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Why the hell am I naked and sober in the middle of a field? A first-hand experience of the alcohol-free festival.

A couple of years ago, feeling fed up of come-downs and hangovers, I googled ‘festivals with no alcohol’ and discovered Buddhafield, which takes place annually in the middle of the Somerset countryside. What makes this event unique is that attendees do not consume any alcohol or drugs for its duration. There isn’t a single bar in sight and you can’t bring your own drink.

It seemed unusual to find an event that didn’t expect revellers to be getting completely out of it, so I felt inclined to investigate further. Check out the official Buddhafield website here. None of the photographs in this post are from the actual event as I didn’t have access to a camera or phone. For official photographs of the festival, visit this page. It’s well worth a look. The images are of an excellent quality and really paint an accurate picture of the warmth and freedom that was so integral to the event.


Mexican senator caught nude on cam during live virtual session to discuss economy

Senator Martha Lucía Mícher apologized this Friday after appearing partially nude during a virtual meeting with the leaders of the Upper House and Governor of Banco de México.

“Yesterday an unfortunate incident occurred during the appearance that the Governor of the Bank of Mexico (Alejandro Díaz de León) made virtually with colleagues and fellow senators, in which we discussed the economic situation in Mexico and the strategies to face to the ‘new normal’ in the coming months,” said Mícher in a statement.

“In one part of the session, without realizing it and while my computer camera was on, I changed my clothes showing my naked torso”


To be naked or not to be naked? ….. that’s the question

For me being naked is a release from the every day stresses of life. Life all too often is fast paced and stressful at times. Being naked is taking a step back from your day to day activity and taking back some me time.

During this lockdown, I’ve found myself wanting to be naked for longer and because we have been confined to our homes this has enabled me to do this more, and with the glorious weather too it’s been another reason to enjoy it in the sun ??.


black history naked soul bare bodies – beyond the colonial gaze

Black History Naked Soul Bare Bodies – Beyond The Colonial Gaze

Can naturism move beyond the colonial gaze?

Source: Clothes Free Life

#Black History #naked #naturism


Why is this artist photographing random naked people in random spots on the streets of Vienna?

Czech artist, Martin Gabriel Pavel, is photographing people stark naked on the streets of Vienna as part of his current photography project, Daily Portraits. Read the interview below to find out why: Vienna Würstelstand (VWS): Please introduce yourself: Martin Gabriel Pavel (MGP): I’m a 31 year old multimedia artist born in Czech republic. I’ve been doing the Daily Portrait…


Famous Naked Comedy DISROBED Returns to Hollywood

Billed as “the ultimate Southern California experience”, the irreverent stage comedy “Disrobed: Why So Clothes-Minded?” has returned to Los Angeles for an ongoing residency at the Studio C Theatre in Hollywood. The play is notorious for featuring an entirely naked cast AND for requiring audiences to be au naturel as well. While enjoying live theatre…


Mother who dressed her son, 2, in the men’s changing room of a swimming pool blasts a father for stripping naked – but others argue she should have gone into the women’s facilities

A mother who took her son in the men’s changing room at her local swimming pool has divided opinion after she blasted a man for stripping naked outside of the cubicle.  Writing on Mumsnet, the UK-based mother explained that she prefers to take her two-year-old son in the men’s changing room when they go swimming because…


Pensioners strip off to show their ‘rude health’ in nude 2020 calendar

But the Elders Voice charity calendar is a nude calendar with a difference as senior models pose naked to break the stigma attached to growing old Nude calendars, whether it’s the big budget Pirelli one or a more basic glamour girl offering from your local garage, aren’t exactly news. Especially not at this time of…


The nude antics of a group of women from a quiet Devon village

“People are really positive about what we do and say ‘go for it girls” For the third year in a row, women living in a small Devon village have been getting up to their usual antics of shedding their clothes. They have bared all in the snow and peoples’ homes, and now The Whimple Wonders…

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