerpo, lo que le apetezca siempre que no haga daño a nadie, pero la verdad no le veo ningún sentido a hacer deporte desnudo. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: vitónica

Original publication 5 Junio 2015

Posted on NatCorn 21st May 2018