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On a Nude Beach With My Parents, Baring Almost All

My Speedo stayed on but my secrets came out.

Our Maui travel plans hadn’t included a nude beach. The bohemian escapade happened by accident, when, after a stroll down Big Beach and nary a shell for my mother to collect, she asked which beach I liked best.

I decided to be honest. “Little Beach. Quaint and clothing optional.”

On a Nude Beach With My Parents
Lucy Jones

t was the spring of 1998, four years into the Clinton administration’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. At the time, my sexual orientation was subject to a similar self-imposed policy within my family.

I was 36, and for over 20 years I’d scrubbed gay life from our conversations — boyfriends, drag parties, the gay swim team, the law firm homophobia — all nonexistent. Even the two mentors lost to AIDS, a painful awakening to the fragility of life, omitted. I’d created a social distance I hated and now wanted to close with this vacation, pitched as a parent-son bonding experience — no siblings, the three of us, alone.

“Any shells?” my mother asked. Not the response I expected. We didn’t lead ascetic lives, but prudish attitudes had invaded our psyches. Body exploration was private; porn, proscribed; sex, kept secret. My inner teenager, that prone-to-shock kid, dangled visions of shells and fun lava pools. Her eyes lit up. “We should go tomorrow.”

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Source: New York Times

Original publication 24 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 19th February 2020

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Auckland nudists told to ‘cover up’ by DoC park ranger during pre-Christmas beach event

A pre-Christmas “family-friendly” nudist event at an Auckland beach was “safe, social and accepting”, according to a participant – the only party pooper being a Department of Conservation park ranger, who was less impressed with the naturist party.

The ‘Barely Three Days Before Christmas’ event on Sunday urged Aucklanders to embrace what their mother gave them for a “day of naturist beach fun”.

The event was held at Pohutukawa Bay, just north of Long Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. 

Although there are no official nude beaches in New Zealand, the bay is typically described as a popular spot for naked beachgoers. 

“The event was very enjoyable… no [one] was judging anyone based on what they were wearing or whether they were in shape or not… it’s a safe, social and accepting atmosphere,” naturist and event participant Josh Klaver told Newshub.

Auckland Event

However, one Department of Conservation (DoC) park ranger was not so accepting.

“The only disruption was a DoC park ranger who asked some of us to cover up because we were within sight of the nearby walking track,” Klaver said.

“We continued as we were and didn’t hear from her again. She was polite, although lacking a little common sense. The walking track only goes to Pohutukawa Bay or the full Okura bushwalk, and it’s quite common to see naturists from the track.”

Klaver claimed the nudist gathering, which was marketed as a family-friendly outing, was “safe and enjoyable” for children and a number of families attended earlier in the day.

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Source: Newshub

Original publication 23 December, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 23rd January 2020

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Is nudism for families?

It is easy to decide to go nude when you are at your own or even if you have an open-minded partner but what happens when you have a family, kids? Is nudism for families? The shortest answer would be: Yes, nudism is normal therefore nudism is for families but I bet you need to know more than that.


If you have your own kids already, or your family members or friends have kids then you know that kids just love being nude. The smaller they are the more they love being naked. They will take off they clothes whenever they can. And they will try to do that no matter if they are in the store, restaurant or at home.

Kids on the beach


When you think that some pervert may be looking you naked you don´t feel good, and thinking that there are some people with bad intentions looking at your kid makes you sick.

But let me tell you something. Nudists are very protective and friendly. I have never felt safer than on a nudist resort. There are young couples, married people, and families with kids and as all nude and vulnerable everybody watch each other back. It is like unwritten rule. So if someone is having too much attention in kids people will notice and react.

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Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication 11 July, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 1st December 2019

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Natural Philosophy (France)

International definition of naturism:

Naturism is a way of living in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudity in common, whose goal is to promote respect for oneself, respect for others and care for the environment.As mentioned in this definition of the International Naturist Federation, naturism consists in the practice of nudity in a social environment.

This practice is aimed at the comfort of the naked body against natural elements such as air, water and sun. Also, when you think about it, what is more natural and pleasant than being naked to swim or enjoy the sun?Unfortunately, in our so-called “modern” society, nudity is closely associated with sexuality and eroticism. This association is also very exploited by the advertising world. But by abolishing these prejudices and taboos in the face of nudity, naturism allows greater personal fulfillment and incomparable body relaxation. You have to live the experience at least once to understand the development that naturism brings.

Although nudity is the most obvious aspect of naturism, however it is part of a much broader context …

Naturist family

A family movement, humanist and natural.

Restore the rightful place in the body, discover the pleasure of living in harmony with nature, such is the truth of naturism, far from clichés and fantasies. This practice of which nudity is only one of the components, is based on a philosophy of life that advocates tolerance, respect for oneself, others and the environment.

Naturist specificity, which distinguishes us from other outdoor and leisure movements is the practice of nudity. Defining, communicating, talking about naturism is always evoking what our originality is: living naked!

Naturist nudity is collective, healthy and natural. It is practiced in nature. It is a source of pleasure and provides a feeling of freedom.

A collective nudity. For nudists, nudity is lived in groups: men, women, children, adults, young and old, all generations. This collective nudity promotes coexistence, tolerance and social mixing.

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Source: ANNLI

Original publication 11 November, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 23rd November 2019

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Help! My baby is a nudist! (The basic guide for living with a nudie)

One day your father, your wife, your daughter, your bff or your uncle Fred drops the word: they are nudists. If you have no idea what it is or how to handle this new information and you have a ton of questions, this document will help you on your way.

Or maybe you are uncle Fred, walking up and down the isle for the hundredth time, rehearsing the words you’re going to say: “Family, I am a nudist”.

In this article you will find some cornerstones for your speech and if you’re not that much of a talker, you can just print it out and shove it in front of people’s faces. Whatever you think is best, Fred.

Nude Ten Pin Bowling

Other than “nudist”, also the term “naturist” is often used, and in this blog we like to use “nudie”. Basically, it all comes down to the same thing. A naturist/nudist/nudie is someone who enjoys being naked, with or without the company of others.

Yes, many nudies enjoy the social factor. They go to the club, the resort or the beach to spend some time naked among other naked people. It’s quite comparable with any other type of club, a golf club for example. People get to know each other, do some sports, have some chats and drink some wine. Except that everyone is naked.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication 8 January, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 30th October 2019

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Why every daughter needs to see her mother NAKED, according to one body image campaigner (and other women say they agree)

Just this morning my eight-year-old daughter watched me walk naked from the bathroom to my bedroom. Pointing at my tummy she asked: ‘Mummy, why does that wobble so much?’

Taking my little girl’s hand I rested it on my stomach and told her: ‘That’s where I grew you and your brothers.’

I explained that my stomach had to stretch to make room for each baby before shrinking back again after I gave birth. ‘Going in and out like that makes your tummy wobble,’ I added.

Body image campaigner Taryn Brumfitt, 39, says all her children are used to seeing her naked
Taryn Brumfitt Body image campaigner Taryn Brumfitt, 39, says all her children are used to seeing her naked

All my children — my husband Matthew and I have two sons, Oliver, 11, and Cruz, nine, as well as Mikaela — are used to seeing me walking around happy and comfortable in my own bare skin. But it’s something I do mainly for my daughter’s benefit. I know that, as a girl, it’s especially important she sees me unclothed — it facilitates an ongoing dialogue between us about the female body, and the way it changes throughout the course of a woman’s life.

In fact, I believe that every little girl should grow up seeing her mother naked on a regular basis.

After all, what better starting point can there be for the kind of conversations that challenge the toxic stereotype of what a woman’s supposed to look like?

Life can take its toll on our bodies — which is why I applaud BBC presenter Victoria Derbyshire for revealing that nudity in her home is ‘no big deal’ even after her mastectomy. She says her two sons, aged 11 and 13, ‘don’t bat an eyelid’ and that’s as it should be.

It’s not healthy for our children to grow up believing what they see on social media and in glossy magazines. In real life, women don’t all have tiny waists and gravity-defying breasts.

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Source: Daily Mail

Original publication 21 Mar 2018

Posted on NatCorn 28th October 2019

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GROWING OLD UNGRACEFULLY: Breaking the Nudity Barrier

My selfie birthday present this year was modeling nude for a drawing class. I still can’t decide why I wanted to do it. Defiance? (Who exposes all at 77? —they told me I was their oldest model ever.) Vulnerability? (Nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed of.) Playfulness? (Keeping my silly streak alive). Whatever, it was fun, and doubly so because I convinced Louisa to join me for the evening. She now holds the record as their oldest female model, at 68.

I broke the nudity barrier when I was 19 and an engineering student at the University of London. I’d signed on for a two-month summer student international exchange program. My destination country was assigned, not chosen, and I was thrilled to be going to Finland, especially as it involved a cruise from London to Helsinki through the Baltic Sea on a small Soviet passenger boat.

And he’s hardly changed at all!
And he’s hardly changed at all!

My host engineer in the Finnish Ministry of Works in Mikkeli, Eero Tiensuu, invited me to spend my first weekend there at his family’s lakeside summer home. After dinner in the long summer twilight, he announced we’d be going to the sauna. I said I’d get my bathing suit. “No need for that,” he said, laughing. “This is Finland!”

We—mom, dad, three sons ranging from 6 to 12, a 14-year-old daughter, and one very nervous Brit—trooped down to the lake where the pine sauna sat at the water’s edge. I tried to act cool as everyone stripped off in the little anteroom before going into the sauna proper. For this kid at that age in that era, we’re talking about a quantum leap. “Problem?” asked Mr. Tiensuu. “No, I’m fine,” I stammered as I clambered awkwardly out of my clothes. Inside, I sat on a bench with the boys facing mom, dad and daughter, trying not to look. Or at least trying to make it appear like I wasn’t looking. Until then, nudity and sex were practically one and the same thing for me.

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Source: Lost Coast Post

Original publication 6 October 2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th October 2019

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‘Naturist’ couple’s unusual request for staff at their wedding
An engaged couple are desperately seeking waitstaff for their wedding after three other companies pulled out over one unusual request.

The unnamed couple posted an anonymous advertisement to Bark last weekend offering an above-average hourly rate to any person willing to serve food and drinks at their wedding – but there’s a catch.

Writing that they are in desperate need of help after their wedding staff cancelled due to the “nature of their wedding,” the couple explained that they “don’t require much” from the new staff they’re hoping to hire.

At least the bride will be saving money on a wedding dress, since she won't be wearing one.

“They just need to help serve food and drink throughout the day,” the couple write, which seems simple enough.

“The only thing we do ask, is that they do it naked.”

And that’s the sound of the other shoe dropping.

The couple go on to reveal that they’re naturists, as are their family and friends, meaning they spend most of their time in the buff and have therefore planned a fully nude wedding – waitstaff included.

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Source: Honey

Original publication 18 September 2019

Posted on NatCorn 28th September 2019

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1,000 Families Project: Naked Among The Oak Trees—A Mom Of Two Embraces Naturism
In this family, mom practises naturism and enjoys hanging out in the nude with her two naked little cherubs. Dad? He’d rather keep his clothes on.

Never had I imagined I would become a naturist overnight. But after visiting Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in East Gwilliumbury, Ontario, that is exactly what happened.

I moved to the area six short years ago, and must have passed the highway sign more than a hundred times. Each time I thought, “‘I wonder what it’s like, I wish I had the nerve to bare it all in public.”

Naturism—for those who don’t know—is the practice and advocacy of personal and social nudity. I would soon find out there are different degrees of being a naturist. Some people are recreational naturists, and others refer to it as a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.

In this family, mom practises naturism and enjoys hanging out in the nude with her two naked little cherubs. Dad? He’d rather keep his clothes on.

Here is how naturism found me. I had been passing that naturism highway sign for nearly two years until I realized that the only thing stopping me from following my curiosity was a thin layer of cotton fabric on a hot summer day.

I opened my backyard door and let the rays shine in. This day was too perfect not to be naked. I immediately packed up sunscreen, towel and, oh yes, my five-month-old son. I wasn’t going to brave this invigorating experience alone, and it was nothing he hadn’t seen before.

When I arrived at Bare Oaks it was like a hidden gem tucked away. There were naked people on lawn chairs, walking around, working there etc. Here I was in all of my clothing feeling more uncomfortable to be clothed than ever before. I soon changed out of my clothes and strapped my infant son to my chest in his carrier. I felt like we were in this together and that he was a shield from my body being completely exposed.

After only three short hours I was hooked. The people, the atmosphere, the sensations of feeling water, sand and sun against my body—I would never look at clothes the same way.

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Source: The New Family

Original publication JANUARY 10, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 17th September 2019

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Why French Families Go Massively For Naturism

Ever since the beginning of naturism, France has been the number one country in the world where people like to drop their clothes. Today it’s not different. Nowhere else can you find such a huge amount of naturist places like in France. For many years, a common misunderstanding was that all the French just loved spending their time in the nude. They did not. Even though their country provided so many facilities for naturists, the large majority of the naturists enjoying those facilities were foreigners.

Today, things have changed a lot. During our nude road trip through France we were not only surprised by the huge amount of French naturists, but also by who they are. Lots of the French visitors we met at naturist campings around France were young couples and young families. What made this sudden change happen? Luckily we were in the right place, surrounded by the right people, to figure this out.

Naturists around the world have heard about Cap d’Agde and definitely in France it’s an established name. Most of all, the place is known because of the obscure stuff that’s going on. It’s largely a marketing thing. While naturist resorts around France kept their doors shut for even the smallest camera, Cap d’Agde was the first to embrace the media. It’s a story that has been used a million times by now. A journalist wants to find out what naturism is all about and decides to drop her (most of the times it’s a woman) clothes at Cap d’Agde.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication August 29, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th September 2019

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I Walk Around Naked as Much as Possible
I used to hide my body under towels, bathing suits, and oversize sweatshirts. Now I prefer not to cover it with anything at all.

My skin is happiest when there is no fabric trying to bunch into its crevices. Deciding what to wear is a nuisance, and if I’m bloated, everything looks strained. If I have to pee quickly, it’s pleasant not having to unclasp, unbutton, or untangle. Sex is easiest without clothes.

I love being naked.

Luckily, I live on an acre of land and can walk to pretty much any part of the property without my white hiney and drained, breastfeeding boobs being spotted by human eyes (the squirrels can’t get enough). An unexpected delivery truck did once pull up the driveway when I was taking out the trash, my body unadorned with clothing — it was awkward.

I have no desire to join a nudist colony — I wouldn’t know where to look when talking to someone. But I do wish clothing never became a “thing.” At least in Southern California, where it is usually warm enough to make clothing optional. If we never became accustomed to wearing clothes, it wouldn’t be rude to stare at someone’s different-colored nipples during a debate about the weather.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

Original publication NOV 3, 2015

Posted on NatCorn 31st August 2019

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Nude sunbather is suing police for £200,000 after officer jailed for using helicopter to film her
Tracy Dixon has taken the step after Adrian Pogmore was jailed for a year
The ex-constable admitted four charges of misconduct in public office
Ms Dixon says South Yorkshire Police failed to offer her a full personal apology

A nude sunbather is suing police for £200,000 after an officer was jailed for using a force helicopter to film her in her garden.

Tracy Dixon has issued a writ claiming police invaded her privacy and caused her distress by refusing to reveal full details of how often she had been spied on.

The action comes after former constable Adrian Pogmore, 53, was jailed for a year in 2017.

Writ: Tracy Dixon took the step after feeling distressed when she had her privacy invaded
Writ: Tracy Dixon took the step after feeling distressed when she had her privacy invaded

He admitted four charges of misconduct in public office by using the South Yorkshire Police helicopter for ‘sexual spying’ with a high-powered camera capable of reading a number plate from two miles away.

Pogmore, who was described as ‘sex obsessed’ and was a member of a swingers’ club, also filmed Ms Dixon’s three daughters, who were aged 18, 15 and eight at the time.

Sentencing him at Sheffield Crown Court, Judge Peter Kelson QC said: ‘You quite literally considered yourself above the law. You used a £2 million helicopter, which costs something like £1,000 an hour to run, to advance your sexual curiosities.’

Two police pilots and two police observers were cleared of helping Pogmore make the films, but one officer, PC Lee Walls, still faces disciplinary proceedings. The force has admitted liability for the actions of Pogmore on August 23, 2007, but denies he filmed the family on other occasions.

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Source: Daily Mail

Original publication 10 August 2019

Posted on NatCorn 26th August 2019

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Introduce a friend to nudism

Let’s start this blog post with a question we’ve asked many times before… Why do so many nudist resorts fail to attract new members? Especially younger members?
For the resorts it’s a big frustration because much of their income and their future are based on that. But also their members like to see a new face now and then and would love their naturist club to regain the vitality it had decades ago when there were weekly volleyball tournaments, kids running around and and young couples enjoying life without clothes.

Human as we are, we blame others for this. Youth has become prude, our resort doesn’t advertise enough, our naturist federation is a failure, it’s all because of social media and the smartphone… We’ve been through this a million times already.
An obvious question could be: If you want more members, why don’t YOU bring them?
You have family, friends, neighbours, schoolmates, Facebook connections, colleagues, a postman (or postlady) and a doctor.
Why don’t you bring them?

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication January 31, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 14th August 2019

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Cornwall is the second most family-friendly holiday destination in Europe
It was the top spot within the UK

Cornwall has been picked as one of the best family-friendly holiday destinations in Europe.

Planning the perfect family holiday is no easy task, with parents facing the challenge to keep their children entertained.

From ensuring there are hotels that cater to family needs, checking the area has plenty of activities and keeping travel time to a minimum, there are multiple factors that contribute to the perfect family holiday.

Thankfully, Columbus Direct has analysed popular holiday destinations within a 5-hour, or less, flight time from London to show the 20 best locations for a family-friendly holiday.

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Source: CornwallLive

Original publication 30 JUL 2019

Posted on NatCorn 7th August 2019

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Nudist Mothers And Daughters Free From Body Issues.

Heaven. Outright Paradise. Those were the main words when recollecting my day at Rock Lodge nudist club that were satisfactory to portray my experience and all in a concise visit to this supernatural asylum.

“Pressing light?” my significant other kidded with me as I put my sarong, towel and cap in my canvas shoreline pack. Prominently missing a bathing suit, I grinned. I had needed to visit Rock Lodge all late spring – a nudist heaven – lovely lake, picturesque climbing trails, untamed life and nature in plenitude and the alternative to be completely garments free. I had offered to train a stripped yoga class at 11:30 am that day and after a couple of wrong turns on my experience there, I arrived in the nick of time for the class.

I was euphoria filled to see a wide scope of yogis in the class, as old as seventy and as youthful as seven, each praising their body and the soul of yoga sans garments. In my yoga practice up to this point, bare yoga had been about deliberately taking off garments and the personalities behind them and in this manner finding another, more profound layer of opportunity that isn’t commonly accessible in the hurried city of New York City living.

Nonetheless, presently I was looked with a gathering of individuals who previously had that layer of opportunity accessible. There was no stripping function. These amazing yogis were at that point in festivity of their body, adored yoga and wore whatever garments at Rock Lodge that felt suitable right now, including, regularly, nothing by any stretch of the imagination. Sitting, ruminating, Om-ing with this network, I thought – paradise is genuinely here on earth. This is what a world resembles when we are free of disgrace, blame and dread.

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Source: Nudist Blog

Original publication July 27, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th August 2019

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