Sleeping Naked and Traveling the World

For a group that’s all about public activities, we’re fairly private. We don’t do interviews much, we don’t generally accept invitations to go on podcasts. People don’t seek us out. We like to think we’ve had some influence on social norms around toplessness, but we’re not “influencers” in the Instagram sense. People rarely send us swag and ask us to promote it. And we like it that way.

Which made it all the more unusual that in the past few weeks we got approached by two total strangers asking if we’d tell the world about their cool thing.


7 Reasons to sleep naked

Sleeping naked. A thing that feels so natural and comfortable for many of us, but so foreign and weird for others. A topic that divides households! Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic…but it can cause some awkward encounters if not planned for.

“What?” you say, “why wouldn’t I wear pajamas?” First of all, I will say, if you are part of the million-dollar pajama industry, and love to pass out pro-pajama propaganda (say that five times fast!), this may not be the place for you. Things might get a little…radical around here.