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I have a house full of sons and I’m ok with them seeing me naked

I have always been a “nudie booty” in my own home. I would come home from work or class and just shed my clothes.

It’s not so much that I dislike clothes; I actually love them quite a bit. I love to be able to express myself with my wardrobe, but when I want to relax, I don’t want anything to do with them.

Not even underwear. Nudie Booty! I like being naked at home.

How much do we love these Relax, Unwind, Get Naked signs from Etsy seller A Hal of a Girl?!
How much do we love these Relax, Unwind, Get Naked signs from Etsy seller A Hal of a Girl?!

My husband had always liked it in the past. He’d come home from a long day at work to find his naked girlfriend sitting at her computer playing World of Warcraft, or his naked newly big-breasted pregnant wife sleeping on the couch.

He even thought it was cute after our first son was born to find the two of us naked napping in the bed.

But something changed when we found out our second was a boy too.

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Source: Offbeatathome

Original publication 5 September, 2012

Posted on NatCorn 16th February 2020

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Naturism is not only on week-ends and holiday

A lot of naturists I’ve talked to think about naturism only on week-ends and on vacation. They pick a place to relax because it’s naturist, but they rarely enjoy naturism on a daily basis. As I am writing this post, it’s Monday evening and I’m fully naked, enjoying the freedom of being clothes-free.

Naturism should not be associated with a time of the week, the month or the year. Naturism can be lived whenever and wherever you wish, weather and temperature permitting, of course.

Looking out the window

The moment you are home, consider taking your clothes off. For instance, if you sleep naked, which you should consider if you are not yet (read why), when you wake up, just stay naked. Prepare and get your breakfast naked. Push the moment you need to dress to the last minute.

In the evening, when you get back from work, have a shower to relax and stay naked for the evening. If you do so, you will have spent more than half of your day naked. You’ll be naked from the moment you come home in the evening to the moment you leave home the next morning. Why should you do this? Because it’s incredibly comfortable. If you are naturist on the week-end, be naturist during the week as well.

But, what is you live with others? Bring them along! If they are reluctant getting naked themselves because they are not naturist, have them accept your shared nudity. It’s a wonderful way to reinforce your self-confidence. And who knows, they may eventually join you.

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Source: Nude & Happy

Original publication 4 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 19th November 2019

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I Walk Around Naked as Much as Possible
I used to hide my body under towels, bathing suits, and oversize sweatshirts. Now I prefer not to cover it with anything at all.

My skin is happiest when there is no fabric trying to bunch into its crevices. Deciding what to wear is a nuisance, and if I’m bloated, everything looks strained. If I have to pee quickly, it’s pleasant not having to unclasp, unbutton, or untangle. Sex is easiest without clothes.

I love being naked.

Luckily, I live on an acre of land and can walk to pretty much any part of the property without my white hiney and drained, breastfeeding boobs being spotted by human eyes (the squirrels can’t get enough). An unexpected delivery truck did once pull up the driveway when I was taking out the trash, my body unadorned with clothing — it was awkward.

I have no desire to join a nudist colony — I wouldn’t know where to look when talking to someone. But I do wish clothing never became a “thing.” At least in Southern California, where it is usually warm enough to make clothing optional. If we never became accustomed to wearing clothes, it wouldn’t be rude to stare at someone’s different-colored nipples during a debate about the weather.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

Original publication NOV 3, 2015

Posted on NatCorn 31st August 2019

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Naturist couple reveal how taking their clothes off helped them find contentment

A woman who has been in a wheelchair since 2010 said being naked in social settings has helped her feel good about her body for the first time in a decade.

Sixty-eight-year-old Joy Batley, from Wymondham, said she had always enjoyed the feeling of going without clothes, but had only felt confident enough to do so alone at home.

Following a period of illness in 2010, the former-nurse started using a wheelchair for mobility, and said the weight gain she experienced as a result had a big impact on her confidence.

Les Ford and Joy Batley regularly attend naturist events in Norfolk
Les Ford
Les Ford
Les Ford and Joy Batley regularly attend naturist events in Norfolk

But in 2012, when she met Les Ford, 57, also from Wymondham, that began to change.

Mr Ford has been a naturist for more than 30 years, first experiencing the lifestyle in his 20s, when he visited Holkham beach, a well-known nudist spot in north Norfolk, while on holiday with his brother.

Since then he has been an active member of the Norfolk naturist community, regularly attending meet-ups at friends’ houses to play petanque and catch up over dinner.

Ms Batley said she was apprehensive when her partner first invited her to join him at an event, but went along out of curiosity.

She said: “As soon as I met the others I realised it wasn’t about how I looked. Nobody cares if you’re fat or thin, they care if you’re friendly. For the first time since I started using a wheelchair people talked to me, rather than addressing whoever I was with.”

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Source: Eastern Daily Press

Original publication 12 August 2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th August 2019

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Nude sunbather is suing police for £200,000 after officer jailed for using helicopter to film her
Tracy Dixon has taken the step after Adrian Pogmore was jailed for a year
The ex-constable admitted four charges of misconduct in public office
Ms Dixon says South Yorkshire Police failed to offer her a full personal apology

A nude sunbather is suing police for £200,000 after an officer was jailed for using a force helicopter to film her in her garden.

Tracy Dixon has issued a writ claiming police invaded her privacy and caused her distress by refusing to reveal full details of how often she had been spied on.

The action comes after former constable Adrian Pogmore, 53, was jailed for a year in 2017.

Writ: Tracy Dixon took the step after feeling distressed when she had her privacy invaded
Writ: Tracy Dixon took the step after feeling distressed when she had her privacy invaded

He admitted four charges of misconduct in public office by using the South Yorkshire Police helicopter for ‘sexual spying’ with a high-powered camera capable of reading a number plate from two miles away.

Pogmore, who was described as ‘sex obsessed’ and was a member of a swingers’ club, also filmed Ms Dixon’s three daughters, who were aged 18, 15 and eight at the time.

Sentencing him at Sheffield Crown Court, Judge Peter Kelson QC said: ‘You quite literally considered yourself above the law. You used a £2 million helicopter, which costs something like £1,000 an hour to run, to advance your sexual curiosities.’

Two police pilots and two police observers were cleared of helping Pogmore make the films, but one officer, PC Lee Walls, still faces disciplinary proceedings. The force has admitted liability for the actions of Pogmore on August 23, 2007, but denies he filmed the family on other occasions.

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Source: Daily Mail

Original publication 10 August 2019

Posted on NatCorn 26th August 2019

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“Why nudity is the most important (and primal) form of self-expression”
“There is something ultimately freeing and grounding about being yourself in your truest, most natural form”

How often are you naked? And by naked we mean well and truly stripped of your clothes and shoes, à la Rachel from Friends dancing naked around her empty apartment.

Most of us probably don’t spend copious amounts of time in our most natural state, but being naked can be both freeing and an important form of self-expression – as Amy Redmond, creative director of club night Sink The Pink, knows all too well.

“When we’re naked we are literally stripped bare to the elements, and our true selves,” she tells stylist.co.uk.

Redmond has had plenty of experience with nudity, having grown up visiting nudist beaches with her family.

“There is comfort and nostalgia in remembering my grandma’s comfortable, soft boobs, and now I’ve had a baby and breastfed I have the same boobs!” she says. “Being naked gives me comfort and makes me feel entirely at ease.”

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Source: Stylist

Original publication 20 Sep 2018

Posted on NatCorn 9th August 2019

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I Refuse To Make My Kids Ashamed Of Their Bodies So We’re A Naked House

He used to sit comfortably in the bouncy chair on the floor outside the tub every morning while I showered. I installed a clear shower curtain and would sing songs and play peekaboo and sometimes he would shake his rattle to entertain himself so that I could start each morning fresh and clean.

This became a tradition and as he got older he would get out of bed in his footed pyjamas, drag his blanket and just sit himself down on the carpet as soon as he heard the shower go on. Sometimes I would open the shower curtain and see his little sleepy face and I hadn’t even noticed he was there. Other times, he would pounce in ready to tell me about the random thoughts that were racing through his big toddler mind.

I was always naked and both of us were comfortable with this.

In fact, all these years later we are still comfortable with our nudity.

Our whole family seems to be comfortable with nudity.

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Source: CBC Parents

Original publication JUN 19, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 3rd August 2019

Is Home Nudism also a Form of Nudism?

Some people prefer to spend a lot of time nude inside the house, alone or together with their partner or family. Other than that they don’t engage in any other form of social nudity. Are these home nudists also genuine nudists? It’s a question we’ve seen passing by a lot on the internet and the opinions tend to differ. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’re probably not surprised that we also have an opinion about the subject. And that we’ll happily share it with you.

We’ve also seen a somewhat opposite question passing by: Should a genuine nudist spend all possible time in the nude? Because our own homes are the best places to do our own thing, we could translate this to: Should a nudist spend all time at home in the nude?

Although the definitions of nudism and naturism say that it’s a social thing, we do believe that home nudism is certainly a legit form of nudism as well. Even when you don’t spend any time naked in any other place. Equally we think that nudists who frequent nudist resorts, clubs or nude beaches but wear clothes when they’re at home are certainly nudists as well.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication May 20, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 29th July 2019

The Joys of Sharing Naturism with Others

Remember Addie? She’s our twenty-something friend who’s not only become a fervent naturist, but quite a prolific blogger as well. She’s particularly keen on what might make naturism more alluring to people in her own demographic, as she’s clearly found it to be most liberating and rejuvenating for herself. Having come to naturism just in recent years, I think she offers timely perspective to encourage others to follow in her (naked) footsteps…

One of my greatest joys in life stems from moments in which I am lucky enough to introduce others to places and experiences that I have found meaningful; I gain great pleasure from watching someone else experience something for the first time that means a lot to me. Certainly, I would qualify naturism as a defining feature of my life through from which I derive a great amount of joy. Therefore, it naturally follows that I very much enjoy experiencing someone else’s moment of astonishment as they realize, “Wow! I’m not wearing clothes in public and it’s awesome!”

Certainly, I have not had the joy of experiencing this moment many times, as I’m fairly new to naturism, but witnessing someone experience naturism for the first time constitutes something very special for me, and I can’t wait to continue to share my love for naturism with others.

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Source: The Meandering Naturist

Original publication JULY 23, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th July 2019

Family Naturism: Let’s just all get naked
We are always surprised when we receive the question whether naturism can be practiced with the whole family. For us, family naturism has always seemed a very normal thing. Although neither of us was born in a naturist family. Yet there seem to be many doubts about this. We are asked whether we find it okay that a child sees nude adults and whether nude kids won’t attract people with wrong intentions. Some adults even seem to feel uncomfortable being naked when there are children around.

It’s all in the mindset of course. And it’s everybody’s right to feel about family nudism the way they do. Nevertheless, we believe that nudist families are a very important part of the naturist community and that it has lots of advantages for both the children as their parents. We’re certainly not the only ones who think so. Naturist federations all over the world see the importance of having families among their members and promote naturism as a very family oriented lifestyle. In the USA and Canada we even noticed that many resorts have put their main focus on nudist families and promote themselves as family oriented. They even put it in their name. A good example is Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park. Even the first naturist venues were often called a family nudist colony.

Growing up in nudist families

Children are born nudists and not only in the way that they are obviously born naked. We’ve met few little kids who prefer to wear pants over no pants at all. And the sight of nude children has also become a widely accepted thing. They or their family don’t have to be nudists for that. On a warm summer day you’ll see nude kids running around on many textile beaches as well. Until a certain age of course. Sometime between the age of 3 and 6 they lose their clothing optional status. Suddenly their nudity is not decent anymore. Suddenly they are taught to consider their bodies shameful.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication May 6, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 10th June 2019

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Planning on gardening naked? Here’s what you need to know about the law
What the law says about getting naked

With warmer weather on the way, it is finally time to peel off those layers.

Whether it’s sun bathing, gardening or a spot of al fresco dining, many of us can’t wait to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

Some, may even want to throw caution to the wind and strip off entirely.

But beware – you could get into trouble for doing just that if it causes offence.

Follow these rules to stripping off in the heat
Getty images Follow these rules to stripping off in the heat

The law says it is not an offence to be naked in public. But it can become an offence if being so causes distress or alarm to others, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

What does the Crown Prosecution say about being naked in your own garden?

The CPS says: “In the absence of any sexual context and in relation to nudity where the person has no intention to cause alarm or distress it will normally be appropriate to take no action unless members of the public were actually caused harassment, alarm or distress (as opposed to considering the likelihood of this).

“In this case such conduct should be regarded as at most amounting to an offence under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986; and regard needs to be had to the question of whether a prosecution is in the public interest.”

Aside from the Public Order Act, there are other areas you could fall foul of if you decide to mow the lawn without covering up.

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Source: LeicestershireLife

Original publication 16 APR 2018

Posted on NatCorn 6th May 2019

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Naturist, 62, reveals all about the lifestyle and the laws on getting your kit off
"Once you've swum naked you never want to swim with clothes on again"

A naturist has revealed all about living life with her clothes off - and sought to set the record straight on the laws surrounding nudity in public. Somerset Live recently published an article about the legal rules for sunbathing naked in your garden. Following this, Christine Wright got in touch to tell us off and point us toward the correct information about getting back to nature. The 62-year-old, who is a manager on the legal team for British Naturism, said the laws "hadn't changed for years".

Ms Wright estimates there are some five million naturists in the UK
Getty Ms Wright estimates there are some five million naturists in the UK

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Source: Somerset Live

Original publication 26 APR 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th April 2019

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A Simple Method to Share Naturist Activities With Others

A lot of naturists remain what I call closet naturists. They do not share their lifestyle with others, keeping it in the confines of their home, or going alone at the nude beach, without making nudist acquaintances. However, most closet naturists would love to meet other naturists and share their lifestyle with others, friends and families.

If you are a closet naturist or do not share with others openly your naturist lifestyle, this post is for you! If you are, however, a fully disclosed naturist who is very open with your lifestyle, this post may help you increase the number of your nudist friends by using simple and powerful psychological techniques. If you learn and apply these techniques that I’m about to share, you will get more nudist friends, more acceptance of your lifestyle among friends and family, and more alignment with your deep beliefs. At the same time, you will avoid being considered as a pervert. Many people confuse nudism and sex, you will avoid shocking people by disclosing your lifestyle and you’ll avoid losing your friends because you shared your preferences when it comes to clothing, or the lack of.

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Source: Nude and Happy

Original publication April 12, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 20th April 2019

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Nude Home Parties
Where do you start with nudism?

The nude beach or a nudist resort are obviously the most common answers but they do not necessarily reflect the truth. Most often, nudism is something that starts at home. The reason why people tend to name certain social nudist places as their first “nude experience” is just because often home nudism is not really seen like nudism at all. When people asked us in the past about when and where we had become nudists, we would have answered “around 2010 at camping Bleesbruck in Luxembourg”. Now we know that this isn’t exactly true. Ever since the day we left the metaphorical nest (being our parent’s house) we did spend a lot of time in the nude. We slept nude, we walked from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen for a midnight snack in the nude. On lazy Sundays we often didn’t wear much clothes either. We were nudists without even ever considering the term.

Our steps into social nudism all happened somehow by accident. If we hadn’t gotten that coupon which led us straight to a nude sauna and if the textile part of that campground in Luxembourg hadn’t been so full and loud, chances are that we would never have discovered the fabulous nudist lifestyle. It’s very likely that our nudism would have stayed between the four walls of our apartment.

There are many statistics about the amount of nudists per region or country. In western countries like most of Europe and the USA this number tends to be around 5% of the population. Which isn’t much. If you’d count the number of people who sleep with a teddy bear, who eat hamburgers every day of the week or who think that the world is flat, it’s likely that they could outnumber the nudists. This is mainly because even though many people like to spend some time in the nude, they don’t necessarily consider themselves nudists or naturists. Many people enjoy nudity at home but don’t feel any need to be naked around strangers. Some live in countries where social nudism just does not exist or is even illegal. And many others have concerns about nudist places or gave it a try but didn’t like nudist resorts. They like to be nude in their house and garden. But maybe it would be better if it was shared with some others. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication March 11, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th March 2019

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Can We Live Naked On A Permanent Basis?
The answer to the title of this post is a resounding yes, without any doubt or hesitation. It’s not about throwing all your clothes to the trash, but to decide to wear as little as possible and to remain naked as much as possible. Here’s why and how.

Nudity is a natural state of any mammal in general and the human being in particular. Being nude at home, in your intimacy, is a normal state. The first advice I give to the aspiring naturists is to start by sleeping naked. There is nothing more comfortable. If you used to sleep with pajamas, a nightgown or any other garment, the first night would seem odd to you. You’ll probably feel like you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry; you’re not doing anything wrong. On the contrary, you’re doing something healthy for your body and skin.

If you are afraid of being cold, add a blanket or put a goose-feather duvet. In the morning, when waking up, stay naked, if the temperature allows it of course. If your home is well insulated and the temperature around sixty-eight degrees in the winter,you can comfortably stay naked. The feeling of cold often comes from the feet,put on warm slippers to remain at home. Prepare breakfast and take it naked. If you live with other people, you may not want to be naked in front of them right away. It’s coming! Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked and Happy

Original publication November 30, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 6th December 2018