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People of village named ‘naked’ uncomfortable with misunderstandings

People of a village named Çıplak [naked in Turkish] with 350 inhabitants in the Aegean province of Çanakkale are having a hard time due to its name being thought a nudist camp.

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The naked, healthy truth

There are three different kinds of people: those who like to be naked, those who don’t like to be naked, and those who wish they could enjoy being naked but can’t bring themselves to do it. I’m not going to advocate that one of these is better than the others but I will try to shed some light on why we all fit into one of these categories.

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Nutritionist Non-Confidential: what to eat to look good naked

Whether you’re an avid subscriber to the Skinny Dip Club or like to dance around your condo in the nude every once in a while, there’s no denying that there are few things that feel quite as exhilarating as flaunting your birthday suit.

Yet if like us, you’ve spent a lot of lockdown locking down the best snacks and food deliveries about town, it’s likely your birthday suit may have begun to feel like it’s gone up a size or two, which can really shoot your confidence in the foot.


Sleeping Naked and Traveling the World

For a group that’s all about public activities, we’re fairly private. We don’t do interviews much, we don’t generally accept invitations to go on podcasts. People don’t seek us out. We like to think we’ve had some influence on social norms around toplessness, but we’re not “influencers” in the Instagram sense. People rarely send us swag and ask us to promote it. And we like it that way.

Which made it all the more unusual that in the past few weeks we got approached by two total strangers asking if we’d tell the world about their cool thing.


Naked Bike Ride 2020: ‘As Bare As You Dare’ But Don’t Forget The Mask

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is an international, summer, clothing-optional cycling event that usually takes place in as many as 80 cities across 20 countries.

This year was no exception, however due to the coronavirus and lockdown restrictions in many locations, the 2020 version saw a more modest turnout.


Not the World Naked Bike Ride 2020

On 31 December 2019, a pneumonia of unknown cause, detected in Wuhan, China, was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO). A month later, on 31 January, the first cases of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the UK were confirmed. On 5 March, a first death in the UK from the coronavirus disease – COVID-19 – was confirmed. The number of known UK cases passed 100. Six days later, WHO declared a pandemic.


Naked Yoga Class: No Clothes Allowed

Is your yoga routine insufficiently liberating? The yoga studio Bold & Naked in New York City is pushing the workout frontier, offering classes where yogis strip themselves – literally – of all their insecurities.

The studio offers all-male as well as all-female naked classes, with co-ed sessions a couple of times a week. Meant to be sensual but “not sexual,” as the website description stresses, the workout is an endeavor to be taken seriously – or not.


Why the hell am I naked and sober in the middle of a field? A first-hand experience of the alcohol-free festival.

A couple of years ago, feeling fed up of come-downs and hangovers, I googled ‘festivals with no alcohol’ and discovered Buddhafield, which takes place annually in the middle of the Somerset countryside. What makes this event unique is that attendees do not consume any alcohol or drugs for its duration. There isn’t a single bar in sight and you can’t bring your own drink.

It seemed unusual to find an event that didn’t expect revellers to be getting completely out of it, so I felt inclined to investigate further. Check out the official Buddhafield website here. None of the photographs in this post are from the actual event as I didn’t have access to a camera or phone. For official photographs of the festival, visit this page. It’s well worth a look. The images are of an excellent quality and really paint an accurate picture of the warmth and freedom that was so integral to the event.


Mexican senator caught nude on cam during live virtual session to discuss economy

Senator Martha Lucía Mícher apologized this Friday after appearing partially nude during a virtual meeting with the leaders of the Upper House and Governor of Banco de México.

“Yesterday an unfortunate incident occurred during the appearance that the Governor of the Bank of Mexico (Alejandro Díaz de León) made virtually with colleagues and fellow senators, in which we discussed the economic situation in Mexico and the strategies to face to the ‘new normal’ in the coming months,” said Mícher in a statement.

“In one part of the session, without realizing it and while my computer camera was on, I changed my clothes showing my naked torso”