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Is Naturism a Hobby Like Any Other?

We often talk about naturism as a hobby to practice alone, in a group, with friends or family. Let’s start from the official definition of naturism:

“Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment”.

There is no question of activity or hobby in this definition, but of a way of life … characterized by the practice of nudity in common. And this is an important point, naturism is a way of life. Some naturists do not totally agree with this definition and sometimes want to simplify it. Naturism is just the practice of nudity in common for the sake of comfort and simplicity.


In any case, we can say that naturism is not a hobby like any other, since it is not a hobby. This is not an activity that one practices during these hobbies. In fact, we can simply say that naturism is a way of living one’s hobbies, even one’s life, when one decides to live naked, at home or in a nudist village.

Naturism is practicing all kinds of activities, the same as everyone does, but naked. You love tennis and naturism, you can play naked. You love to draw and paint and are naturist, you draw and paint naked. You practice hiking and are naturist, you hike naked.

So, is naturism a way of life like any other, to change the question of the title of this article? Yes and no ! Each way of life is different and results from a personal choice. Each lifestyle reflects certain values ​​that are transposed into the way of living, being and thinking. The word naturism reflects a more natural and simple way of life, far from the consumerist diktats of society. This is not the case, however, for all naturists. The common point between all naturists is the practice of nudity in common for the comfort it provides.

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Source: Nude and Happy

Original publication 23 October 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th November 2019

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Full frontal nudity

Guys, here’s a nice experiment for your next Friday evening in the bar: Suddenly shove a picture of a full frontal nude picture of a woman under the eyes of the guy next to you. Well, you don’t actually have to try it, we all know what’s going to happen. Some will tell you about how they’ll go through the Kamasutra with her, some will pretend they didn’t see it and others will start giggling like a little girl.

Now try the same with a full frontal nude picture of a man…

In some cases the sexual comments may remain but the chances on some swear words or a black eye suddenly rise.

Why is that? It’s just a naked body.

A pair of naturists climb on a fence and stand together with hands in the air

“Oh men”, our female readers will sigh when they read this, but we encourage you to perform the same experiment on your next girls night. The naked man may receive some comments on his shape and size but the red cheeks will be there as well. When the naked woman appears, depending on her body shape she may be either brave, a slut or a show off.

We are not used to see full frontal nudity in our daily life. As naturists we have seen thousands of naked bodies but only on moments and in places where we expected them. In the sauna, on the nude beach or during our last nakation in Greece. But we’d also look twice if we saw a naked person in front of us at the grocery store.

Porn addicts watch naked people in compromising situations for hours a day and yet they’ll immediately click away the pop-up of the half naked woman when they try to download the latest Tarantino movie.

Seeing the obvious in moments when it’s not that obvious suddenly makes it all a bit strange.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication December 18, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 4th October 2019

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Reasons to be a naturist

Our country is much more backward than most western civilization in Its negative attitude towards the human body. While MOST of Europe is comfortable with the concept of nudist recreation on beaches and spas, here, conservative political groups aim to criminalize even the MOST innocent exposure of the human body. Often These groups get support by implying that they defend “family values” or “Christian morals.”

These groups grow while in political power, only a small Gust observed portion of our population. Participation in nudist recreation is also growing. More and more people are discovering the pleasures of nudism with their families in the spas and beaches of neighboring countries.

More than ever, naturists need good arguments to defend the lifestyle They chose against those who can not see beyond preconceptions and prejudices, their own. We need evidence and testimonials to encourage others to try naturism. For a long time I was saying phrases like these:

“The thoughts of naturism are consistent with the achievements of women’s rights.”

“A lot of people do not think famous of nudism as a bad thing.”

“There is nothing in the Bible that says it is bad to be naked.”

“Naturism real brings psychological benefits.”

“Not everyone thinks nudity that is as bad as you think.”

Those phrases I knew were true, but when they discussed me, I could not rely on concrete references. Thus was born this project. Here are all the arguments that support naturism, backed by scientific research and updated based on writings by leading thinkers in psychology, sociology, history, legislation, and philosophy. Here you can find reflections also related to issues such as: modesty, nudes in art, fashion history, women’s rights, the benefits of breastfeeding, and the psychology of dress.

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Source: FEN

Posted on NatCorn 25th September 2019

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This is why it’s not illegal to ramble naked in Doncaster after cyclist’s encounter with nude walker
Going for a naked ramble in Doncaster is totally legal it has been revealed, after a shocked cyclist spotted a nude man walking near the M18.

Cyclist Bob Allan spotted the starkers male walker while out on his bike between Rossington and Bessacarr.

But a spokesman for British Naturism has said that nude hiking is perfectly legal and not in breach of any laws.

She said: “Naked hiking in the UK is totally lawful.

It is perfectly legal to go for a naked ramble in Doncaster.
It is perfectly legal to go for a naked ramble in Doncaster.

“There are millions of naturists in the UK and abroad who enjoy a naked walk on a warm day. They harm no one – no not even children – and are not breaking any laws.”

Recounting the incident, Bob said: “I came round a corner and nearly ran into this guy who was starkers, in just his shoes, walking along, rucksack on his back and shorts in his hand.”

Bob, a keen member of Doncaster Rovers’ Fit Rovers project said: “I scared the c*** out of him.

“He covered his modesty with his shorts.

‘A bit cold for that isn’t it?, was all I could muster and got out of there as quick as I could. Only in Doncaster!”

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Source: The Star

Original publication 22 August, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th September 2019

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Hot Topics: Nudity for Sport – Why public nude swimming is good for your confidence
Across the UK there are various naturist swimming pools, where you can swim amongst other naked people.

Before you completely rule it out, consider the positive impacts that nude swimming may have on your self-confidence.

A recent scientific study has shown that people who are naked in a social setting have higher self-esteem than the rest of the population

General relaxation and relief;

  • An escape from the repression of modern, daily life;
  • You have more skin (all of it, in fact) exposed to sunlight and, therefore, more Vitamin D – a vitamin recognised at government level as so significantly lacking for the majority of people in the UK that it is the only supplement nationally recommended;
  • When you swim naked, there is no soggy fabric sticking into every crease, no swimming costumes left getting colder and more uncomfortable the longer out of the water you are and no scratchy material to rub against your skin and irritate it;
  • Your naked skin also dries much quicker;
  • Think of the all-over suntan!;
  • Being naked in the company of others helps our perceptions of what constitutes a healthy body – we’re all very different and subscribing solely to mediated images is very unhealthy.

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Source: Give Me Sport

Original publication 12/08/19

Posted on NatCorn 28th August 2019

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Naturist couple reveal how taking their clothes off helped them find contentment

A woman who has been in a wheelchair since 2010 said being naked in social settings has helped her feel good about her body for the first time in a decade.

Sixty-eight-year-old Joy Batley, from Wymondham, said she had always enjoyed the feeling of going without clothes, but had only felt confident enough to do so alone at home.

Following a period of illness in 2010, the former-nurse started using a wheelchair for mobility, and said the weight gain she experienced as a result had a big impact on her confidence.

Les Ford and Joy Batley regularly attend naturist events in Norfolk
Les Ford
Les Ford
Les Ford and Joy Batley regularly attend naturist events in Norfolk

But in 2012, when she met Les Ford, 57, also from Wymondham, that began to change.

Mr Ford has been a naturist for more than 30 years, first experiencing the lifestyle in his 20s, when he visited Holkham beach, a well-known nudist spot in north Norfolk, while on holiday with his brother.

Since then he has been an active member of the Norfolk naturist community, regularly attending meet-ups at friends’ houses to play petanque and catch up over dinner.

Ms Batley said she was apprehensive when her partner first invited her to join him at an event, but went along out of curiosity.

She said: “As soon as I met the others I realised it wasn’t about how I looked. Nobody cares if you’re fat or thin, they care if you’re friendly. For the first time since I started using a wheelchair people talked to me, rather than addressing whoever I was with.”

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Source: Eastern Daily Press

Original publication 12 August 2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th August 2019

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“Why nudity is the most important (and primal) form of self-expression”
“There is something ultimately freeing and grounding about being yourself in your truest, most natural form”

How often are you naked? And by naked we mean well and truly stripped of your clothes and shoes, à la Rachel from Friends dancing naked around her empty apartment.

Most of us probably don’t spend copious amounts of time in our most natural state, but being naked can be both freeing and an important form of self-expression – as Amy Redmond, creative director of club night Sink The Pink, knows all too well.

“When we’re naked we are literally stripped bare to the elements, and our true selves,” she tells stylist.co.uk.

Redmond has had plenty of experience with nudity, having grown up visiting nudist beaches with her family.

“There is comfort and nostalgia in remembering my grandma’s comfortable, soft boobs, and now I’ve had a baby and breastfed I have the same boobs!” she says. “Being naked gives me comfort and makes me feel entirely at ease.”

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Source: Stylist

Original publication 20 Sep 2018

Posted on NatCorn 9th August 2019

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Cornwall is the second most family-friendly holiday destination in Europe
It was the top spot within the UK

Cornwall has been picked as one of the best family-friendly holiday destinations in Europe.

Planning the perfect family holiday is no easy task, with parents facing the challenge to keep their children entertained.

From ensuring there are hotels that cater to family needs, checking the area has plenty of activities and keeping travel time to a minimum, there are multiple factors that contribute to the perfect family holiday.

Thankfully, Columbus Direct has analysed popular holiday destinations within a 5-hour, or less, flight time from London to show the 20 best locations for a family-friendly holiday.

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Source: CornwallLive

Original publication 30 JUL 2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th August 2019

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Call for nudist areas at these Burton and Swadlincote beauty spots
Naturist is leading the fight so people and strip off in public

A naturist pensioner from South Derbyshire is calling for popular beauty spots in Burton and Swadlincote to have areas where people to be able to take their clothes off in public.

Stuart Haywood, who has spent 10 years enjoying what he claims to be the benefits of nudity, said parks in Burton and Swadlincote could take a left out of the book of other successful nudist areas in Paris and Germany.

Stuart Haywood wearing nothing but his smile
Wendy Roberts
Wendy Roberts
Stuart Haywood wearing nothing but his smile

He suggested Burton’s Ox Hay and Swadlincote’s Eureka Park would be ideal venues.

However, while council bosses haven’t binned the idea they said such requests need to be made in writing.

Mr Haywood, 82, said: “For two years in the public parks of Paris, nudists have been allocated areas in which to enjoy the park free from the encumbrance of clothes.

“How about a similar arrangement in Burton or Swadlincote?

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Source: Derby Telegraph

Original publication 26 JUL 2019

Posted on NatCorn 1st August 2019

Britain’s most daring regions revealed as London and Cornwall top list of nude sunbathers – where does your town rank?
BRITAIN’S most daring regions have been revealed as London tops the list of nude sunbathers.

Summer temperatures are set to reach heights of 37C this week with more than a quarter of all Brits set to soak up the rays in the buff.

A poll of 2,000 found that that 31 per cent of us – that’s 620 in all – sunbathed naked regularly when the sun came out.

London topped the research with 42 per cent of people stripping off with Northern Ireland second with 39, then the Midlands 37, Cornwall 33 and Scotland with 31 per cent.

Those in Norfolk were the most restrained, with just 22 per cent confessing to sunbathing in the altogether.

Bosses at Hotels.com, who carried out the research, said naturist beaches were “fast becoming go-to travel hotspots” – with 20 per cent of those polled saying they loved going to them and stripping off completely.

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Source: The Sun

Original publication 22 Jul 2019

Posted on NatCorn 23rd July 2019

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Woman, 52, is the ‘happiest she’s ever been’ after ditching clothes to become a naturist
A WOMAN has opened up about how “whipping of her clothes off” helped her regain confidence after “everything went wrong at the same time”.

Jane Baker, a first aid trainer, hit rock bottom after losing her job and relationship.

But when the 52-year-old spotted an advert in a local paper for an event at a naturist B&B, it all changed for her.

Now the mum-of-four admits that stripping off at the nudist hog roast party changed her life.

Speaking about the experience, Jane, from Carmarthen, South West Wales, said: “I stuck out like a sore thumb when I arrived. [It was] surrounded by three dozen or so strangers, all completely nude.

“But after I whipped off my clothes I felt the most comfortable I had in years.”

HAPPY: When she began naturism it changed her life
PA REAL LIFE / COLLECT HAPPY: When she began naturism it changed her life

Jane, whose confidence was at an all-time low, will never forget her first foray into nudity.

She added: “Everything seemed to be going wrong at the same time and I knew I wanted to get away from it all, but I couldn’t afford a holiday abroad so decided to look for somewhere closer to home, which was when I found Acorns [Naturist Retreat in Tiverton, Devon].

“Driving down there I had to pull over twice and collect my thoughts – I was nervous beyond belief. When I finally got there it turned out to be one the most surreal moments of my life.

“On one side of me was a woman absolutely starkers doing her knitting by the pool, on the other side of me was a gentlemen in the buff doing the Telegraph crossword.”

“But the thing that struck was that, after 10 minutes, I completely forget that everybody was naked and started seeing people for who they are.

“That’s the beauty of naturism. When you take your clothes off you’re quite literally taking away the barriers and that’s the best way to meet new people.”

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 18th July 2019

Posted on NatCorn 20th July 2019

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Naturism booms in France as young eager to ditch clothes
Why are more and more people, especially the young, opting to get naked in France? Hattie Ditton finds out more.

The term “naturist” may conjure up the image of jolly elderly hikers walking bare-bottomed clutching hiking sticks – but it might be time to update the stereotype.

Indeed, over the past three years, the phenomenon has begun to attract a younger audience according to the the FNN (French Federation of Naturism), seeing many more young families showing up to camps with their children.

Nudism is become all the more common too, with the federation reporting an increase of 40 percent in memberships between 2014 and 2015 alone.

More and more young people are going nude in France.
AFP More and more young people are going nude in France.

In fact, the group estimates that in the past three years alone, the number of naturists in France has leaped from 1.5 million to 2 million.

And perhaps contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the connection to sexuality.

Jacques Freeman, the head of communication at APNEL (Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty) believes that young people are gaining confidence in speaking out against authority on all levels and this is a reason for the increase in naturists.

“Nudity is synonymous with freedom,” he told The Local.

“We’re currently at a time where there are many questions being asked about the future, work and problems surrounding integration into society are being challenged by young people.”

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Source: The Local

Original publication 13 June 2016

Posted on NatCorn 13th June 2019

Family Naturism: Let’s just all get naked
We are always surprised when we receive the question whether naturism can be practiced with the whole family. For us, family naturism has always seemed a very normal thing. Although neither of us was born in a naturist family. Yet there seem to be many doubts about this. We are asked whether we find it okay that a child sees nude adults and whether nude kids won’t attract people with wrong intentions. Some adults even seem to feel uncomfortable being naked when there are children around.

It’s all in the mindset of course. And it’s everybody’s right to feel about family nudism the way they do. Nevertheless, we believe that nudist families are a very important part of the naturist community and that it has lots of advantages for both the children as their parents. We’re certainly not the only ones who think so. Naturist federations all over the world see the importance of having families among their members and promote naturism as a very family oriented lifestyle. In the USA and Canada we even noticed that many resorts have put their main focus on nudist families and promote themselves as family oriented. They even put it in their name. A good example is Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Even the first naturist venues were often called a family nudist colony.

Growing up in nudist families

Children are born nudists and not only in the way that they are obviously born naked. We’ve met few little kids who prefer to wear pants over no pants at all. And the sight of nude children has also become a widely accepted thing. They or their family don’t have to be nudists for that. On a warm summer day you’ll see nude kids running around on many textile beaches as well. Until a certain age of course. Sometime between the age of 3 and 6 they lose their clothing optional status. Suddenly their nudity is not decent anymore. Suddenly they are taught to consider their bodies shameful.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication May 6, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 10th June 2019

A naturist ‘in jail’.
An intriguing topic, isn’t it? The more as this is not about a brick-and-mortar jail but one of a totally different kind.

A little while ago I received this message. A cry for help. As I don’t feel equipped to comment on this just like that, I asked the sender of this (who asked if he could remain anonymous) if I could post his message on my blog. He agreed. Please read this and if you have suggestions, ideas or constructive comments, please leave them at the bottom of this page!

I was a naturalist growing up from the age i say 10 years old. On my own only deep in the woods in hidden ponds, rivers, creeks i found or knew from geological maps. As i got older and working like EVERYWEAR there was in Puerto Rico. On job assignments. I did hiking in the rain forests and along the beach for 1/8 to 1/4 mile from an access point to a nude beach was aloud.

Now handicapped. I cant drive or visit beach’s because my wheelchair or rollator can’t make it through the sand to reach the nude beaches or even some nudists resorts/camping grounds. There not handicapped equipped! Also i need someone that can drive me there with my wheelchair or rollator and gear (emergency oxygen tank and meds and meters and such.) To sleep at a place would require power and a 4 person tent just for me!

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Source: Zjuzdme

Original publication June 5, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 8th June 2019

3 insights into being more body positive
My time as a nudist has led me to explore more than just the stunning nude beaches and nudist resorts of the world…

It has further inspired me to embark on a more purposeful journey of raising awareness about, and encouraging, body positivity. As a thirty year old, I have witnessed the rapid rise of social media and, with that, the pressures that a ‘filtered age’ have placed upon body image. An age where the beauty industry sells us our definition of ‘beautiful’ through the narrowed and distorted lens of the media, and where consumerism prevails and profit is the goal; it is a breeding ground for mass consumerism, greed, materialism, narcissism, divide and loathing. We must be the pioneers to step in and steer it in a direction which ushers in acceptance, self-love, positivity and union. So I believe that, now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to grow into our most authentic state and have the talk about body positivity.

I believe that being defined by our bodies is what creates the unhealthy relationship between the mind and body in the first place. Most of the time, we become defined by our bodies rather unconsciously, from the moment we enter into this world in this form. Whether it’s because of cultural upbringing, societal conditioning, systematic patriarchal norms, personal experiences or pop culture, we are conditioned to see ourselves in a way that puts us at odds with our bodies. From unhealthy obsession to complete disconnect, being defined by the physical form can manifest itself in various ways. Narcissism, self-loathing and low self-esteem are prime expressions of this manifestation, and all of which tend to be rooted in superficiality and impermanence.

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Source: The Nude Blogger

Original publication JUNE 3, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th June 2019