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Naturism in Portugal
Have you accidentally stumbled across naturists (nudists) on a beach? Have you even considered trying it out yourself? In Portugal the chances of the former are high and there are plenty of opportunities for the latter.

The International Naturist Federation. (INF) defines naturism as “A way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and the environment.” While “naturism” and “nudism” are interchangeable, “nudism” is used more in North America than in Europe. A major factor with many people is the freedom to avoid wearing a soggy piece of textile (swimwear) soaked in sand and salty water and just let the sun and air get at your skin. Non-naturists are often referred to as “textiles” by naturists for this reason. Note – it has nothing to do with S-E-X!

Although we live in the UK, we have been visiting Portugal for over two decades and have had a property in here since 2005. We also happen to be the Holiday Advisors for Portugal for British Naturism (BN for short www.bn.org.uk) which is the national organisation for naturism in the UK. The post involves giving free advice to members who want to know more about Portuguese naturist destinations and facilities.

Are there many naturists in Portugal?

Yes. Naturism is gaining popularity amongst the Portuguese. However, most naturists in Portugal will be visitors from abroad, with the Brits topping the league. In 2018 12.8 million people visited Portugal with about 23 percent being Brits. British Naturism estimates that 3.7 million of the 67 million Brits are naturists (5 percent). Using these figures about 163,000 UK naturists visit Portugal annually. In Europe it is estimated that there are 20 million naturists. We have personally seen a general increase in visitors to Portugal from France and Spain in recent years. The Germans and Dutch have been coming here for years. All these nationalities are keener on naturism that the Brits which all adds up to a substantial number of naturists.

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Source: The Portugal News

Original publication 26-07-2019

Posted on NatCorn 11th August 2019

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Naturism: Individual freedom and respect for others, the naked
The naturism is growing in Portugal, the growing number of Portuguese and foreign adhering to the nude in the country. The News Minute to talk to Rui Elvas, president of Naturist Association Soul which was set up last year.

It earlier this month that the Meco Beach receives for the sixth time, Nudist league, Proof of five kilometers in the corridors men shoes running shoes (and nothing else, literally) in an attempt to end the misconceptions about the practice of naturism, which is defined as a philosophy of life in which we live in harmony with nature and that is reflected by the practice of nudism.

In Portugal, the trend is growing, having already eight legalized beaches to practice naturism, all south of the country, and “several dozen identified beaches of usual and customary naturist, some of them framed the law in force” points Rui Elvas, president of Alma Naturist Association, which was established in October last year by 11 naturists federated in order to contribute to the development of this practice in Portugal.

“In our activities, we seek beyond naturist scope activities, where clothing is optional, develop activities with other forms of citizenship for the environment and solidarity” explains Luis Elvas, it explained that the association presiding undergoes based ” in individual freedom, structured nuclei with financial freedom and own activities, enabling greater proximity to the naturist community and local government. ” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: OS Naturistas

Posted on NatCorn 30th June 2018

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Artistic performance brings together 115 naked people at the Museum of the Republic
The photo clicked by photographer Kazuo Okubo occurred during event that aimed to scare away the old-fashioned of the capital

Enquanto os termômetros marcavam 24Cº na capital federal, um grupo de 115 pessoas tirou a roupa e posou nu para o fotógrafo Kazuo Okubo em frente ao Museu da República de Brasília. O evento, que ocorreu durante a manhã deste sábado (02/9), se chama “Fotona” e faz parte da Cena Contemporânea. Segundo os organizadores, o clique rendeu o recorde de maior número de pessoas nuas em uma foto no Distrito Federal.

Responsável pela idealização, concepção e produção do Fotona, Diego Ponce de Leon, 35 anos, conta que o evento tem como objetivo ir de contra o momento de caretice e conservadorismo instalado na capital federal. “Nossa Brasília está se tornando uma cidade dormitório. Ninguém pode cantar, rir ou se divertir durante a noite. Vivemos um monte de lei do silêncio, bares sendo fechados, artistas sendo calados. Queremos mostrar que o concreto de Brasília também é feito de gente, arte e expressão”, garante. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: OS Naturistas

05 September, 2017, 5:40 pm

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North without legal naturist beaches take Portuguese for Galicia
Praia da Barra, Cangas de Morrazo, near Vigo, is one of the most requested for naturists that until the weekends moving to that beach so you can enjoy the nature without textiles glued to the body

A falta de uma praia naturista legalizada no Norte de Portugal, obriga os milhares de naturistas que existem naquela região a debandarem para as praias da Galiza, em Espanha, para a prática de nudismo, em contacto com a natureza.

Em entrevista à Lusa sobre a inexistência de espaços para praticar naturismo no Norte de Portugal, sem prevaricar contra a lei, o presidente da Federação Portuguesa de Naturismo (FPN), Rui Elvas, explicou que apesar de haver milhares de naturistas na região, esses veraneantes têm de se deslocar para a Galiza, a zona mais próxima com areais legalizados para o nudismo.

A Praia da Barra, em Cangas de Morrazo, perto de Vigo (Espanha), é uma das mais requisitadas para naturistas portugueses do Norte que até aos fins de semana se deslocam àquele areal para poderem usufruir da natureza sem os têxteis colados ao corpo, descreve o presidente da FPN. …Read full original article…

Source: OS Naturistas

15 August, 2017, 5:25 pm