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Couple quit high-flying jobs to set up naked resort in Mediterranean
A BRITISH couple have ditched their careers to set up a naturist resort in Greece.

While some Mediterranean destinations are seeing a dip in tourism due to the uncertainty of Brexit, that’s not the case for Mark and Sam Taylor.

The couple’s naked ambition shocked family and friends when they first launched their surprising venture over a decade ago.

Fortunately for the duo, their naturist resort has paid off and they have grown a loyal customer base over the years.

NATURISM: Sam and Taylor set up a naked resort in Greece
NATURISM: Sam and Taylor set up a naked resort in Greece MARK TAYLOR / BNPS

So far this year they have an unprecedented occupancy rate of 84% and are still taking bookings from Brits who prefer to go naked for their holidays.

Mark, 47, said: “We are aware that the tourism trade has been hit by Brexit but this is our busiest year ever.

“The vast majority of those customers are repeat bookings. We’ve had regulars that have come back every year since we started.”

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Source: Daily Star

Original publication 20th June 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th June 2019

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Single Women’s View

Many women travel alone nowadays, myself included, but going on holiday solo is different. Will I be bored? Will I get lonely? Will I relax and enjoy myself (which after all, is the whole point of a holiday!)? All these questions and more rattle around in our heads, as we try to make a decision. Or they certainly did in mine. The strong, independent, 21st century woman in me was shouting “Yes! Do it!” and finally that voice won out.

So one Tuesday last August, I found myself strapped into an Easyjet seat on my way to Kefalonia in the Greek Islands, land of Captain Corelli and his oh so famous Mandolin, and my destination of choice, Vassiliki Naturist Resort. Now I have understated just how complex my decision making process was and it included an internet tour of every naturist resort in the Mediterranean. For the last few years, having dabbled in naturism in the UK, I had promised myself a proper naturist holiday. Admittedly, I hadn’t anticipated going alone, but following the break-up of my relationship, it was that or nothing. And I was determined that being alone wasn’t going to stop me.

To cut a potentially long story short, I finally settled on Vassiliki Naturist Resort. Their website kept luring me back with promises of naturist sailing and massage and days by the pool. The owners, Mark and Sam, sounded sociable and provide weekly barbecues, nights out to a local taverna, a few options that I thought might allow me to get to know some of the other guests. Read full original article…

Source: Vigla Natura

9 August, 2017, 6:55 pm