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It has only been a few years since I started considering myself a naturist. I found it difficult at first to find the information I was looking for. This was especially true of the information I find most valuable which is the stories of others experiences that I think help show you are not alone, not the first to have felt s certain way or experienced something, and that when you do hit a bump in the road you can muscle through it. This was the inspiration for my blogging life. Along the way I have included tips and tricks I have picked up from my experiences as well as links to other sources I have found useful that are scattered in my now 40 plus blog posts. For this post I decided I would try and put as much of that important information in one place as I could for those that are new to naturism or are considering it. If you are not interested in being Naked in Nature or social nudity, or you feel you are already at an expert level of naturism, this is not for you and I will instead offer you this more useful YouTube video of paint drying.


June Thought of the Month: At One With Nature

I am writing this as May ended on being the coldest that I can remember since moving to Nova Scotia with my husband John in 1997.

Being naked is usually a non-issue when it’s warm enough. I’ve had days in April where I was able to sit outside in the nude and soak up the sun.

I can count on one hand the days in May that were warm enough to do so. I’ve more often than not, been forced to keep a robe on to stay warm.


Debris-clearing practices along South Surrey rail line concern SFN, naturist club

‘Discussion needed’ regarding sensitive areas along Crescent Beach railway: SFN chief

BNSF’s practices for removing debris following landslides along its waterfront line through South Surrey and White Rock are raising concerns for residents as well as the Semiahmoo First Nation.

Following word that debris removal is encroaching on the foreshore, Chief Harley Chappell said this week he wants to connect with BNSF to learn more about how the company deals with such debris and the reasoning that results, at times, in mud, trees, boulders and even garbage on the beach.


Nudists lose fight to have campground expanded

Nudists lose fight to have campground expanded

The owners of a nudist ranch in a rural part of Stone Mills Township are trying to decide their next move after a three-year legal battle ended Friday when the province’s planning appeal tribunal ruled against them.

Source: Whig Standard

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