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Recreational Naturism versus Ethical Naturism

Which term is used depends partially on where you are. In Europe, the term “naturist” is used almost exclusively while “nudist” is often derogatory. In the United States, most people who attend clubs call themselves nudists because they belong to the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) who uses the term “nudist”. Americans who go to free beaches tend to prefer to identify themselves as “naturists” because historically, the Naturist Society (TNS) has been the biggest defender of free beaches in the United States. 


What Does the Word “Lifestyle” Mean to a Nudist?

Right in the middle of a spiffy new broadcast call The New Nudist Podcast, where host Scott Klein was talking to the ultimate naked podcaster Stéphane Deschânes (from The Naturist Living Show) about whether “the naked lifestyle” is better represented by the word nudist, or naturist. That’s not this blog post! Today’s rant is going after the word “lifestyle.”

Even Nick and Lins, the world’s ultimate nudists, used the word (Lifestyle) three times in a recent landmark article on Prostasia – an organization dedicated to calling out child abuse – about nudity and children. That’s all innocuous enough as they were trying to explain that clothes-free living is, indeed, a particular lifestyle adopted by many, acknowledging that such a lifestyle is not inherently harmful to children.


Why people become nudists

If you search for Family nudism on Google you will find a lot of porn, but no serious article. If you go for a ‘safe search’ then no page will pop up. So, according to Google, Family nudism does not exist. That is kind of weird since we know many families that enjoy a nude holiday or beach or sauna together. So let’s dive into this ‘hidden’ part of the nudist world.

Maybe Google believes that Familu Nudism, as a keyword (as it is called), only attracts the wrong kind of people. And maybe the majority of people that are actually searching for ‘Family Nudism’ are indeed not the right people. We all know that the online world can be rather scary regarding any nudist related subject. As a side effect, we truly understand that a lot of families run away when they see what Google thinks is a good representation of Family Nudism.


Falling in love with the Earth

There’s a revolution that needs to happen I saw this a while ago and had to save it. When I started writing this post, I heard just the latest episode of the Naturist Living Show and I remembered this image. So what do these two have in common for me? Naturism and nature Most of the time…


Is Nudism a Natural Way to Save Money?

Is Nudism a Natural Way to Save Money? Despite its controversial reputation, people continue to join nudist communities. In fact, an estimated 10 to 15 percent of the American population prefers being in the nude. This begs the question of whether there’s a way to use nudism to save money? Actually, many nudist colonies cost…