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This is why it’s not illegal to ramble naked in Doncaster after cyclist’s encounter with nude walker
Going for a naked ramble in Doncaster is totally legal it has been revealed, after a shocked cyclist spotted a nude man walking near the M18.

Cyclist Bob Allan spotted the starkers male walker while out on his bike between Rossington and Bessacarr.

But a spokesman for British Naturism has said that nude hiking is perfectly legal and not in breach of any laws.

She said: “Naked hiking in the UK is totally lawful.

It is perfectly legal to go for a naked ramble in Doncaster.
It is perfectly legal to go for a naked ramble in Doncaster.

“There are millions of naturists in the UK and abroad who enjoy a naked walk on a warm day. They harm no one – no not even children – and are not breaking any laws.”

Recounting the incident, Bob said: “I came round a corner and nearly ran into this guy who was starkers, in just his shoes, walking along, rucksack on his back and shorts in his hand.”

Bob, a keen member of Doncaster Rovers’ Fit Rovers project said: “I scared the c*** out of him.

“He covered his modesty with his shorts.

‘A bit cold for that isn’t it?, was all I could muster and got out of there as quick as I could. Only in Doncaster!”

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Source: The Star

Original publication 22 August, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th September 2019

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Why naked hiking is becoming so popular
Here’s a funny anecdote. Ever since the beginning of Naked Wanderings we now and then receive messages from naturists asking us when we will organise our next nude hike. A bit surprised we always answered something like “Sorry, ehm, we’re a naturist travel blog, we don’t organise nude hikes”. After a while it became just too strange that people kept asking us about this specific naturist activity.

It became clear when we noticed that we received this question almost exclusively from German naturists. The word “wandering” in English points more towards a journey, which can be seen both physically as mentally (that’s why we picked this name for our blog in the first place). In German however, the word “wanderung” leans much more towards actual hiking. Hence the confusion. When naturists from Germany found our website, they thought we were a nude hiking club.

Which we are not of course. Although we do enjoy a nude hike once in a while. And we’re not alone, other than those caught up in the language barrier there are lots of other naturists enjoying nude hikes. What makes hiking in the buff so attractive?

The idea that naturists don’t do anything else than relaxing next to a river, baking on the nude beach or play petanque is as old as naturism itself. Only if you’ve ever been to a naturist resort you know that pretty much everything can be done in the nude. Especially when it comes to sports and entertainment. Nude yoga is becoming famous world wide, we see more and more nude volleyball tournaments and in the USA nude 5K runs are a big thing at naturist resorts.

Sometimes we don’t always understand why a certain activity becomes popular among nudists. In France, for example, at many naturist resorts it’s now possible to do nude archery. Archery of all things. We’ve never tried it, so we definitely don’t want to judge. We just hadn’t seen that one coming. What we find a lot more logical is the mix of naturism and art. Artists don’t often have many options to work with nude people. As models or in the case of body painting as canvas. For naturists on the other hand it’s a possibility to learn about art and to be included in an art work. It’s really a win win.

During the constant search for more things that can be done in the nude, another very interesting activity popped up. You’ve probably already guessed it. Nude hiking.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication August 8, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th August 2019

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Naked Hiking: Why To Do It & How To Do It
There is nothing more freeing than being out in nature. Except, perhaps, being out in nature…completely naked?

This somewhat niche activity encourages hikers to shed their skivvies and experience nature in its purest form, unrestricted by the burden of clothing and peer judgement. What’s more, it has its own informal holiday to celebrate the joys of hiking Adam-and-Eve-style: Naked Hiking Day.

Before I get into details of why you might want to shed your clothes on the trail and how you might best go about it, I was really curious about public attitudes towards nude hiking. So in May 2019 I asked America the following multiple choice question:

June 21st is “Naked Hiking Day”. Which of the following statements best describes your attitude towards naked hiking:

  1. ​It’s fine, I have no problem with it
  2. It should only be allowed in specific places
  3. It shouldn’t be allowed anywhere
  4. It sounds fun!

I polled 1,505 adult Americans between 24th and 27th May 2019 through Google surveys, weighted to account for Age, Gender and Region, with the answers displaying in a random order.

Here’s the result:

The first thing I noticed was, although the least popular option, nearly 15% of Americans think naked hiking sounds fun. That equates to 35 million people!

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Source: Effortless Outdoors

Original publication 17 June 2019

Posted on NatCorn 2nd August 2019

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Woman takes up naked hiking as part of her ‘Yes Year’ after a breakup
How do you deal with a breakup?/

Ice cream? Watching horror movies? Writing a list of all the ways your ex was actually human trash? Rachael Fitzpatrick took a different approach – and we’re big fans. After breaking up with the man she planned to marry, she made a resolution: to say ‘yes’ to everything.

Rachael started hiking naked after a breakup
PA Real Life
PA Real Life
Rachael started hiking naked after a breakup

So began her Yes Year, with the goal of trying new things and taking on any opportunity that came her way. One of those new things was hiking naked. Rachael had hiked before, having gone for long strolls in the outback since childhood, but she usually did it with clothes on. Now she sets off into the wilds every weekend without a scrap of clothing, documenting her naked travels on Instagram.

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Source: Metro

Original publication 22 Jan 2019

Posted on NatCorn 25th June 2019

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1ª Ruta Senderista nudista de AAPNC

Este domingo 21 de Octubre de 2018, y a pesar de una meteorología adversa durante toda la semana, tuvimos un día espléndido en el que realizamos nuestra “I Ruta Senderista nudista de AAPNC”, recorriendo el camino que bordea los acantilados desde la playa nudista de Cantarriján en Granada hasta El Cañuelo ya en Málaga.

Comenzamos la jornada a las 9:30 reunidos en el aparcamiento, donde dudábamos si desnudarnos o no dado el fresquito que hacía aún a esa hora de la mañana. Nos duró poco la duda, pues “a la de tres”, nos quitamos la ropa y comenzamos a caminar.

Iniciamos la ruta subiendo por el arroyo de Cantarriján, que estaba practicable a pesar de las últimas lluvias y poco más adelante seguimos el camino que sube hacia el Cerro del Sol. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Spanish Federation of Naturism

Original publication October 25, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 30th October 2018

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Why I love nudist hiking?
As a true naturist there is nothing I enjoy more then being in nature…without clothes. As I said so many times before, for me there is something very special in the feeling of freedom that is given to you when you are truly becoming one with the nature, without chains of clothes. And nudist hiking is one of the purest feelings of being alive.

Every part of nature is important to me. If I had to choose between the sea, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests I could not choose my favourite. To me, there is something special and unique in every single of them. But at the same time all of them have one thing in common – providing that special feeling of freedom and perhaps more important – feeling of being alive.

There is a peace of my heart that is reserved only for mountains. And nudist hiking. I love hiking in the spring/summer/autumn when the weather is good and it is “easy” to go to the top of the mountain. But I also love to hike in the winter when the snow is reaching over my knees and I really have to invest a lot of effort to make my way trought the snow to the top. And it is worth of it every single time. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication October 16th, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 22nd October 2018

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Fascinating Photos Of Europe’s Naked Hiking Culture (NSFW)

Roshan Adhihetty is a Swiss photographer who joined a group of nude hikers on their various hiking trips across Europe.

The series is called ‘Die Nacktwandere’, German for “the naked hike”. Shots feature tasteful depictions of average nature-lovers who simply prefer to hike naked.

While Adhihetty never actually joined the naked hikers in taking off his clothes to stroll the trail nude, his photos almost make us want to.

The nude treks took the crew over beautiful mountain tops in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Even though the hikers went without clothes, regular hiking gear like backpacks, walking poles, and packed lunches were still in order. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: So Bad So Good

11th December 2017

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Hiking the Appalachian trail in Vermont… as nature intended

Although the US has a fame for being a prude country, there are some local exceptions, and Vermont is one of them: there is no state law against public nudity (though there is one against disrobing in public :D) And with all those green mountains around (just think of the state’s name etymology), it’s a perfect destination for naturists!

My long-time pen pal Ed organizes an annual summer solstice naked hike in Vermont, and though I could never make it for this group hike itself, I went on the same route with Ed and another friend, Matt, just later in summer (mid-August).

The route includes a part of the famous Appalachian trail, so you’d expect a few fellow hikers, but it’s great to have the law on your side – just make sure to leave your car naked, and you don’t need to hide!-) Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Active Naturists

20th November 2017

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The art of nude hiking

Hiking is a very healthy activity that anybody can do. Naked hiking is really stitching a lifestyle, nudism, and a healthy activity, hiking. It’s, personnally, one of my preferred activities up to a point that it’s very difficult to hike with any kind of clothes on, once you have tried naked hiking. So it’s great this form of hiking is recognized by one of the major brands of hiking gears of the planet! We need to continue to spread the good news by driving more people to naked hiking, hike more naked, and talk about naked hiking to all our friends and family.

Get naked, stay naked, live naked and share the naked love!

Take a famous brand of sports gear, Columbia, take a great outdoor activity, hiking, mix this with nudism, and you get an article on the art of nude hiking on the Columbia’s blog. It’s just awesome! Here are their 9 tips for hiking nude: Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Nu et Heureux – Nude and Happy

17:20 6th October 2017