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Inside Germany’s Thriving Nudist Culture

Inside Germany’s Thriving Nudist Culture Thousands of Germans take to the beach or the sauna — very public places — without wearing anything. Public nudity isn’t considered indecency, it’s considered culture. The nudist movement goes by the initials FKK, which stand for Freikörperkultur, or “free body culture.” For Germans, nudity isn’t always sexual, and FKK



FKK-DDR I found a tranche of photos online purporting to be examples of East German naturism (i.e. the DDR). I can’t vouchsafe for their authenticity, although one or two definitely are -the book and magazine covers in the first two photos. Another has a ‘DDR’ plate on a car. The car’s from East Germany, then,…

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Why Nudity Is a German Election Issue

Why Nudity Is a German Election Issue Nostalgia for East Germany’s widespread nudism highlights a powerful political tradition. There can’t be many countries where a major political party’s leader would campaign on a nude beach. But German politician Gregor Gysi, leader of Die Linke, the anti-capitalist party that is the third biggest in the current…