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Thanksgiving and 5 things I’m grateful for as a nudist.

It’s that time of year when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, North America’s first multi-ethnic potluck. In case you’ve never heard of Thanksgiving, it all started when a bunch of indigenous peoples invited some struggling illegal immigrants — The Pilgrims — to dinner.

Descriptions on how that first gathering went down vary, depending on whether you watch CNN or Fox News, but basically what happened was that the Native Americans said “Come on over for turkey, squash, maize (AKA “corn”), green bean casserole, etc., etc.,” and the Pilgrims replied, “Sounds great! We’ll bring the hardtack (AKA “the rolls”).”

Nomadic Nudists

These days, in addition to stuffing their faces with all types of food they won’t eat for another year, most folks spend a few minutes around the table sharing what they are grateful for in life. For example, they might say something like, “I would be grateful if Uncle Sal would stop farting while we’re trying to eat!”

As we prepare to gather with friends and family for another Thanksgiving chow fest, I thought about the things that make me grateful to be a nudist,

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Original publication 27 November, 2019

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Newcastle naturist club hopes to attract new members for nude swimming sessions

Three Rivers Outdoor Club is appealing for more people willing to take their kit off for their upcoming event in Newcastle

Are you someone who is happier not wearing clothes? If so, this might just be the thing for you.

A naturist group in Newcastle is looking for new members to join its upcoming nude swim, sauna and steam room.

Three Rivers Outdoor Club members have been taking their kit off for more than 30 years and are hoping to see some new recruits at their next session.

A naturist club is looking for new members for its nude swim
Daily Mirror A naturist club is looking for new members for its nude swim

The naturist group hires West Denton Pool in Newcastle for members to enjoy the benefits of social nakedness every few weeks with the latest session taking place on Saturday, 23 November [2019].

The next organised naked swim is on Saturday 14 December [2019] from 5pm – 7pm.

Organiser Rob said: “We understand that it can be a bit daunting for first timers, so they are welcome to wear a wrap or a beach towel until they feel comfortable.

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Original publication 23 November, 2019

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The ‘generational clash’ between young and old nudists

A “generational clash” between young and older nudists is fuelling growth in nude events, ranging from pop-up dinners in bars and art gallery tours to mini-golf and ten pin bowling.

Josh McNicol, the general manager Asia Pacific at Eventbrite, said the number of nude events on the platform had grown 265 per cent across Australia over four years. More than half of the nude events over the past five years have been in NSW.

“From naked yoga classes to nude nature walks, NSW is home to three times as many nude events than any other state, making it Australia’s kit-off capital,” Mr McNicol said.

A nude charity event at Cobblers Beach.
Edwina Pickles A nude charity event at Cobblers Beach.

It’s no surprise to Young Nudists of Australia co-founder Matt (last name withheld by request) because he organises many of the Sydney events. For him the lifestyle is about “freedom” and “acceptance”. “It’s just one of those things you’re curious about and you try and it’s for you,” he said.

Matt, 30, said the centre of the young nudist scene in Sydney was Cobblers Beach in Middle Harbour. He formed YNOA and organises events so young people can socialise away from the beach. He said they were not always welcome at naturist resorts “full of people the same age as my grandparents”.

“Young people, we drink alcohol, we listen to music, we stay up later than 9pm,” Matt said. “The older people feel that we are being disruptive to their enjoyment, their peace and quiet, so as a result, they generally close the door to us.”

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Original publication 24 November, 2019

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Nakations, vegan hotels and zero footprint: global travel trends 2020

At the dawn of the new decade, travel needs, behaviors and desires continue to evolve. Awareness of the need to preserve the environment permeates all spaces and tourism is no exception

With the arrival of a new decade, travel needs, behaviors and desires evolve. If mass awareness about climate change and the responsibility of the carbon footprint means flying less and planting trees, so be it. The excess of tourism also forces travelers to reevaluate where they travel, and to change destinations taken by tourism for some less popular.

According to the Booking.com travel reservation company , 2020 will be a year of exploration trips like never before, with the momentum of technology along with an increasingly important sense of responsibility and a deeper connection with people and places what do we visit. “As we enter a new decade, we see that the tourism industry responds to a traveler with a greater inclination towards sustainable, more inquisitive and with more knowledge of technologyFrom identifying the ‘second cities’, to fighting against the excess of tourism, to the awareness of the effect that as human beings we have on the environment, new and amazing travel trends are approaching, ”he explainedArjan Dijk, senior vice president of the company.

For next year, many travelers will seek to visit “second cities”, and will be willing to change their original destinations to less known ones if they knew that this would have a lesser effect on the environment
Shutterstock For next year, many travelers will seek to visit “second cities”, and will be willing to change their original destinations to less known ones if they knew that this would have a lesser effect on the environment

Reducing the effects of excess tourism is something that also interests 52% of Argentine travelers . For this, next year many will seek to travel to the “second cities”, with 54% willing to change their original destination for another less known but similar if they knew that this would cause a lesser effect on the environment. In addition, Argentine travelers rethink their choice of accommodation and more than half (56%) consider it important to consider sustainable accommodations when traveling.

“ Sustainable tourism has become an attractive and different alternative to knowing the destinations, because it allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes but from a perspective of greater awareness, with a focus on knowing customs and cultures, and fostering a more supportive and responsible vision with the environment. In recent years, tourism in nature began to be one of the most attractive options to rest, ”said Sebastian Mackinnon, general manager of Despegar for Argentina and Uruguay , in a dialogue with Infobae .

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Source: Infobae

Original publication 23 November, 2019

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Closet Nudism

Everyone knows I’m a nudist!

Nope. Not even close.

Sure, a few close friends and family know about my propensity for being naked, but few know how much. I keep it in the closet for a multitude of reasons.

Life goals
P. Sevin Life goals

Partly because I just can’t be what I want to be with it.

I want to be a family nudist. I want to have nudist friends. I want to go camping and to the beach. I want to join clubs and socialize. I want it to just be my life.

But I can’t. My wife is anti-social, and nudity is vulnerability, and being vulnerable is scary. My kids go either way, but since it’s not a part of their lives (apart from my wife and my nudity at home, and occasionally theirs as well) it feels almost daunting to introduce social nudity now. The beaches are far away (and no one but me would participate) and camping is expensive. The local club? It’s all older people who are opposed to kids and singles and would rather play shuffleboard than do anything “fun.”

So I stay in the closet.

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Original publication 21 November, 2019

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Facebook, the nipple, and the 17th century

Peter Paul Rubens was an enormously successful Flemish painter who lived at the end of the 16th and the first half of the 17th century. Like all men, he was fascinated by women. At the time, the ideal of beauty was slightly different from what we know today. Shapes were rounder, fuller, up to a level that in our image-obsessed society, we might call obese.

Flash forward to the 21st century. The age of freedom. Freedom from religious restrictions, freedom from absolutist monarchs, from the tyranny of one class over the other.


Yet, Rubens’s paintings of full-bodied nude women were not banned in the 17th century. They were banned in the 21st. By Facebook.

I’m  not joking, but over the past few years, Belgians were outraged that the paintings of one of their greatest artists were banned, from Facebook, because they were showing too much skin. 17th century skin.

It is outrageous and silly at the same time that in a modern age, an age where Brigitte Bardot and Kim Kardashian are icons, when nudity in advertising and movies and at parties is all around us, that a place like Facebook should still hang on to Victorian concepts of nudity.

As the protesters in the picture – and they are breast cancer activists, not strippers or porn stars – rightly pointed out, the human body is nothing to be ashamed of, and should not be kept hidden at all costs.

Yes, there is a place and a style for everything, and nudity can be disrespectful in some instances. But overall, the nipple is an innocent part of the body.

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Original publication 20 November, 2019

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The spirit of Prerow: 30 years after the fall of the Wall

We Celebrated 30 years since the fall of the Berlin wall . And we celebrate the same 30 years since the withdrawal of the Spanish Penal Code l from the crime of public scandal . This to Brings mind an article published in the Telegraph on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall on naturism or nudism in ancient East Germany, ” East German nudists let it all hang out , ” Which describe the Naturism as one of the few freedoms enjoyed by East Germans. The state Promoted nudism since the 1960s, it prohibited , Although associations.

But the Reunification Brought the invasion of tourists “Wessi” (from the west) and Their prejudices against nudity. “The result was the regulation of the hobby and the demarcation of beaches and lakes as FKK areas.” With the fall of the wall came new walls, new ghettos, restrictions and delimitations of what was eleven the only symbol of the freedom of the Citizens of the East. Also there was the commercialisation of nude, pornography, Western “achievement” that undermines the naturalness of human nudity.

“Here we are all mixed people do see Because not a problem in it. We’re supposed to be separated, but nobody AGREES With That, “says a 66-year-old Prerow Beach nudist . The old FKK spirit of ancient East Germany still survives.

It is the same spirit That the Associated Spanish naturists defend and live and That the Citizens support in all the surveys Carried out.

The human body shouldn’t be subject to commercialisation, shouldn’t be subject to censorship, shouldnt be Subject to regulation by state administrations. There is nothing Wrong With That causes the body to be created ghettos, to Establish walls based on Citizens separate That How They decided to sunbathe and bathe. There is nothing wrong With the human body so That a father is empowered to choose When and where are His daughter or Should see him. We must not allow sexuality to continue to be undressed, THUS THUS harming children and Promoting the markets around esta That Arise aberration

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Source: Spanish Naturism Federation

Original publication 20 November, 2019

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Is nudism for families?

It is easy to decide to go nude when you are at your own or even if you have an open-minded partner but what happens when you have a family, kids? Is nudism for families? The shortest answer would be: Yes, nudism is normal therefore nudism is for families but I bet you need to know more than that.


If you have your own kids already, or your family members or friends have kids then you know that kids just love being nude. The smaller they are the more they love being naked. They will take off they clothes whenever they can. And they will try to do that no matter if they are in the store, restaurant or at home.

Kids on the beach


When you think that some pervert may be looking you naked you don´t feel good, and thinking that there are some people with bad intentions looking at your kid makes you sick.

But let me tell you something. Nudists are very protective and friendly. I have never felt safer than on a nudist resort. There are young couples, married people, and families with kids and as all nude and vulnerable everybody watch each other back. It is like unwritten rule. So if someone is having too much attention in kids people will notice and react.

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The struggle within the naturist movement – archive, 1969

7  November 1969: Lurking beneath the surface are quarrels over the place of sex in nudism

The fight is on inside British nudism between the hedonists and the disciplinarians, the radicals and the conservatives. At issue, among other things, is what Leslie Bainbridge, editor of Health and Efficiency, calls the “feast of the crotch” – the lavish and obsessive display of male and female genitalia in imported nudist magazines, particularly those from the United States.

A consignment of such American magazines – which bear the stamp of approval of one of the leading US nudist associations – was confiscated earlier this week after magistrates ruled that some of the magazines were obscene.

 Nudists in 1975
Getty Images Nudists in 1975

It is not simply that the magazines are already unretouched, there is already an unretouched British nudist magazine which you can order from your local newsagent. In the US magazines, legs are nearly always apart or spread wide, camera angles nearly always low, the subjects nearly always young and attractive.

The issue has arisen before in the dispute-wracked history of British nudism. At one stage hostility reached such a point that members of one nudist group reported another to Scotland Yard for importing obscene publications. The magazine which triggered that off was discretion itself compared with the US magazines, and was, in fact, the predecessor of the unretouched British magazine which now circulates quite freely.

Mr James Wrate, editor of this magazine, Sun and Health, is also the importer of the US magazines. He defends their concentration on the crotch as being the “final stage” in a long process. “A few years ago,” he says, “what was being revealed was the breasts, then the navel and finally a bit of pubic hair. Now we’ve got women with their legs apart and it’s the end of the road. Once that is exhausted, it’s the end of false excitement about secret parts of the body.”

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“Staring is a big no-no”: All the questions you have about nudism, answered.

Ah, 2019. It’s been the year of the micro bikinis, crotchless festival pants, and butthole sunning, and now it all makes sense.

According to research from Eventbrite, nude events across Australia have increased by 265 per cent in the past four years, meaning there’s never been a more socially accepted time to embrace your birthday suit.

Speaking to Mamamia‘s daily news podcast, The Quicky, the founder of Get Naked Australia, Brendan Jones, answered many of the things we’ve always wondered about being a nudist. And there were a lot.

Get naked

Here’s a concise list of everything we learnt.

First up… why???

According to Brendan, going nude around other people is great for increasing self-confidence, while also saying ‘no’ to social stigma.

“Self-confidence is I think the biggest one,” says Brendan.

“If you imagine how many people generally see you naked, you might see your family growing up, and then maybe your partner. So that leaves a lot of insecurities. Whereas if you are naked with a bunch of other people, generally – if they’re the right people – no one looks at you.

“They just see you as a normal human, and all those insecurities about being judged just go out the window.”

It also puts everyone on a “level playing field”, socially speaking.

“If someone dresses in high-end clothing, or designer stuff, you naturally put them as though they’re somebody important. But if no one’s wearing clothes, then we’re all on the same playing field,” Brendan continues.

“So it does remove that that social stigma.”

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Source: Mamamia

Original publication 9 November, 2019

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Nudism! Is It For You?

Why nudism could be the answer for you.

The skin that holds in your internal organs and covers your muscles is a living, breathing organ itself. So why would you keep it covered up almost 24 hours a day. Why not let it breathe for a few hours a day? Or even better, when you’re at home. Don’t wear any clothes at all.

Your skin, like everything else with the human body, requires oxygen. It may not seem like it. But we live in a fairly puritanical society that has decided that clothes that hide the body is the way to go. Just look at how we view anything that shows some skin. We giggle and point, and we get red in the face at the thought of seeing someone that is even close to being nude. It’s that social conditioning that gets us every time.

Topless in the open air
stokpic at Pixabay

Nudism isn’t a new thing. It’s been around since forever. I’m not going to go over the history of nudism. What I’m going to be talking about today is why spending time in nothing is good for you. You might have even been thinking about it already.

Our society has created a lot of anxieties about our bodies. Women should be thin, and guys should be buff. Wrinkles are bad, and hair loss is the end of the world for men. Imperfections are forbidden, and you have to look like everything is perfect. Youth is the goal, and as a result we spend millions to achieve it. It’s all a lie. There isn’t a perfect body in the world, and everyone has something they don’t like. Nudism takes all of that and tosses it out the window.

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Original publication 12 November 2019

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Natural Philosophy (France)

International definition of naturism:

Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, whose goal is to promote respect for oneself, respect for others and care for the environment.As mentioned in this definition of the International Naturist Federation, naturism consists in the practice of nudity in a social environment.

This practice is aimed at the comfort of the naked body against natural elements such as air, water and sun. Also, when you think about it, what is more natural and pleasant than being naked to swim or enjoy the sun?Unfortunately, in our so-called “modern” society, nudity is closely associated with sexuality and eroticism. This association is also very exploited by the advertising world. But by abolishing these prejudices and taboos in the face of nudity, naturism allows greater personal fulfillment and incomparable body relaxation. You have to live the experience at least once to understand the development that naturism brings.

Although nudity is the most obvious aspect of naturism, however it is part of a much broader context …

Naturist family

A family movement, humanist and natural.

Restore the rightful place in the body, discover the pleasure of living in harmony with nature, such is the truth of naturism, far from clichés and fantasies. This practice of which nudity is only one of the components, is based on a philosophy of life that advocates tolerance, respect for oneself, others and the environment.

Naturist specificity, which distinguishes us from other outdoor and leisure movements is the practice of nudity. Defining, communicating, talking about naturism is always evoking what our originality is: living naked!

Naturist nudity is collective, healthy and natural. It is practiced in nature. It is a source of pleasure and provides a feeling of freedom.

A collective nudity. For nudists, nudity is lived in groups: men, women, children, adults, young and old, all generations. This collective nudity promotes coexistence, tolerance and social mixing.

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Original publication 11 November, 2019

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Wigton Baths marks a year of hosting naturist swim sessions

Wigton Baths is celebrating a year of hosting naturist swimming sessions.

Late last year the baths teamed up with British Naturism to stage monthly sessions in which people swim naked.

These take place on the second Saturday of the month and are attended by swimmers from across Cumbria and beyond.

People travel from as far as Scotland and Lancashire to take part in Wigton’s monthly naturist swims
Skinny dip: People travel from as far as Scotland and Lancashire to take part in Wigton’s monthly naturist swims

Ron O’Hare, British Naturism’s campaigns team leader, was instrumental in setting up the sessions.

He said: “The first year was always going to be the most difficult while we get established.

“For the first one we had 53 people. We were never going to repeat that.

“The number attending now is always in the twenties. That’s a big increase on the number who were using the pool at that time for non-naturist sessions.

“It’s well supported by locals. Ninety per cent are locals. They’ve become friends to us.

“I’ve seen a couple at a naturist swim in Poulton, Lancashire. They’ve spread their wings.

“It’s more of a social session than a swimming one. People spend more time talking than swimming.

“Most people say after 10 minutes you forget you’re naked.

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Original publication 10 November, 2019

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My Life Is Like Most People’s, Except I Do Almost Everything Nude

“The only time I put on clothes is to leave the grounds to go shopping or tend to business.”

When I was about 10, my parents were afraid that if I fell off a boat I might drown, so they enrolled me in a swim class at the local YMCA (Westfield, New Jersey). In the indoor-pool all-boys class, nudity was mandatory for the students. I loved the body freedom and the equality with my fellow students.

As soon as I was old enough not to need a babysitter, my parents would leave me alone when they went out for the evening. Whenever they left, as soon as their car was out of sight, I’d run to my room, ditch my clothes, and return to the living room or kitchen to spend the rest of the evening gloriously naked. I continued going nude around the house when my parents were out, and in my room after they had gone to bed. I remember warm summer nights lying on my bed without sheets as balmy breezes from the open windows wafted across my entire body. I felt wonderful!

Life Less Ordinary

I longed to repeat the feeling of freedom I’d had at the Y but had no opportunity for 12 years, until at age of 22 I moved to California to attend graduate school. A friend a year ahead of me showed some slides of the San Francisco Bay Area, one showing a road sign for which he narrated. “Below this sign is a nude beach.” I memorised the sign as he flipped to the next slide. Soon I suggested to my wife that we go to the coast and, without saying why, I took her to that nude beach, Bonny Doon. When we arrived on the beach, I spread our blanket and took off my clothes. For the first time since my teen years, I was delighted to feel the breezes blowing over my entire body! I knew I was home.

I came to know myself as a naturist. To me, this is like a nudist but with more: it means accepting 100% of my body from head to toe, with no parts to be ashamed of or hidden away. In my religious moments, I consider the human body to be God’s divine creation, far superior to any man-made clothing, deserving neither shame nor degrading exploitation. I feel closer to Mother Nature when I’m outdoors without the barrier of clothing. In weather pleasant for nudity, clothing feels oppressive and confining.

In 1988 I founded the Bay Area Naturists and organised the first annual clean-up at Bonny Doon Beach. We just finished our 30th consecutive clean-up in 2017. Over the years the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors has acknowledged us naturists as a responsible user community at the beach.

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Source: Huff Post

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Naturism is not only on week-ends and holiday

A lot of naturists I’ve talked to think about naturism only on week-ends and on vacation. They pick a place to relax because it’s naturist, but they rarely enjoy naturism on a daily basis. As I am writing this post, it’s Monday evening and I’m fully naked, enjoying the freedom of being clothes-free.

Naturism should not be associated with a time of the week, the month or the year. Naturism can be lived whenever and wherever you wish, weather and temperature permitting, of course.

Looking out the window

The moment you are home, consider taking your clothes off. For instance, if you sleep naked, which you should consider if you are not yet (read why), when you wake up, just stay naked. Prepare and get your breakfast naked. Push the moment you need to dress to the last minute.

In the evening, when you get back from work, have a shower to relax and stay naked for the evening. If you do so, you will have spent more than half of your day naked. You’ll be naked from the moment you come home in the evening to the moment you leave home the next morning. Why should you do this? Because it’s incredibly comfortable. If you are naturist on the week-end, be naturist during the week as well.

But, what is you live with others? Bring them along! If they are reluctant getting naked themselves because they are not naturist, have them accept your shared nudity. It’s a wonderful way to reinforce your self-confidence. And who knows, they may eventually join you.

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Source: Nude & Happy

Original publication 4 November, 2019

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