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“The nudists put doors in the pool so we don’t go in with a swimsuit”

Mobilization over the Natura World urbanization dispute and the risk of losing 100 houses

An open war between two communities of neighbors of the same urbanization of Vera Playa has faced for years the defenders of nudism and what they claim their right to be dressed as they wish in the common spaces.

Although the tension between the neighbors of ‘Natura World’ originated more than two years ago, these days the confrontation has experienced a new episode with the protests made by a significant number of ‘textiles’ at the gates of the Courts of Vera and the Provincial Court of Almeria. One of the reasons for the claims that took place last week is the judicial file of the lawsuits filed against the community of ‘nudist’ owners. In the lawsuits, the defenders of strolling through the common areas dressed as everyone wants, say they reflect the alleged discrimination they live at the doors of their homes.

Protesters outside the Provincial Court of Almeria.
The Voice

The president of the association of those affected by ‘Natura World’, Juan Pedro Peláez, explained days ago in the SER chain that the community of owners made up of nudist neighbors (and backed by justice after a judicial journey) even put Doors in the pool “so you can not enter with a swimsuit” getting to hire security guards, always according to the president of the platform. A confrontation in which he had to mediate until the Civil Guard.

This part of those affected (the majority, since according to textiles would be around 400 families compared to 80 nudists) also criticizes that these accusations are then “denied in the courts” and lament the filing of the lawsuits filed. “The judge says that the minutes – from the community of neighbors – are retouched but not too important. And it has all the importance, ”says Pelaez, who describes the situation by comparing it with a kidnapping. “We are more than 400 kidnapped families because they have changed us to door keys,” he denounces publicly. This other part of the community has placed its hopes now in achieving a judicial victory in higher instances, hence they have started again with the mobilization.

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Source: La Voz de Alermería

Original publication 15 October 2019

Posted on NatCorn 20th October 2019

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My Favorite Nude Beach in the World

The beach itself is beautiful, but what makes it remarkable are the demographics it attracts and the liberating sensation unique to this place.

It was another Sunday morning on Balmins Beach. A group of naked old men were gathered in a circle, one of them holding hands with his unclothed 5-year-old granddaughter. The old guys were chatting and chuckling, oblivious to the fact that the little girl’s eye line was located at a pretty interesting angle.

“Oh my God,” drawled my visiting American friend, a New York assistant district attorney. “That’s a crime scene right there…”

Courtesy of Barcelona Tourism
Barcelona Tourism Courtesy of Barcelona Tourism

In the U.S., maybe, but here in Catalonia, Spain, being publicly naked on a beach is still the ultimate sign of liberty. On Balmins Beach in the cosmopolitan town of Sitges, famous for its association with Picasso and Dali and the jet set of the 1960s, the right to be naked and proud is as deeply ingrained as the insistence on speaking Catalan or the unspoken pressure to eat a weird kind of barbecued leek called calçots on Sundays in the winter.

But even by the standards of Catalan nudist beaches, Balmins, 30 minutes south of Barcelona by car, boasts a demographic unparalleled by any other nudist beach I’ve ever been to. Calçots eaten with the traditional almond and red pepper Romesco sauce is actually a great combination, but the reason I bought an apartment in Sitges 17 years ago is Balmins Beach with its utopian mix of gay men, Catalan bourgeoisie, and senior citizens and their grandchildren.

They all co-exist in a fascinating way that reaches its apotheosis on weekend mornings when imperious Catalan couples are out in force with their pristine sun loungers and their copies of La Vanguardia. As they liberate bosoms from bras and buttocks from underpants, they hardly notice the gay men with expensive cock jewelry strutting along the shore. The gays will, however, respectfully defer their frolicking when they pass groups of au naturel women of a certain age, ample legs planted confidently in the surf discussing the latest Spanish royal family scandal or the best way of cooking cuttlefish and potato stew.

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Source: The Daily Beast

Original publication 10.10.19

Posted on NatCorn 12th October 2019

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Reasons to be a naturist

Our country is much more backward than most western civilization in Its negative attitude towards the human body. While MOST of Europe is comfortable with the concept of nudist recreation on beaches and spas, here, conservative political groups aim to criminalize even the MOST innocent exposure of the human body. Often These groups get support by implying that they defend “family values” or “Christian morals.”

These groups grow while in political power, only a small Gust observed portion of our population. Participation in nudist recreation is also growing. More and more people are discovering the pleasures of nudism with their families in the spas and beaches of neighboring countries.

More than ever, naturists need good arguments to defend the lifestyle They chose against those who can not see beyond preconceptions and prejudices, their own. We need evidence and testimonials to encourage others to try naturism. For a long time I was saying phrases like these:

“The thoughts of naturism are consistent with the achievements of women’s rights.”

“A lot of people do not think famous of nudism as a bad thing.”

“There is nothing in the Bible that says it is bad to be naked.”

“Naturism real brings psychological benefits.”

“Not everyone thinks nudity that is as bad as you think.”

Those phrases I knew were true, but when they discussed me, I could not rely on concrete references. Thus was born this project. Here are all the arguments that support naturism, backed by scientific research and updated based on writings by leading thinkers in psychology, sociology, history, legislation, and philosophy. Here you can find reflections also related to issues such as: modesty, nudes in art, fashion history, women’s rights, the benefits of breastfeeding, and the psychology of dress.

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Source: FEN

Posted on NatCorn 25th September 2019

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World Naturism Day – Nudist Record, July 7, 2019

On Sunday, July 7, 2019, World Naturism Day was celebrated, set by the International Naturist Federation (FNI), and from the Catalan Club Association of Naturism the First Nudist Record was organized in 24 beaches of nudist tradition in Catalonia. The proposal was to make a day of promotion of nudism in the beaches of nudist tradition, to claim it, to demand more respect towards nudists, and to remember the resolution of the Catalan Ombudsman on nudism that asks the municipalities to ensure that nudism can be done in all the coastal municipalities and that indicate the beaches of nudist tradition.

In most of the beaches where the first nudist record was organized, it worked very well, with very good acceptance from the users and with a very good participation. Only on some beaches there were few participants, or the chain could not be made. In the vast majority chains of tens or more than a hundred naked people were made.
The result was that 1,932 people gathered among the different beaches, who had previously been handed a commemorative bracelet and had explained the proposal. In addition, as expected, a count was made of the total number of nudists in each beach that was more than 6000, a fairly important fact.

On some beaches a shared vermouth was also made and commemorative reusable cups of this day were distributed to sensitize against single-use plastic. For this reason the label was used in the networks: #NusxPlaneta

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Source: Spanish Naturism Federation

Original publication August 29, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 10th September 2019

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NAKED THEFT Barcelona now so ravaged by tourist muggings that cops are giving out robbery ‘survival kits’ to victims on the beach
BARCELONA has become so besieged by tourist thefts that police are handing out survival kits to beachgoers who have their clothes pinched while taking a dip in the sea.

The initiative is particularly appreciated by nudists visiting the beaches of Sant Sebastia or Mar Bella, according to reports.

The Urban Guard of Barcelona is looking after victims of theft by giving them bags containing four practical items – flip flops, a T-shirt provided by Barcelona City Council, trousers and a one-way Barcelona Metro ticket.

El Pais reports that the “theft kit” is especially designed for holidaymakers returning to their belongings on the beach after a swim, only to find their gear has been swiped.

Cops in Barcelona have special kits to hand out to holidaymakers targeted by criminals on the beaches
Cops in Barcelona have special kits to hand out to holidaymakers targeted by criminals on the beaches

Since the holiday season began, cops have handed out 174 kits between May 27 and August 21.

This is a rise from three years ago, when 120 were provided from May to September.

The jump echoes a rise in reported crime in the resort location, with deputy mayor Albert Batlle saying there’s a “security crisis”, including at its crowded beaches.

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Source: The Sun

Original publication 26 Aug 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th August 2019

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The virtues of nudism and the 5 best beaches to practice it in Spain
The number of people who practice nudism in our country has not stopped growing in recent years, although it is still far from the usual figures in other European countries. Is it a simple fashion or is it a way of understanding life? What benefits does your practice have? What are the best nude beaches? Questions with answer.

The latest figures indicate that Spain is about to reach the figure of one million habitual practitioners of nudism in Spain. The increase experienced in the last decade has its logic: our country has about 8,000 kilometers of coastline in which are some of the best beaches in the world where you can carry out this way of living and feeling that is nudism .

We are still far from the figures recorded by other countries in our environment but our offer of beaches, campsites and other facilities makes nudist tourism increase every year and that encourages the development of this custom among our citizens.

Those who practice nudism on a regular basis insist, first of all, on the feeling of freedom and fullness that goes without clothes in everyday situations. In the case of nude beaches , direct contact with the sea water and the surrounding nature provides a pleasant feeling that can be much more intense than if it is done with some clothes on. It is a way of parked for a moment what some call “the repression of the fabric.” And that release produces several advantages.

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Source: Periodico

Original publication 09.08.2019

Posted on NatCorn 21st August 2019

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12 great nudist beaches in Spain
Discover the most inviting coves to strip off on, from Cabo de Gata in Almeria to Son Real in Mallorca

The sea breeze, the invigorating heat from the sun, and the sound of the waves – everything about these well-kept beaches makes you want to strip off and enjoy feeling the elements on your bare skin.

A group of swimmers without a swimsuit on the Granada beach of Cantarriján, in Almuñécar (Granada).
A group of swimmers without a swimsuit on the Granada beach of Cantarriján, in Almuñécar (Granada).

From a total of around 3,000 beaches in Spain, there are around 450 nudist ones, which are more exclusively so before the second half of June when high season kicks off. The Spanish Naturist Federation’s website has a map of their locations along with tourist information centers and a list of associations.

Shedding inhibitions is trending, even if the use and abuse of the cameras on our ever-present cellphones is somewhat off-putting.

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Source: El Pais

Original publication 26 JUL 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4th August 2019

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Un Hombre Desnudo En Una Playa.
Diógenes El Cínico en El Racó Del Conill.

Yo estaba en el mirador que hay sobre el Racó del Conill, tal vez un poco aterido porque, recién llegado, la luz de esta tierra me deslumbraba por las mañanas con tanta fuerza, tan poco habitual para mí este sol en otoño, que salía de casa sin sudadera ni nada. Lo vi venir por la carretera con unas bolsas de basura llenas de latas y envases vacíos, me mosqueó que hurgara en la papelera y ya para cuando acabó de organizar su tarea yo ya había solucionado mis sospechas, diagnosticando. Este hombre no debe de estar bien. Solo después, a medida que lo fui conociendo, he llegado a comprender las similitudes entre el Diógenes que paradójicamente le ha dado nombre a un considerado trastorno mental (él, que fue en realidad uno de los hombres más lúcidos de su tiempo, tal vez de todos los tiempos) y este paisano del que en esa escena del mirador yo aún no sabía nada.

En esa época mi interés estaba en la playa. Iba todos los días, atravesando la montaña. Era invierno y había poca gente, yo investigaba y descubría rincones a la vez que iba entablando trato con personas que me llevaban ventaja en la fascinación por el lugar, raconitas de pro. En muchos casos recuerdo la situación exacta, cuándo hablé por primera vez con alguien, en qué tertulia en la playa conocí a tal o cual… Lo que no sé es cuándo tuve conciencia de que el señor del mirador era el que se ocupaba de limpiar las dos calas y todo su entorno. Debí de quedarme tranquilo al entender que en realidad estaba muy bien de la cabeza. No me lo presentaron. No sé quién me dijo su nombre. Antonio parecía tan imbricado con el Racó, un elemento imprescindible del paisaje, que encontrártelo en cualquier recoveco de la playa, en los bancales, en los senderos, siempre haciendo algo de provecho antes de sentarse a merendar, formaba parte del hecho de ir a ese paraje. Como si preguntar “¿vas mañana al Racó?” pudiera ser fácilmente lo mismo que “¿vas a ir a ver a Antonio?”.

Antonio, que en estos años en los que le conozco ha ido teniendo la misma edad que mi abuelo cuando yo era chaval. Me lo recuerda en la parsimonia de ir haciendo las cosas, ese ritmo que te exaspera en la etapa de la vida en que te parece que todo debería suceder más rápido. Un ritmo que le va bien al Racó del Conill, esa atmósfera fuera del tiempo. El Racó y Antonio parecen acompasados, en el modo en que recoge la cuerda atada a la piedra para que el viento no se lleve la sombrilla mientras las olas van y vienen y el sol se va, volverá mañana… Será la edad, que ya le ha dado 82 vueltas a ese sol que lleva en la piel… Pero más allá de que los años ralenticen los ademanes, parece que ese es el tono propio de Antonio, un aliento vital que de un modo callado, casi sin que nos demos cuenta, ha levantado una enorme obra en este paraje recóndito y aislado, un lugar con el que no te encuentras, que tienes que ir a buscar. Y vas a este rincón minúsculo y descubres a Antonio, un tío grande. ¿Cuándo comenzó todo? Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Federación Española de Naturismo

Original publication 17 julio, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 8th August 2018

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La mayor extensión de playa nudista
En Cabo de Gata

En otras zonas de España, hacia mediados de julio, se celebra el “Día sin bañador”. Pero en Vera no es necesario. En esta parte del litoral almeriense, cada día del año es posible bañarse completamente desnudo.

Vera tiene una tradición naturista muy sólida. Desde sus inicios, la playa El Playazo se diferencia en dos tramos. El Playazo es un manto de arena de más de 4.000 metros en el cual coexisten respetuosamente dos tipos de bañista. La zona norte es nudista mientras que la zona sur es de tradición textil. Se trata de una playa urbana, por lo que está acompañada de chiringuitos y servicios para los bañistas.

Es tan presente la fuerza del nudismo en Vera que hasta existen urbanizaciones naturistas por las cuales es frecuente encontrar gente paseando sin ropa. Incluso hay un hotel naturista a primera línea de mar, el Vera Playa Club, el primero de España en ofrecer servicios especializados para naturistas. Entre sus instalaciones más populares destaca la piscina, en la cual te puedes desprender de tu bañador y tumbarte al sol sin que nadie se escandalice. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Solturismo

Original publication Not available

Posted on NatCorn 27th July 2018

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Día del Naturismo con ADN en Lago

Las instalaciones de Lago abren a las 11h de la mañana y cierran a las 21h. Se trata de un día de libre uso de bañador. Por ello es muy conveniente estar allí desde la apertura para crear un ambiente mayoritario nudista que empuje a los usuarios que vayan entrando a unirse y se aventuren a probar la mejor forma de disfrutar de un día de piscina. La mejor con gran diferencia. Animar a vuestros amigos y familias a participar de esta experiencia, especialmente educativa para los niños y niñas. Sólo está abierta la piscina de abajo ya que el resto se las instalaciones están en obras.

Un año más, ADN celebra el Día Mundial del Naturismo con una jornada nudista en la Piscina de Lago, en la Casa de Campo de Madrid, con metro a la puerta. Lleva el bocadillo, bebida y crema protectora. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturistas de Madrid

Original publication 9 DE JUNIO DE 2018

Posted on NatCorn 18th June 2018

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Lorca beach acquires official nudist status as of 1st June
Cala Junquera is a picturesque cove on rocky coastline of Lorca

The Spanish Naturism Federation lists as many as 10 nudist beaches in the municipality of Lorca, including, rather surprisingly, the Playa de Puntas de Calnegre, which is backed by a row of beachfront restaurants, but in terms of official Town Hall designation it is only as of 1st June 2018 that the first nudist beach in Lorca is officially recognized.

Cala Junquera is a picturesque cove on rocky coastline of Lorca
Cala Junquera is a picturesque cove on rocky coastline of Lorca

After much deliberation, the beach decided on is Cala Junquera, one of a series of small coves at the foot of the rugged cliffs and rocks which constitute the lower slopes of the mountains of the Loma de Bas. This location provides some spectacular backdrops from Puntas de Calnegre in the north-east, on the boundary with Mazarrón, to Playa Larga, which is very close to the municipality of Águilas in the south-west. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Murcia Today

Original publication 01/06/2018

Posted on NatCorn 4th June 2018

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Foz restringirá el acceso de perros, limitará el nudismo y prohibirá el botellón en las playas
El Concello plantea prohibir acampar y usar gel para bañarse en el mar, y multará a quien abandone sombrillas o hamacas

El Concello de Foz se compromete a prestar servicios, pero los ciudadanos deben saber que también tienen una serie de obligaciones a la hora de usar las playas. Tras una consulta a asociaciones, el Ayuntamiento somete ahora a la opinión ciudadana el proyecto de la futura ordenanza reguladora de uso y disfrute de los arenales. Los interesados en plantear su rechazo, proponer sugerencias o introducir mejoras tienen de plazo hasta el día 14 para hacer sus aportaciones.

Playas libres, públicas y gratuitas, pero en las que será necesario cumplir normas. El borrador de la ordenanza contempla que será preceptiva la autorización municipal para realizar cursos de surf, windsurf, kitesurf, piragüismo… y solo se permitirán fuera de zonas de baño, en zonas debidamente señalizadas. De aprobarse la norma, no se permitirá el uso de altavoces de aparatos de música y, a excepción de las embarcaciones de salvamento, se prohibirá en temporada de baño y en zonas de baño la navegación deportiva y de recreo, la pesca desde embarcación y la submarina. «Na beira, prohíbese a pesca desde as 10.00 ata as 21.00 horas, ambas inclusive, en evitación de daños», recoge el borrador. La ordenanza contempla la prohibición de la venta ambulante, la de ducharse con gel o champú en el mar o la de lavar utensilios de cocina en las duchas. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: La Voz de Galicia

Original publication 08/05/2018

Posted on NatCorn 15th May 2018

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El Ayuntamiento de Almuñécar y la Asociación de Cantarriján colaborarán en mejorar la playa naturista y el paraje natural de Maro-Cerro Gordo
• La señalización de Cantarriján como “Playa de tradición Nudista”, podría ser pronto una realidad.

• Se abren varias líneas de colaboración entre la Asociación y la Delegación de Medio Ambiente de Almuñécar.

En la reunión mantenida ayer martes entre el Delegado de Medio Ambiente del Ayuntamiento de Almuñécar, Luis Aragón, y miembros de la Directiva de la Asociación andaluza integrada en la FEN “Amigos de la Playa Nudista de Cantarriján”, se han estrechado grandes lazos de colaboración que se traducirán en importantes mejoras para la Playa Naturista de Cantarriján (La Herradura, Almuñécar) y para el entorno del Paraje natural de los acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo.

En un ambiente cordial y distendido, Luis Aragón atendió las peticiones planteadas por la asociación, entre las que destacan la señalización de Cantarriján como Playa de tradición Nudista, uno de los reclamos históricos que han solicitado los usuarios de ésta playa durante años y que indicaría sin género de duda la práctica del nudismo en ella. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Cantarriján al Día

Original publication marzo 28, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 4th April 2018

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Valladolid, ciudad libre de ropas
Valladolid, ciudad libre de ropas, o “Clothes Free”, como les gusta decir a los anglosajones.

En efecto, el día 26 de marzo de 2018 entró en vigor la nueva “Ordenanza Municipal de Protección del Medio Urbano“, en sustitución de la antigua “Ordenanza de protección de la convivencia ciudadana y prevención de actuaciones antisociales”. Con ello Valladolid recupera la normalidad que disfrutan el resto de los casi 8000 ayuntamientos, en los que a nadie se le ha ocurrido que la vestimenta de los ciudadanos pudiera regularse mediante simples ordenanzas.

Ciclonudista 2015 Valladolid
Ciclonudista 2015 Valladolid www.asambleaciclista.com

Es ésta una victoria de gran importancia para el Naturismo, ya que se trata de una ciudad sin costa, lo que deja aún más claro, si cabe, los conceptos. Y es de gran importancia para la FEN, la Federación Española de Naturismo, que ha peleado durante años para conseguir este logro.

Tras la abolición de la figura de “escándalo público” (antiguos 431 y 432) y de la prohibición expresa de bañarse en desnudez (577.1) del Código Penal mediante Ley Orgánica 5/1988, suscitadas por la proposición 122/000046 del 17 de marzo de 1987, y tras la consiguiente eliminación de la Ley Orgánica de Costas (LO 22/1988) de su delegación a los ayuntamientos con la figura de “policía de la moralidad” (al ya no tenerla el estado no podía delegarla), quedó claro que los ayuntamientos carecían de potestad para regular la vestimenta. Y así lo confirmó la sentencia 289/1999 del Tribunal Superior de Valencia y la Defensora del Pueblo Vasco (33/2001 del 1 de Octubre). Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Federación Española de Naturismo

Original publication 27 marzo, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 29th March 2018

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El Algarrobico Nudista

Es una de las playas más famosas de España, y no lo es por su belleza, que sin duda posee, sino por albergar una de las construcciones irregulares que más páginas de periódico ha ocupado en los últimos tiempos, se trata de la Playa del Algarrobico.

Es de baja ocupación y normalmente hay dos o tres puntos de máxima concentración , el extremo más próximo a Carboneras en el que encuentras caravanas y pescadores básicamente, a pie del hotel donde encuentras bañistas textiles y en el extremo más alejado del pueblo (más próximo al sopalmo) donde se encuentra la zonanudista. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Viviendo Desnudos

Posted on NatCorn 13th March 2018