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Waterworld bans nude family swim events after backlash from customers

Waterworld has banned family nudist events at its site after a backlash from customers.

The Stoke-on-Trent leisure resort has been hired by groups such as British Naturism for more than two decades.

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The best type of exercises

These types of exercises will get you to toss those sports bras and running shorts to the side and let it all hang out–we’re talking about nude fitness! There are some exercises that were just meant to be done this way. Keep reading and we’ll teach you how to do the most effective exercises for your nude fitness workout.


Forest Bathing

The healing powers of nature have been known since before we even had words to describe them. From ancient cultures that revered the land they depended on, to early herbalists and gardeners, humans have always understood that time spent in nature improved mental, physical and spiritual health.

Modern science is catching up and providing the language to articulate these benefits, which can be achieved through practices like earthing. Naturism, too, developed in part because of the documented positive effects of sunlight on skin.


Controversial family nude swim returns to Waterworld this weekend

One session held last year saw around 20 protesters gather outside the entrance to Waterworld

A controversial nude family swim is returning to one of Stoke-on-Trent’s most popular attractions this weekend

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Scots nudist gran offering holiday chalet in naturist colony in deal to sell her home

Nudist Teena Gould is hoping to boost interest in her three-bedroom Georgian pad by including her chalet at Inchmurrin Island, Loch Lomond, a well known Nudist retreat as part of the sale.

As incentives go, some house-hunters might prefer to give this one the bum’s rush.


The freedom to go naked in public places

Naturists tend to be people who go. We love to spend our days without clothes, relaxed, enjoying life naked. But if there’s one thing we like to complain about, it’s that we’re always glued to designated areas.

Like a fenced-in resort or a well-hidden nude beach that takes forever to reach, on an often dangerous journey through steep trails.


Cap d’Agde: A Day in the Famous Nude Village

Cap d’Agde probably doesn’t need an introduction. Many have visited the huge naturist resort at least once in their lives. Even if you haven’t been there yet, the name probably does ring a bell. Or you’ve already heard some stories about the place.

Those stories aren’t always very positive and that was the exact reason why we kept avoiding a visit to Cap d’Agde. Until now.


Naturist Images – Ego Versus Shadow

As a man of a certain age, and then a bit older, there is no question that all of the parts of my body aren’t in the best of physical conditions. For many, if not most of the men in the age range of 50s to … well older … virility often becomes the subject of critical focus. Let’s face it, though we can “get it up” after a fashion, there is no ability to “wow” anyone, let alone ourselves.


Roseville Runner Finds Freedom In Naked Road Races

A few days ago, Jen Miller, who covers running for The New York Times, published a funny column about how she broke out of her pandemic gloom by entering the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K, a race run at a nudist resort in Pennsylvania.

That’s where Deadline Detroit learned of Bruce Freeburger, 69, who drove from Detroit to run in the same race and was quoted in her story.