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My first nudist camping trip

I made the decision to start my new journey and visit every nudist campground in Georgia. I pulled up a list and discovered 10 of them plus one across the border, all in the state from the north Georgia mountains all the way east to the coast. My first stop was Native Woods in Darien,GA….

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Nudism and Naturism around the World: Europe

While diving into all the content of our website for blog posts which we could include in our brand new Extended Versions of our Naturist Guides, we stumbled upon several forgotten ones from the early days. One of the first blog posts we ever published was called “Something about Cultural Differences“ in which we talked…

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1,000 Families Project: Naked Among The Oak Trees—A Mom Of Two Embraces Naturism

In this family, mom practises naturism and enjoys hanging out in the nude with her two naked little cherubs. Dad? He’d rather keep his clothes on. Never had I imagined I would become a naturist overnight. But after visiting Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in East Gwilliumbury, Ontario, that is exactly what happened. I moved…

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The naked truth: At Conn. nudist resort, ‘You can’t hide behind fancy clothes. You have to be yourself here’

Dozens of brightly colored floats bobbed in the pond. There were noodles and air mattresses, blow-up fish and alligators, boogie boards and floating chairs. Children laughed and adults waved to friends drifting by. It could have been a scene out of any summer camp vacation, except for one thing: Everyone was naked. “Floatopia” was one…

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We spent a day in Sandy Hook at NJ’s only nude beach. Here’s what to expect if you go

“Nude bathers may be present on beach” warned a sign near the packed parking area of Gunnison beach — a strip of sand and sea in the Gateway National Recreation Area separated from other Sandy Hook beach-loungers by grassy dunes. The presence of nude bathers is the only reason my friend and I drove an…

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An eye-opening hour at Kent’s little-known nudist beach on the Isle of Sheppey

The naturist hotspot at Shellness is a short distance from Leysdown A short distance away from Leysdown beach lies a hidden stretch of shore. For those in the know, Shellness is one of the most popular nudist beaches in the UK. It is a true naturist hotspot. We thought we’d pay it a visit to…

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Could naturism be the answer to body confidence?

Robbie Gauld is softly spoken, and the retired grandfather can often be found exploring walking routes across Scotland. He has recently returned from a hiking trip in Orkney and is the master of packing light for trips away. Four T-shirts don’t take up that much space in his camper van, with the added benefit of…

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I think I might be a nudist

I love being naked outdoors and I wish everyone else did too. The first time I ever saw a topless sunbather was when I was 12 at Waihi Beach. A woman in her 20s was laying on a towel, enjoying the hot blistering New Zealand sun. She looked relaxed, happy, confident and free. Until a…

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Looking at naturists can be life threatening – as I found out to my cost

All shapes and sizes of birthday suit were on display in a Berlin park one lunchtime, but their presence drove me headfirst into a kerb Parisian naturists in the Bois de Vincennes have complained about voyeurs ruining things for them. Nudists have been allowed to do their thing in the park for two years, but…

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