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England’s stay-cation hotspots of Devon, Cornwall and Dorset in the South West will be hit the hardest by a second wave of coronavirus, study claims

The region has had the lowest cases so far, but this could change, a study claims

Study found the South West could face 350 new cases per day in July

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‘Budesy’ turns boring social distancing markers into brilliant works of art

The mischievous artist dubbed ‘Budesy’ has literally gone to town with the street art

An elusive artist has been praised by locals after making cheeky alterations to social distancing markers in Bude.

The mischievous artist, who has now been dubbed ‘Budesy’ or ‘Bude Banksy’, has gone around the town’s ‘keep to the right’ signs, adding quirks that bring the stick-like characters to life.

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PM’s overhaul of planning system “a disaster for Cornwall”

Government plans to overhaul the planning system to make it easier for homes to be built have been described as “a disaster for Cornwall”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this week that he wanted to “build, build, build” and as part of that wants to make it easier for housing developments to take place.

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Tourists who fall ill with coronavirus in Cornwall ‘will have to pay to stay for 14 days’

Tourists will be warned that if they fall ill with coronavirus while visiting Cornwall and are unable to return home they will have to pay to remain in their accommodation for 14 days.

It is just one piece of advice which has been included on an information pack which will be issued to all accommodation providers ahead of them being able to open this weekend.


Cornwall’s nudist beaches where social distancing is always the rule

Follow Government rules and be aware there’s no lifeguard cover if visiting a beach local to you

While there has been a furore this week about people piling on to beaches in the South West, the Government rule is that we can go to the beach as long as we are sensible and socially distance.

So if you are local and feel the need to feel the sand between your toes, why not try one of Cornwall’s nudist beaches where – let’s face it – a two-metre social distancing rule has always been de rigeur.


A history of St Loy, Penwith

The boulderous bay between Merthen Point and Boscawen Point, is known as St Loy Cove on one side and Paynter’s Cove on the other. Not far from the villages of St Buryan, Lamorna and Penberth it is unusual geologically and fascinating historically.

The secluded wooded valley leading to St Loy, is reputed to have the warmest winters in Britain and is said to be the place where the signs of spring arrive first! And as such the area, along with the Isles of Scilly, produced early flowers and vegetables for sale in the cities.

The cove is also bursting with history, mystery and misadventure, like every inch of Cornwall’s coast it has a tale or three to tell!


Some Cornwall tourism businesses may not reopen this year

Tourism businesses in Cornwall may have to remain closed until next Easter even if the current coronavirus lockdown is ended this summer.

Malcolm Bell, chief executive of Visit Cornwall, said that if social distancing guidelines remain in place then some large attractions may not be able to operate due to the large numbers of visitors they receive.

Mr Bell has also criticised insurance companies which are preventing tourism businesses and customers from making claims for cancelled bookings during the current lockdown.


27 things we will never understand about Cornwall no matter how hard we try

If you’ve lived here all your life or recently moved here – you’ll relate to a few of these

Best known for its stunning beaches and delicious baked treats – Cornwall is one of the most famous counties in the UK.

With gorgeous green fields and breathtaking views, there’s no surprise as to why it’s a popular tourist spot for visitors from all over the world.


Gordon Ramsay faces backlash from local residents after heading to Cornwall holiday home for lockdown

Gordon Ramsay and his family had upped sticks from London to head to their holiday home in Cornwall during the coronavirus lockdown, but it seems he’s now facing backlash from local residents.

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