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Nudity festival offering ‘wholesome family fun’ to take place near Bristol

Nudefest, the UK’s biggest naturist festival, was initially due to take place in July

The UK’s biggest naturist festival takes place near Bristol in September.

Nudefest 2020 was initially due to take place at Thorney Lakes Caravan Park, Somerset in July but has been pushed back due to Covid-19.


Nudist pensioner questions whether he’s really naked if he wears face mask

Stuart Haywood did not become a nudist until he was in his 70s

An 83-year-old nudist from Midway has questioned whether wearing a face mask will mean he is technically still naked.

Stuart Haywood, who has been stripping off for 10 years and takes regular breaks at naturist camps, is planning to visit a hotspot in Lincolnshire as it reopens.

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Swimming Pool Hygiene. Proposal of the Naturist Movement to Municipalities and Health [Spain]

Mandatory to shower naked and with soap in the changing rooms before accessing the pools and wearing a well-washed bathing suit.

“I protect you, and you protect me”, is the philosophy on which we base the need for the use of sanitary masks: protect the other. If we all wear them, when necessary, we will all be protected.


Clothes off, masks on: Opening a nudist resort during the coronavirus pandemic

The bad news is, the Butt Hutt remains closed.

The popular lakeside bar at Florida’s oldest nudist resort is still shuttered, even as the rest of the Lake Como Family Nudist Resort in Lutz slowly reopens. The Bare Buns Cafe, for instance, now allows limited seating on the screened patio and under the pool deck canopy, albeit with everyone six feet apart – and please bring a towel to sit on.


Family nudism and confinement

Confinement has affected us all, both nudists and non-nudists.

In our case it is normal that when the temperatures allow it, we are naked at home, that is, we practice family nudism.

Although we love practising nudism in nature, we practice it at home whenever we can, since it is not a matter of “now I am doing nudism”, it is a lifestyle.

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The emerging long-term complications of Covid-19, explained

“It is a true roller coaster of symptoms and severities, with each new day offering many unknowns.”

At first, Lauren Nichols tried to explain away her symptoms. In early March, the healthy 32-year-old felt an intense burning sensation, like acid reflux, when she breathed. Embarrassed, she didn’t initially seek medical care. When her shortness of breath kept getting worse, her doctor tested her for Covid-19.

Her results came back positive. But for Nichols, that was just the beginning. Over the next eight weeks, she developed wide and varied symptoms, including extreme and chronic fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, tremors, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and short-term memory loss.

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The 12 days of ‘Operation Bug’ – The Madrid region’s disastrous plan to save its senior residences

On March 26, the premier of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, announced an action plan to curb coronavirus contagion in the region’s senior residences. By the time the Popular Party (PP) leader had made the announcement, 1,130 nursing home residents had already died from Covid-19. Hours later, the so-called “Operación Bicho,” or Operation Bug, got underway. This was the code name used by the person who, without any relevant experience, was tasked with protecting the health of nearly 50,000 seniors. That person was Encarnación Burgueño.

Burgueño is the self-appointed managing director of Cardio Líder, a trading name that is not properly registered as a company. On the same day as Díaz Ayuso’s announcement, Burgueño was placed at the helm of the regional health department’s response to the crisis. This consisted of providing medical assistance in senior care homes, instead of transferring patients to hospital.


Getting naked in quarantine: Interest peaks in nudist lifestyle during COVID-19 pandemic

After months of COVID-19 related closures, naturists are removing the shackles of life in quarantine by removing their clothes.

“There’s something about taking your clothes off that makes you feel like you’re really finally losing all the shackles of society and all the rules,” says Stéphane Deschênes, owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park near Newmarket, Ont. “You almost feel cleaner because your body is breathing and you can feel the sun on your skin. Makes you feel very alive.”

And Deschênes is not alone. The naturist resort has been welcoming more visitors than usual during this time of year, especially thanks to sunshine and summer-like temperatures last weekend.

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Birmingham nudist Clover Hotel ‘uncertain’ over reopening after lockdown rule change

Tim Higgs, the owner of Clover Hotel and Spa at the clothing-optional venue in Erdington, said half his income comes from spa facilities which the Government said must remain shut

The owner of a Birmingham nudist hotel said he could partly reopen his business after lockdown restrictions were eased by the Government – but may stay shut because spas are still banned.

Tim, who has run Clover Hotel and Spa in Erdington for almost a decade, would be able to safety open his hotel and gardens after Prime Minster Boris Johnson announced the lifting of rules in the hospitality sector.

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