Family nudism and confinement

Confinement has affected us all, both nudists and non-nudists.

In our case it is normal that when the temperatures allow it, we are naked at home, that is, we practice family nudism.

Although we love practising nudism in nature, we practice it at home whenever we can, since it is not a matter of “now I am doing nudism”, it is a lifestyle.


Why people become nudists

If you search for Family nudism on Google you will find a lot of porn, but no serious article. If you go for a ‘safe search’ then no page will pop up. So, according to Google, Family nudism does not exist. That is kind of weird since we know many families that enjoy a nude holiday or beach or sauna together. So let’s dive into this ‘hidden’ part of the nudist world.

Maybe Google believes that Familu Nudism, as a keyword (as it is called), only attracts the wrong kind of people. And maybe the majority of people that are actually searching for ‘Family Nudism’ are indeed not the right people. We all know that the online world can be rather scary regarding any nudist related subject. As a side effect, we truly understand that a lot of families run away when they see what Google thinks is a good representation of Family Nudism.


On a Nude Beach With My Parents, Baring Almost All

My Speedo stayed on but my secrets came out.

Our Maui travel plans hadn’t included a nude beach. The bohemian escapade happened by accident, when, after a stroll down Big Beach and nary a shell for my mother to collect, she asked which beach I liked best.

I decided to be honest. “Little Beach. Quaint and clothing optional.”

Source: New York Times

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Auckland nudists told to ‘cover up’ by DoC park ranger during pre-Christmas beach event

A pre-Christmas “family-friendly” nudist event at an Auckland beach was “safe, social and accepting”, according to a participant – the only party pooper being a Department of Conservation park ranger, who was less impressed with the naturist party. The ‘Barely Three Days Before Christmas’ event on Sunday urged Aucklanders to embrace what their mother gave them for…


Is nudism for families?

It is easy to decide to go nude when you are at your own or even if you have an open-minded partner but what happens when you have a family, kids? Is nudism for families? The shortest answer would be: Yes, nudism is normal therefore nudism is for families but I bet you need to…


Natural Philosophy (France)

International definition of naturism: Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, whose goal is to promote respect for oneself, respect for others and care for the environment.As mentioned in this definition of the International Naturist Federation, naturism consists in the practice of nudity in…


Why every daughter needs to see her mother NAKED, according to one body image campaigner (and other women say they agree)

Just this morning my eight-year-old daughter watched me walk naked from the bathroom to my bedroom. Pointing at my tummy she asked: ‘Mummy, why does that wobble so much?’ Taking my little girl’s hand I rested it on my stomach and told her: ‘That’s where I grew you and your brothers.’ I explained that my…

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GROWING OLD UNGRACEFULLY: Breaking the Nudity Barrier

My selfie birthday present this year was modeling nude for a drawing class. I still can’t decide why I wanted to do it. Defiance? (Who exposes all at 77? —they told me I was their oldest model ever.) Vulnerability? (Nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.) Playfulness? (Keeping my silly streak alive). Whatever, it…