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We did not invent clothes simply to stay warm
Clothes are not a necessity for everyone, so why do we bother wearing clothes at all?

Stephen Gough likes to be naked; so much so, it has cost him his freedom. He has spent a combined total of 10 years in prison for showing too much skin in public, having been arrested multiple times.

At some point early humans needed to cover up
At some point early humans needed to cover up Entressan/SPL

Gough, also known as the "naked rambler", prefers to get naked when temperatures warm up. He is not a danger to the public, but when he walked naked from John o'Groats to Lands' End in the UK in 2003, he caused outcries around the country. When he attempted the journey again he was quickly arrested. In prison he was often put into solitary confinement for his refusal to wear clothes.

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Source: BBC

Original publication 19 September 2016

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Strip tease: Nudists protest apartment block to be built behind their Costa Blanca hideaway
NUDISTS are angry about an apartment block that has sprung up behind their strip of Costa Blanca beach, claiming it will subject them to voyeurs and peeping Toms.

The women’s group Aquarela, who organised a naked protest bathe last week, say they used to enjoy the seclusion offered by tamarisks and pine trees on the L’Almadrava beach in Denia to go about their hobby in peace. But now a concrete block of five floors with 68 apartments has stripped the nudists of privacy, and will bring unwarranted ‘stares’, ‘aggression’ and ‘judgements’.
SAFE HAVEN The L’Almadrava beach is one of the last untouched strips of beach in Marina Alta
SAFE HAVEN The L’Almadrava beach is one of the last untouched strips of beach in Marina Alta

“I arrived here 15 years ago. This beach has remained virgin until now and it was a joy to enjoy its tranquility,” an Aquarela member told Levante. “We have bathed naked without problems — but now we have to defend what we have done with naturalness and freedom.” The nudists say L’Almadrava has long been neglected due to its thick sand and posidonia seagrass. But it was precisely this undesirability that has kept the ‘last virgin beach’ in the comarca of Alta Marina quiet, secluded and untouched. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Olive Press

Original publication 15 Mar, 2019

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Big Beach Cleans – Newquay Zoo
Help us keep the shores clean this summer!

These FREE events will give you the chance to help the environment and learn more about local species, biodiversity and the shores around us.

Newquay, famously known for its beaches, is in need of a clean up to protect our local wildlife and beautiful coastlines. With litter being brought in by the tide and visitors to the beaches it has never been more important to help clean up our sands and learn a little on the way.

By helping us with our coastal clean ups, you could also be in with a chance of winning a penguin experience for two at Newquay Zoo. Simply book onto a beach clean with us to enter!*

Locations and Times:
Saturday 22nd June – Porth Beach, Newquay, Time 13:00 until 16:00 approx.

Saturday 21st September – Towan Beach, Newquay, Time 13:00 until 16:00 approx.

Registration for these beach cleans available here. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Newquay Zoo

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Nudist ranch zoning appeal wins early victory at planning tribunal

The Township of Stone Mills failed in its bid to stop a planning appeal from a couple wanting to expand a clothing-optional campground.

In a decision released last week, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal denied the township’s application to have the couple’s appeal thrown out.

Yvonne Gibson of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch says she is encouraged by a planning appeals tribunal decision that will let her continue to fight to expand a clothing-optional campground at a property near Tamworth
Yvonne Gibson of Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch says she is encouraged by a planning appeals tribunal decision that will let her continue to fight to expand a clothing-optional campground at a property near Tamworth Elliot Ferguson/The Whig-Standard

The validity decision doesn’t settle the matter, it only lets the case go on to a hearing, if necessary.

Last year, Yvonne Gibson and her husband, Hector Gravelle, started the process to have their 40-hectare property on Carroll Road rezoned to allow them to expand the campground at Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch, which they have operated without the proper zoning since 2012.

In April of this year, Stone Mills Township council voted 4-3 to refuse the rezoning application, a decision that went against recommendations from township staff and consultants report. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Kingston Whig-Standard

Original publication November 19, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 27th November 2018

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Naturism in the jungles
Being nude is normal in many cultures, not surprisingly, mostly in tropical regions. Hot and humid climate discourages clothes. Amazon Indians are a prime example, but primordial naturism is everywhere.

Goran Šafarek is a world traveler and river expert. He has encountered many such cases during his voyages. You can read more on his blog. Here, he will write more about being nude in the jungle.

The state of nude is natural to many native people around the world. The clothes are welcomed as a protection against the cold and other elements, including insects, it could also be cumbersome. But, even in civilized place, I have witnessed that being naked is nothing to be ashamed.

I remember paddling on a wild river in west Madagascar. After a hard day on the river, scorched by the sun in our wooden canoe, we have finally landed on a nice sandy beach. It is almost savannah, with scattered trees and lots of tall grasslands. The clouds were already red and yellow from the setting sun.

As we were pitching the camp, the people from the nearby village came. They were clearly peasants, poor, but proud. They greeted us and we greeted them. Older women started washing the clothes and dishes, while a group of young girls entered to take a bath. They were around 16, maybe older, it was difficult to guess. They were totally naked, not more than ten meters in front of us, vazaha, and in front of their parents and other adults. Their slender, wet bodies glistening on the red sun were darker than the milky brown river. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication 18/11/2018

Posted on NatCorn 25th November 2018

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Why I love nudist hiking?
As a true naturist there is nothing I enjoy more then being in nature…without clothes. As I said so many times before, for me there is something very special in the feeling of freedom that is given to you when you are truly becoming one with the nature, without chains of clothes. And nudist hiking is one of the purest feelings of being alive.

Every part of nature is important to me. If I had to choose between the sea, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests I could not choose my favourite. To me, there is something special and unique in every single of them. But at the same time all of them have one thing in common – providing that special feeling of freedom and perhaps more important – feeling of being alive.

There is a peace of my heart that is reserved only for mountains. And nudist hiking. I love hiking in the spring/summer/autumn when the weather is good and it is “easy” to go to the top of the mountain. But I also love to hike in the winter when the snow is reaching over my knees and I really have to invest a lot of effort to make my way trought the snow to the top. And it is worth of it every single time. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naturism Girl

Original publication October 16th, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 22nd October 2018

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UNDERWATER WORLD Heatwave reveals ‘Lost Valley’ as reservoirs dries up exposing roads and buildings of community submerged 60 years ago
The people of Nanquitho were forced to leave to make way for the Drift Reservoir, completed in 1961

A LOST valley submerged underwater for decades has been uncovered by the summer heatwave.

Old stone walls, outlines of buildings, gate posts and even roads now stand in the open air once again on the dried-up bed of Drift Reservoir.

Roads, walls and gateposts have emerged from the depths at Drift Reservoir after the summer heatwave
Roads, walls and gateposts have emerged from the depths at Drift Reservoir after the summer heatwave SWNS:SOUTH WEST NEWS SERVICE

The resurrected ruins were once home to a community that was forced to leave when construction on the reservoir began.

Margaret Pengelly still remembers living in the Lost Valley – the name given to the flooded area by locals who still remember the community was ever there.

Margaret moved to Trewidden Vean, a substantial farm, and the smallholding at Nanquitho near Penzance. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Sun

Original publication 10th September 2018

Posted on NatCorn 25th September 2018

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Rare bird puts paid to second nude beach in Belgium
The chance that Belgium will approve a second naturist beach at the coast became less likely after a report by the Flemish Agency for Nature and Woodland, which said that the activities of naturists could be a risk to a rare bird.

At present the Belgian coast has one naturist beach where naked sunbathing is permitted, at Bredene. But the beach is very popular, which led the Belgian Naturism Federation to request permission to open a second beach where naked sunbathing is permitted. Their attention fell on a little-used beach near Westende. “At that spot there is no construction or seafront overlooking the beach,” said the organisation’s president Koen Meulemans in Het Nieuwsblad.


However the nature agency raised objections with Flemish environment minister Joke Schauvliege, based on the presence at that spot of the crested lark (Galerida cristata), a rare bird which broods on the ground, and might be disturbed by what the agency called “subsidiary activities” related to the nudist beach, including visitors having sex in the dunes as well as leaving rubbish behind. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Brussels Times

Original publication 13 July 2018

Posted on NatCorn 2nd August 2018

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Bare Market: More than 300 naturalists to go nude to Howe Caverns

Summertime is prime time for a visit to Howe Caverns, the hot-weather destination in Schoharie County that has lured thousands to partake in atmospheric spelunking 15 stories underground. From impressive rock formations to other geological wonders, Howe Caverns rates as a must-see.

On Saturday, July 14, however, there will be much more to see than stalactites and stalagmites. In celebration of International Nude Day, Howe Caverns will host “Naked in a Cave,” extending an offer to nudists to spend an evening engaged in au naturel activities. Even Sarah Danser, a survivalist star of the Discovery Channel’s cultish reality series Naked and Afraid, heard about Howe’s special occasion and will travel from Honolulu to the Cobleskill area to get in on the action.


It wasn’t hard to rouse attention for this unique event. Howe general manager April Islip simply posted the news on the venue’s Facebook page at the end of April, and she’s been fielding inquiries ever since. Islip said “Naked in a Cave” is a response to requests from nudist groups for years about holding such an event amid Howe’s natural surroundings.

So how far away are people traveling for this night? “We have a couple flying in from Chicago and a couple from the Washington, D.C., area,” Islip said, “and we have a big party coming from Virginia.”

Regarding the nudist enclaves that are closer to home, Islip noted, “We have a lot from the Massachusetts-Berkshires area, there are quite a few from Troy, and a lot from Rochester are coming.” The event is “close to a sellout,” Islip said at press time, with a maximum head count of 350. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Syracuse New Times

Original publication July 11, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 29th July 2018

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Mountain Air Ranch Lays Bare the Benefits, Challenges of a Nudism Club

Chuck’s parents weren’t sure how to introduce him and his younger brother to their lifestyle choice. But as the boys got older, they decided it was time to take them to Mountain Air Ranch, Colorado’s family-friendly nudist club that was then almost thirty years old.

Members often compete in friendly, fun-in-the-sun games.
Members often compete in friendly, fun-in-the-sun games. MarTographe
The swimming pool slide is particularly fun without a swimsuit.
The swimming pool slide is particularly fun without a swimsuit. Gary G.,/Mountain Air Ranch

“Everybody thinks that seeing your mom and dad naked for the first time is a total shock. For a twelve-year-old kid, maybe,” says Chuck, recalling his first visit to the club in 1962. “But I love this place. It either works for you or it doesn’t.” And it works for Chuck, who’s considered the ranch his home away from home since he returned from serving in the Vietnam War. (He, like many regulars at Mountain Air Ranch, gave only his first name for this piece.) Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Westword

Original publication JULY 10, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 26th July 2018

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Naked swimmers get a dressing down after skinny dipping in Northumbrian Water reservoir
A warning was issued by Northumbrian Water, as unauthorised swimming is not permitted in its reservoirs

Naked swimmers got a dressing down from Northumbrian Water after taking a skinny dip in one of its reservoirs.

Worried staff spotted the all male group at Waskerley Reservoir in County Durham getting dangerously close to pipes that draw water from the reservoir for release into the river.

Don Coe
Don Coe

It was the latest in a spate of recent incidents during the ongoing heat wave which has led Northumbrian Water to issue a warning.

The company does not allow unauthorised swimming or launching of water craft in its reservoirs, but Rangers at its Waterside Parks have had to ask more than a dozen people to get out of the water at its sites across the North East on Wednesday alone.

Risks ranging from cold water shock to hidden currents all pose a danger to people’s lives when swimming in open water. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: ChronicleLive

Original publication 5 JUL 2018

Posted on NatCorn 19th July 2018

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Beavers born in Cornwall for first time in 400 years
The first baby beavers to be born in Cornwall in 400 years have been caught on camera.

Now juvenile beavers, known as kits, have been spotted playing in the water on a farm near Truro.

Their parents arrived at Ladock last year, as part of a project to reintroduce the creatures.

The five-acre fenced site at Woodland Valley appears to be the perfect spot for these litter creatures!

They were filmed after farmer Chris Jones spotted them at the start of the week and alerted project partner Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

The Cornwall Beaver Project team were all hoping for some good views during their regular Wednesday night beaver walk.

Then filmmaker Nina Constable managed to snap this footage for BBC Springwatch… Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Pirate FM

Original publication 22nd June 2018

Posted on NatCorn 1st July 2018

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When Piping Plovers Closed Down Rhode Island’s Nudist Beach

In the late 1980s a battle emerged between federal officials’ efforts to protect the breeding environment of piping plovers and Rhode Island’s nudists and their use of the same spot — Moonstone Beach in South County. And, of course, add in a little political intrigue.

Piping plovers v. nudists
Piping plovers v. nudists

The piping plovers are a federally protected endangered species.

Today, a portion of RI State Beach Roger Wheeler has been closed down for piping plovers who have been nesting in the parking lot. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: GoLocalProv

Original publication June 13, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 25th June 2018

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Carbis Bay Hotel development labelled ‘Benidorm’ as latest plans are submitted
The development at the privately owned beach has been ongoing for years and is now nearing completion

A huge multi-million pound waterside development is making Cornwall ‘look like Benidorm’, it has been claimed.

New images of the building work at the beach area at Carbis Bay have been posted online, provoking a backlash amongst furious locals.

The development at Carbis Bay photographed in January of this year
The development at Carbis Bay photographed in January of this year

The 125-acre estate, which is already home to the luxury Carbis Bay Hotel, a range of self-catering properties, a privately-owned 25-acre Blue Flag beach, two restaurants and award-winning spa facilities, will soon welcome eight luxury beach lodges and a new 15,185 sq ft multi-use venue to the collection.

Hotel bosses said the new complex overlooking one of Cornwall ‘s most beautiful beaches and stretches of coastline would create up to 60 jobs for the local economy.

The two and three-storey beach lodges with rooftop or beach gardens and hot tubs are expected to be ready for guests in July, followed by completion of the ocean suites, an extensive events venue and dining and retail facilities towards the end of 2018. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Cornwall Live

Original publication 31 MAY 2018

Posted on NatCorn 3rd June 2018

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Irish nudists plan to kick BUTT this World No Tobacco Day by gathering on Wicklow beach to fight cigarette-ends problem
Birthday suit buffs will gather on a beach near Brittas to attack the rubbish issue

IRISH nudists plan to kick BUTT this morning for World No Tobacco Day.

Birthday suit buffs, who recently celebrated the awarding of a skinny dip spot, will gather on a beach near Brittas, Co Wicklow, to fight the fag-ends problem.

Irish nudists want to fight the cigarette butt problem
Irish nudists want to fight the cigarette butt problem Garrett White - The Sun

It comes as the Irish Naturists Association prepares to celebrate Ireland’s first ever flesh-friendly dip site.

Earlier this year, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council agreed to erect public notices at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey, south Co Dublin, warning others about bare-cheeked bathers.

We revealed the move followed law changes which mean naked swimmers are doing nothing ­illegal. And ahead of the official unveiling of the signs, naturists want to attack the rubbish issue. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Irish Sun

Original publication 31st May 2018

Posted on NatCorn 2nd June 2018

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Vera destina 6 eurillos al día para el cuidado de sus 6 km de playa
El alcalde Félix López aplica un recorte del 97% en el presupuesto para el mantenimiento y reparación de la playa.

Veraplayazul lamenta que el consistorio tire por la borda el desarrollo turístico, acuciado por los vertidos y la negligencia municipal.

El tijeretazo coincide con la pérdida de la única bandera azul que ondeaba en el municipio.

El Ayuntamiento de Vera se ha vuelto a superar al suprimir de un plumazo el gasto para la reparación y mantenimiento de sus playas. De los ya escasos 65.000 euros presupuestados para 2018 ha decidido recortar 62.740, con lo que dedicará al cuidado de sus 6 kilómetros de playa la ridícula cantidad anual de 2.260 euros, un 97% menos de lo aprobado. Esto es, el consistorio veratense se gastará 6 euros al día para mantener en buen estado sus 6 kilómetros de playa que, en algunos tramos, supera los cien metros de ancho y de ahí que se la conozca como El Playazo.

La falta de limpieza del agua y la falta de mantenimiento en la playa es cuanto menos preocupante.
La falta de limpieza del agua y la falta de mantenimiento en la playa es cuanto menos preocupante.

Aprobado en el pleno del 19 de abril, el tijeretazo demuestra el interés del equipo de Gobierno de Vera y de su alcalde Félix López por sus vecinos tanto del interior como del litoral, pues representa un duro varapalo al desarrollo turístico, verdadero motor de la economía local.

La asociación Veraplayazul, conformada por 10.000 vecinos de 18 urbanizaciones, considera el hachazo una provocación dado el olvido y la negligencia municipal en el litoral. Tal y como ha denunciado repetidamente Veraplayazul, la limpieza de la arena brilla por su ausencia, ya que el Ayuntamiento o sus empresas concesionarias se limitan a rastrillar, enterrando la basura hasta que, como es obvio, vuelve a resurgir; las pasarelas de acceso de madera están siempre rotas y las de hormigón están pensadas para el beneficio de empresas privadas; la calidad de los aseos y duchas es muy mejorable, así como el cuidado de los jardines, aceras y calles, la iluminación y la seguridad en todo el litoral veratense. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: nudonaturismo

Original publication 18/05/2018

Posted on NatCorn 22nd May 2018

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Investigan la tala “salvaje” de árboles en el merendero de la playa de Vera
La asociación de vecinos Veraplayazul, que califica el hecho de “hachazo a la convivencia” culpa al Ayuntamiento de permitir el corte de pinos y el destrozo del patrimonio natural del municipio así como de un punto de encuentro de la ciudadanía.

La asociación de vecinos Veraplayazul ha denunciado que una tala salvaje ha destrozado el merendero de la playa de Vera. Un espacio que formaba parte de su patrimonio natural y cultural pues acogía, frente a un conocido hotel, la única pinada de su litoral y era un punto de encuentro y de convivencia en actos festivos como el Día de la Vieja.

Añaden los vecinos que la constructora de una finca colindante “no sólo ha arremetido contra los pinos” que se asientan en su terreno sino que “ha roto la valla del merendero para comenzar el hachazo por los que acogía el espacio vecinal”, siempre abierto al disfrute del público. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nudonaturismo

26th November 2017
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Naturismo y medio ambiente
Artículo asesorado por el espacio de ecologismos.com una página muy interesante y con muchos artículos relacionados con la conservación y respeto al medio ambiente.

Desde siempre el mundo del naturismo y el respeto al medio ambiente han ido cogidos de la mano pero sobretodo a partir de la década de los sesenta cuando la revolución industrial comenzó a maltratar el planeta todavía se fortaleció mas esa relación intensa entre naturismo y medio ambiente. Un estilo de vida más ecológico, nudismo, baños de sol, contacto con la naturaleza… Parece una receta para un mundo feliz, desintoxicante, perfecta para desconectar del mundanal ruido y sentirse en comunión con el medio ambiente más puro y sanador. Justamente, es lo que proponían a comienzos del siglo XX algunas corrientes libertarias como modelo de vida ideal, saludable para cuerpo y espíritu. Pero la verdad es que son muy pocos altavoces los que tiene este estilo de vida, probablemente porque va ligado a un sinfín de intereses económicos, políticos y comerciales. Una forma de vida capitalista y superficial donde lo importante y aquello que da la felicidad es el tener mas y mas.

¿Pero, que hay de todo aquello, el nudismo es sólo un comportamiento o también un estilo de vida? Una pregunta de difícil respuesta, pues cada persona practica el nudismo a su manera, llevada por distintas motivaciones y, en lo que respecta al comportamiento eco-amigable, demostrará tener mejores o peores prácticas ambientales.

El naturismo, hace mucho hincapié en la integración con la naturaleza: disfrutarla desnudos, buscarla para sentirse parte de ella, es una motivación primordial. Según la definición de la Federación Naturista Internacional, el naturismo es un modus vivendi que entiende el desnudo como un comportamiento que forma parte de una filosofía de vida amplia. Si buscábamos la conexión entre desnudez y respeto ambiental, ahora sí, la hemos encontrado. El naturalismo es una forma de vida en armonía con la naturaleza, caracterizado por la practica del desnudo en común, con la intención de reforzar el respeto por uno mismo, por los demás y por el medio ambiente. Históricamente ya ha sido el emblema del naturismo …Read full original article…

Source: Blog del C.P.N.L.

17 August, 2017, 6:40 pm