The end of nude beaches?

In Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the entire coast of the Mediterranean coast there are or were many beaches and coves where nudism has been practiced since the late seventies.

A practice that was spreading and for some it is part of a philosophy of living, for others a matter of simple common sense. In the same way that when you shower you do not do it with underwear, it does not make sense to bathe in the sea and sunbathe with an article of clothing.

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Woman beaten, raped and robbed as she sunbathed on Spanish nudist beach

The suspect, said to be around 30, allegedly attacked the woman in her 50s as she sunbathed in Mazarron, southern Spain, as local police begin their hunt to find the culprit

A woman was raped and punched on a Spanish nudist beach before her attacker robbed her and fled.



Is it possible to make a municipal beach ordinance that says something about Nudism and is not illegal?

We analyze in this article models of Nudism management. And we choose as the model the one unanimously adopted in the City Council of La Vila Joisosa

The ECtHR has made it clear that human freedom of expression includes the human body. The Ombudsman affirms that there can be no doubt that Naturism or Nudism is an ideology, and its expression is social nudity.


They hold and take a man to the psychiatrist for going naked through the streets of Valencia

The National Police have held in Valencia for two hours a man who was naked on the street, who has finally been transferred to a psychiatrist.

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The 12 days of ‘Operation Bug’ – The Madrid region’s disastrous plan to save its senior residences

On March 26, the premier of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced an action plan to curb coronavirus contagion in the region’s senior residences. By the time the Popular Party (PP) leader had made the announcement, 1,130 nursing home residents had already died from Covid-19. Hours later, the so-called “Operación Bicho,” or Operation Bug, got underway. This was the code name used by the person who, without any relevant experience, was tasked with protecting the health of nearly 50,000 seniors. That person was Encarnación Burgueño.

Burgueño is the self-appointed managing director of Cardio Líder, a trading name that is not properly registered as a company. On the same day as Díaz Ayuso’s announcement, Burgueño was placed at the helm of the regional health department’s response to the crisis. This consisted of providing medical assistance in senior care homes, instead of transferring patients to hospital.


Protected Spanish dunes blighted by hundreds of thousands of tourists and nudists return to ‘pristine’ condition in 50-year first after six weeks of coronavirus lockdown

One of Spain’s most famous tourist attractions has undergone a miraculous transformation which has left environmentalists stunned but delighted.

The undulating Maspalomas sand dunes in Gran Canaria are known throughout the world for their sand mountains and attract hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, many of them to have sex or to sunbathe in the nude without being disturbed.

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“The nudists put doors in the pool so we don’t go in with a swimsuit”

Mobilization over the Natura World urbanization dispute and the risk of losing 100 houses An open war between two communities of neighbors of the same urbanization of Vera Playa has faced for years the defenders of nudism and what they claim their right to be dressed as they wish in the common spaces. Although the…

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My Favorite Nude Beach in the World

The beach itself is beautiful, but what makes it remarkable are the demographics it attracts and the liberating sensation unique to this place. It was another Sunday morning on Balmins Beach. A group of naked old men were gathered in a circle, one of them holding hands with his unclothed 5-year-old granddaughter. The old guys…

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Reasons to be a naturist

Our country is much more backward than most western civilization in Its negative attitude towards the human body. While MOST of Europe is comfortable with the concept of nudist recreation on beaches and spas, here, conservative political groups aim to criminalize even the MOST innocent exposure of the human body. Often These groups get support…