Nudity festival offering ‘wholesome family fun’ to take place near Bristol

Nudefest, the UK’s biggest naturist festival, was initially due to take place in July

The UK’s biggest naturist festival takes place near Bristol in September.

Nudefest 2020 was initially due to take place at Thorney Lakes Caravan Park, Somerset in July but has been pushed back due to Covid-19.


Why the hell am I naked and sober in the middle of a field? A first-hand experience of the alcohol-free festival.

A couple of years ago, feeling fed up of come-downs and hangovers, I googled ‘festivals with no alcohol’ and discovered Buddhafield, which takes place annually in the middle of the Somerset countryside. What makes this event unique is that attendees do not consume any alcohol or drugs for its duration. There isn’t a single bar in sight and you can’t bring your own drink.

It seemed unusual to find an event that didn’t expect revellers to be getting completely out of it, so I felt inclined to investigate further. Check out the official Buddhafield website here. None of the photographs in this post are from the actual event as I didn’t have access to a camera or phone. For official photographs of the festival, visit this page. It’s well worth a look. The images are of an excellent quality and really paint an accurate picture of the warmth and freedom that was so integral to the event.


Dining unclad de rigeur at Zipolite’s annual nudist festival

Dining unclad de rigeur at Zipolite’s annual nudist festival

‘Once you remove your clothes and experience that freedom, there’s no turning back’

About 100 people left their inhibitions at home and stripped off to dine “au naturel” at the annual #nudist #festival at #Zipolite #Beach, Oaxaca

Source: Mexico News Daily

#naturism #food

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