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Nude swimming sessions are still going strong in Chester after 43 years
The sessions at Northgate Arena have been held since 1976

Each Saturday evening, around 50 people meet for a swim at Chester's Northgate Arena. It's a group made up of members of various ages, and it's a great chance for all of them to socialise, keep fit and have a good catch up. Nothing unusual about that, you might think. But actually, there's just one thing that's different about these swimming sessions as opposed to regular ones. All the swimmers are completely naked
Nude swimming sessions are held at Northgate Arena by Wirral Naturist Club
Nude swimming sessions are held at Northgate Arena by Wirral Naturist Club

They're members of the Wirral Naturist Club, which has been holding regular sessions at the Northgate Arena almost every week since 1976. Member Rod Burkey explained more about the club, which was founded on the principles of 'family naturism' and consists mainly of couples and families with some singles making up the membership. "We have members of all ages, backgrounds shapes and sizes," he said. "We're a friendly group, who enjoy socialising and keeping fit – although you may very well find that there is more talking than exercising! "Our swims are open to all ages and we are happy to attract and welcome anyone who wants to give naturism a try. Prospective members have to fill out a form and attend three swim sessions before being able to become members which gives all involved a fair chance to find out if they wish to continue," explains Rod. And if you haven't tried Naturism before, Rod insists there is no need to be embarrassed - it is 'a most pleasurable experience'. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: ChesireLive

Original publication 16 MAR 2019

Posted on NatCorn 18th March 2019

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Grinning and baring it at the Nelson Sun Club
A Nelson naturist club has turned 50. Warren Gamble went to uncover truths and misconceptions.

As the sun sets over the Nelson Sun Club, we go for a stroll.

A tui flits across the fairway, a cooler breeze rustles through the gum trees. I’m not dressed for the drop in temperature.

As part of my mission to get the full naturist experience at the club – motto: Stay a while, we’ve got nothing on – it’s all or nothing. I choose nothing.

Camaraderie is a key benefit of the club, members say.
Camaraderie is a key benefit of the club, members say. Virginia Woolfe

Walking with me on the rolling fairways of the club’s pitch-and-putt nine-hole golf course are secretary Lorraine, wearing just a leopard-print head scarf and a gold chain necklace, vice-president Andrew, in a hat and sandals; committee member Geoff in a floppy hat and red t-shirt and president Russell, positively overdressed in an akubra-style hat and floral shirt.

Not a pair of pants in sight. I’m equipped with only a pen and notepad, which subconsciously moves south towards areas that have not seen the sun in a while. It takes an effort to keep writing.

It takes an effort not to chicken out of the whole thing. Fifty-plus years of conditioning that you wear clothes in the outdoors, especially in company, is a hard thing to shrug off. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Stuff

Original publication Feb 23 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th February 2019

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Nudist mecca reopens its pools more than three years after it was destroyed in deadly wildfires – and day passes start at just $25

  • Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, California is accepting reservations online
  • It will resume accepting visitors beginning this Saturday
  • The popular hot springs resort was devastated by the 2015 Valley Fire
  • Four died and 76,000 acres were destroyed in the Northern California blaze

A nudist resort near San Francisco is reopening its doors for the first time in three years after a wildfire left it in charred ruins.

Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, California is now accepting visitors who pay $25 for day passes from Monday through Thursday and $35 on Friday.

The resort will resume operations on Saturday [19 January201], according to the SF Gate.

Burned out remains of the popular nudist destination, Harbin Hot Springs, is seen after the Valley Fire roared through the area near Middletown, California on September 14, 2015
Burned out remains of the popular nudist destination, Harbin Hot Springs, is seen after the Valley Fire roared through the area near Middletown, California on September 14, 2015 AFP/Getty Images

The same heart-shaped pool is seen above after its refurbishment
The same heart-shaped pool is seen above after its refurbishment Harbin Hot Springs

In September 2015, the Valley Fire which started in Lake County quickly spread and destroyed more than 76,000 acres in Northern California, killing four people and destroying almost 2,000 buildings.

It took firefighters about a month to fully contain the wildfire, which caused at least $921million in insured property damage.

At the time, the Valley Fire was the third most destructive fire in California history.

Harbin Hot Springs is just a 30 minutes drive from Napa Valley, part of which was affected by the fire. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Daily Mail

Original publication 17 January 2019

Posted on NatCorn 21st January 2019

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Can’t find a naturist resort to buy in Australia? Try this one in New Zealand
Weighed down by life – and clothes – in Australia?

Consider taking the rare opportunity to own a nudie business across the ditch: Kati Kati Naturist Park, in the North Island of New Zealand’s sunny Bay of Plenty, is for sale.

The clothing-optional, 5.7-hectare holiday park about two hours’ drive from Auckland has eight units, five onsite caravans, 51 powered sites, 40 tent sites and a three-bedroom house.

Amina and Tom Carrigan who run the Kati Kati Naturist Park.
Amina and Tom Carrigan who run the Kati Kati Naturist Park.

The sellers are asking for $NZ380,000 for the 28-year business lease ($360,000). Matt D’Anvers from Coffeys Tourism Properties, who is managing the sale, said: “It’s completely natural all the way through,” with manicured gardens, a secluded bush drop and a river. There is also mini golf, pétanque, careful security, and, as long as they abide by the “compulsory nudity” rule for swimming – a pool, spa and a sauna for guests.

So, what’s it like running naturist accommodation? Tom Carrigan and his wife, Amina, have run the park – the only commercial naturist accommodation on the north island – for two years. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Commercial Real Estate

Original publication December 14, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 17th December 2018

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Volunteering at your naturist club
Years ago, after we had set our first careful steps into naturism and when we were browsing the internet for a new naked place to visit we stumbled upon a mention “federation membership required”. What was that supposed to mean?

Until then, a naturist campground to us was just like a textile one where you could show up, pay and setup your tent. Now, apparently, we were in need of some membership card.
It only took a couple of clicks to figure out that naturism was in fact something pretty well organised. That there were actual federations taking care of the rights of naturists and guarantee a safe environment. They organise events where it’s possible to get in touch with other naturists and what appealed the most to us, they would give us a card that promised entry to places where until now we wouldn’t be allowed.

Unlike in many other countries, in Belgium it was not possible to directly become member of the naturist federation. One has to become member of a naturist club. So that’s what we tried to do. We picked one of the 10 or so clubs, it didn’t really matter which one as long as we would be able to get federation membership, and received a form to fill out. Name, age, gender, address, all the regular questions, and then “What can you do for our club?”
Well… euhm… yeah…

What can we do for your club…

Pay the membership fee? Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication December 10, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 11th December 2018

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Size does matter: big vs small nudist camps

The difference in nudist camps is enormous, ranging from the small 10 spot campground which normally caters only to members and once in a while a guest to huge naturist villages like Cap d’agde in France.

The choice can be difficult, where do we want to go?

Both types have of course their advantages and disadvantages, and what seems to be an advantage for one isn’t necessarily the same for someone else.

To help you find out what fits best in your perfect nakation, we’ll give you some of the characteristics.

It’s easy to imagine that the amount of facilities on the bigger camps is much bigger than on the smaller camps, but that doesn’t make them better. Swimming pools for example. Most nudist camps have one and the smaller camps often won’t have a 25 meter pool. But what’s the need when you only have about 20 guests at one time? Unless you’re planning to practice your swimming skills, you’ll have enough space in the smaller pool. When, on the other hand, there’s only one big pool on the larger camp, it might get a cramped from time to time. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication September 7, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 4th December 2018

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The history behind Milwaukee’s first-ever nudist camp
The 1930s were a stressful time in Milwaukee. Was all that constrictive clothing to blame?

Milwaukeeans needed distraction during the Great Depression. Urbanism, it seemed, was failing them. The great brick and mortar works that had once powered the city were quieting and people were growing desperate and questioning things they had never before questioned.

So, in the spring of 1934, when Dr. Alois Knapp arrived in Milwaukee promising to build a state-wide movement back to nature – and out of clothing – people paid attention.

Mirror Lake in Sauk County, where Wisconsin's first-ever nudist camp was established in 1934.
Mirror Lake in Sauk County, where Wisconsin’s first-ever nudist camp was established in 1934. wikicommons

Knapp was an Austrian. He had trained as a priest, but found the law more intriguing. He and his brother left their homeland between the World Wars and settled on a huge plot of Indiana farmland. Finding Americans to be a people in desperate need of a relaxing and affordable means of escape from the speed of modern life, he transformed 180 acres of the land into a nature resort. At Knapp’s resort, dubbed “Zorro Nature Camp,” clothing was forbidden, bringing to the US the long-established European practice of nudism.

Knapp found a following in both Indiana and across the Midwest. In Milwaukee, a local man named Max Hilbig became such a devotee of Knapp that he pledged 100 acres of land in Sauk County to establish Wisconsin’s first-ever nudist camp. Knapp came to Milwaukee in April 1934 to dedicate the camp and drum up support for his cause. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Milwaukee Magazine

Original publication NOVEMBER 23, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 3rd December 2018

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The after hours swimming club where everyone gets naked
Blinds have to be drawn, windows are blacked out and you have to sign in at the entrance

Every fortnight Plympton Pool hosts a rather special event for one of the city’s more unusual organisations.

On the surface ‘Plymouth Sun Club’ sounds fairly nondescript, you might be inclined to believe it’s a group of sun chasers desperate to sunbathe in spite of our mostly cloudy and unpredictable weather.

Perhaps they’re massive fans of right wing tabloid journalism and cheap coupon holidays? (Thankfully not)

In reality Plymouth Sun Club is a group of people who like to get naked.

Two club members baring all
Two club members baring all Erin Black

This starkers society started life as the ‘Sunwest Club’ but folded in the late 1990s. In 2012 a man reinstated the group after finding there was nowhere in the city for naturists to meet up and practise their hobby.

The Sun Club as we know it today has been running since its inaugural event in April 2013 and has around 30 members.

Understandably some constituents of the group like to keep their pastime private.

This is probably because the nudist lifestyle is still the butt (sorry) of jokes and judgement, despite, shock horror , the fact we’re all naked underneath our clothes. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: PlymouthLive

Original publication 24 SEP 2018

Posted on NatCorn 26th September 2018

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Cleaning Up Naturism: What an amazing start!!

A little over two weeks ago I blogged about the current problems existing within the nudity/naturism culture in Australia. Or more specifically how the culture has been hijacked and has completely lost its appeal to anyone considering involvement. I identified problems in which many of you can relate and I asked all of you to get involved in the first step of the process; Cleaning up online.

What a response we’ve received so far!!!!!!

The last two weeks have been overwhelming. We have received so much support from our followers and its so incredible to see so many people willing to get on board with us and what we hope to achieve. We’ve had a number of people who have previously stayed silent about all the messages they’ve received starting to “call these people out”. A number of people from existing naturist communities both within Australia and around the globe have also reached out and thanked us for starting this campaign. Whenever someone comments something inappropriate on our photo’s, before any of our admin team have even seen the comment, there have already been a number of comments from you people “calling them out” and letting them know that their comments are not welcome here! AMAZING!!!!! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Get Naked Australia

Original publication 31 Jul 2018

Posted on NatCorn 26th August 2018