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Streaking is born

Streaking was born in the spring of 1974 somewhere in the southern United States. Some say that in Memphis (Mississipi) and others are inclined towards some sunny city in Florida. In Memphis, a conservative university with 20,000 students, two young University guards were said to have appeared naked near a female dormitory on a Sunday night. Other uniformed guards were quick to stop them, but the streaking had begun.

The American press has reported that Rocky Janda and Dwinght Lee were the first to practice streak, according to the canons. Suddenly they opened a door and appeared “elegantly” naked on a tennis court, while playing a tournament. They were wearing only tennis shoes and wool socks. They ran across the track, amid the public’s amazement.

Rocky Janda would say after the exhibition: “I really felt something superb. For the first time in my life, I got what I set out to do. And I have not hurt anyone. “


A history of St Loy, Penwith

The boulderous bay between Merthen Point and Boscawen Point, is known as St Loy Cove on one side and Paynter’s Cove on the other. Not far from the villages of St Buryan, Lamorna and Penberth it is unusual geologically and fascinating historically.

The secluded wooded valley leading to St Loy, is reputed to have the warmest winters in Britain and is said to be the place where the signs of spring arrive first! And as such the area, along with the Isles of Scilly, produced early flowers and vegetables for sale in the cities.

The cove is also bursting with history, mystery and misadventure, like every inch of Cornwall’s coast it has a tale or three to tell!


From wartime defence to naturism battleground

From the first line of defence against a potential German invasion to becoming a more recent battleground over whether naturism should be allowed; it is fair to say Fraisthorpe Beach, near Bridlington, has a fascinating past.

Pillboxes were built along the East Coast in a bid to prevent enemy forces landing during both world wars, with the concrete blocks arranged to prevent tanks leaving the beach and restricting their movement on it.

While coastal erosion means the front line defence at Fraisthorpe have disappeared, the rear line remains intact to this day.


Do you know the (perhaps) strangest nude job ever?

Do you know the (perhaps) strangest nude job ever?

You might think that a person ironing clothes at a naturist resort has a strange job.

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Beatrix Potter in Cornwall

“Down the wooded lanes, around the twisting of the Helford Creek. Between the bank smothered in primroses, up again along a steep hill with the sun slanting through the blackthorns, passed a great old walled farm with high closed gateway, and a white cat basking in the sunset at a barn door high up in…

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How nudist vegans sparked a jazz classic … and a movement

The Richters promoted healthy living and nudism from the comfort of their ahead-of-its-time restaurant. Mrs. Richter’s cookbook isn’t just about food. For Beauty Salad I, she recommends tender asparagus tips with mint sauce, not because it tastes good but because it will “induce light perspiration, aiding circulation and clearing the complexion.” In fact, all of…


Wife selling in Cornwall

Would it surprise you to learn that the practice of wife selling was particularly popular in the 17th century? Divorce was almost impossible for anyone but the very rich and as a consequence some husbands sort rather a interesting alternative solution. This bizarre practice was apparently more common in rural counties such as Cornwall and…

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What can and cannot be done where social nudism is allowed.

If you have not already done so, you should familiarize yourself with the concept of Freikörperkultur (FKK) in Germany. This list should help you get started. · The Freikörperkultur (FKK), or free-body cultivation, in Germany is widespread, as can be very tempting in the summer months. A survey conducted by the German holiday web site….

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Being Naked and Unashamed

Lake o’the Woods dates from the 1933 when a group of Chicago-based investors settled their club on a parcel of farmland and marshy woods they bought in Valparaiso, Indiana, around some small, attractive lakes. Proud to be the second oldest nudist club in the US, the camp “advocates social and recreational outdoor nudity as a good-health (gesundheit!) practice,” laying claim to Freikörperkultur, or Free Body Culture (FKK) principles. It’s a rustic place, offering family-friendly “non-sexual social nudity.” Its posted sign greets guests: “Welcome All Ye Who Seek Sunshine and Rest for Here They Are Abundant.”

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