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Banned by the police: the true stories behind Modigliani’s languorous nudes
He was the ‘ravishing villain’ who drank, took drugs and bed-hopped his way around Paris. But Modigliani’s nudes – warm portraits of confident women – caused a revolution in painting

“We fight against the nude in painting, as nauseous and as tedious as adultery in literature,” proclaimed the Italian Futurists in 1910. The nude was dead; the speeding car more thrilling than the female body. Yet by 1919, Modigliani had almost single-handedly resuscitated her. This was not the decorous nakedness of Manet, the woman seen at a distance, wreathed in allegory. Neither was it the mutilating brutality of Picasso, whom Kenneth Clark saw as engaged in “a scarcely resolved struggle between love and hatred”. These were warm, living women, bursting out of the frame towards the viewer; women drifting languorously to sleep or writhing with pleasure. Naked flesh, captured on the canvas, would never be the same again.

Modern woman … Modigliani’s Reclining Nude (c1919).Tate
Modern woman … Modigliani’s Reclining Nude (c1919).

For decades, every Modigliani book and exhibition has talked about the “myth” of Modigliani, and the upcoming retrospective at the Tate is no exception. Is the story I’ve just described part of the myth? It may be, but like every myth, it points to a truth: they are different; they did change everything. We couldn’t have the abstracted forms of Alfred Stieglitz or Edward Weston’s nude photographs without the influence of Modigliani. Without him, it might have been years before the nude became so easily erotic.

The other elements of the Modigliani story also remain too enticing to abandon altogether. There is still something compelling about the combination of his early brilliance and his doomed body. He had come down with pleurisy and typhoid by the age of 14, and at 16 he contracted the TB that would eventually kill him. His easy popularity makes him a captivating presence even now. He was the precocious child of Italy who became the darling of Paris. He moved, charming, feckless, from the bed of one woman to another, maddening them with his drinking and his temper, seducing them with his erudition (he knew long sections of Dante by heart), his talent and good looks. “How beautiful he was, my God, how beautiful,” lamented one of his models. Continued…Read full original article…

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‘I dare you’

A flurry of recent ‘My first time’ contributions got me thinking. Looking back over some of those posts, it’s clear that for many of us there’s an element of initial ‘dare’ about our first exposure in public. This doesn’t have to be a direct ‘I dare you’ approach, but can manifest itself in different ways.

The most recent ‘My first time’ contribution from Deborah suggests she didn’t want to appear prudish or embarrassed, and thus dove into the experience head first. My own naturist debut was a little bit similar.

Peer pressure.

So I made up a notecard which I distributed inworld to SL friends (who have identified as naturist in RL…some of my SL friends are only SL naturists) asking two simple questions. Continued…Read full original article…

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Photographer takes pictures of naked – and beautiful – old women

Libby Magness Weisberg waits at her Cherry Hill condo in a plush pink bathrobe and animal-print slippers. In a few minutes, she will pose for photographer and artist Nancy Hellebrand — completely naked.

Weisberg is 90.

Photographer Nancy Hellebrand is creating nude photos of women’s bodies, often focusing on parts and small details.Tracie van Auken / for The Inquirer
Photographer Nancy Hellebrand is creating nude photos of women’s bodies, often focusing on parts and small details.

Her body bears witness to the progression of life, of carrying and breastfeeding three children, of age spots and wrinkles and sags, of hips that creak and shoulders that hunch, and all the other travails and indignities of getting old.

Some might call her body a battlefield. Hellebrand calls it beautiful.

“I love their wrinkles,” says Hellebrand, 73, tall and lean with a shock of wild gray hair and round, red glasses perched on her nose. “I love their skin, the way light is on their skin. It’s a different version of beautiful. In younger women, the skin is taut. In older women, the skin is the opposite of taut … and it has its own strength.” Continued…Read full original article…

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Cancer survivors in their 70s strip off for naked charity calendar!
The regulars at the Plough Inn in Tetney have all had treatment for cancer or other serious medical conditions and are raising funds for St Andrew’s Hospice

Hats off to a group of cancer survivors who have done the Full Monty by becoming pin up Calendar Guys for a hospice charity.

With an average age of 73 years the pub regulars are making every day count by stripping off for a 2018 calendar.

Regulars at the Plough Inn, Tetney, who have bared all for a special calendar to raise funds for the St. Andrew's Hospice. Pictured are, from left, Roly Plaskitt, Rod Wraith, George Taylor, Theresa Crowe, Hospice representative, Dave Clark, Chuck Turner, Dave Matthews and Pete Wraith.
Regulars at the Plough Inn, Tetney, who have bared all for a special calendar to raise funds for the St. Andrew’s Hospice. Pictured are, from left, Roly Plaskitt, Rod Wraith, George Taylor, Theresa Crowe, Hospice representative, Dave Clark, Chuck Turner, Dave Matthews and Pete Wraith.

The boys from The Plough in Tetney, Lincolnshire were all inspired to raise money for St Andrew’s Hospice, Grimsby after they underwent treatment for cancer and other medical conditions.

The liberated Lincolnshire lads hope to emulate the success of the Yorkshire WI team who inspired Calendar Girls and go on to make their own movie. Continued…Read full original article…

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My first time : the Finnish sauna
When I was at school we had a foreign exchange cultural holiday, writes guest columnist Deborah, when a class from Finland came to our school for a week and, later, we returned to stay with them for a week. We’d put up a student at home when they were here in England, and we’d stay with their families when we got back to [I’ve opted to omit the name of the place : Ella] their home town.

I’d made friends with Katja, we’re still friends even now, and have each attended the other’s wedding.

Our class were all 17 turning 18 at the time and we were farmed out to the various families after the first day sitting in classes with our chosen partner.

We arrived on a Monday, and the week progressed as normal until Friday night when Katja’s Mum announced it was sauna night in the household. I looked through the window to see Katja’s Dad and brother firing up the sauna at the bottom of their garden, and the water of the lake at the bottom of the garden shimmering beyond.

‘Oh’, I blurted out. ‘We weren’t advised to bring swimming costumes with us’.

Katja and her Mum exchanged glances. ‘There is no need. We go naked in the sauna’

Everyone? Even in the course of the five days so far I’d fallen a little bit in love with Katja’s gorgeous looking, tall, lean brother. And he was going to go naked in the sauna???? Continued…Read full original article…

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Sección de libros: Le sein, une histoire

A finales de septiembre estuve en una comida familiar, y entre otros temas, se habló de cómo ahora se está promoviendo entre la clase médica el hecho de dar el pecho todo el tiempo posible, sin límite temporal: sólo cuando el niño dejara de querer teta, o bien cuando la madre se quedara sin leche. Las dos primas que introdujeron el tema recordaban como, cuando ellas tuvieron a sus retoños, o bien se pregonaban las bondades de las leches artificiales maternizadas, o bien se propugnaba que el periodo de amamantar debía limitarse a los cuatro meses de baja maternal. La reflexión que subyacía en todo esto era que opinaban que el cambio de parecer entre la clase médica tenía que ver, muy probablemente, con una política de exclusión de la mujer del mercado laboral, para así reducir las cifras del paro (lo habían oído en un programa de Radio Klara -la emisora libre y libertaria de València-). Argumentaban que antes, al ser necesaria la presencia de la mujer para cubrir los puestos de trabajo, se intentaba que los periodos de lactancia se acortaran al máximo o incluso que no existieran, para que se reincorporaran cuanto antes a sus puestos de trabajo; pero que en la actualidad, como no hay puestos de trabajo suficientes, se fomenta la exclusión del mercado laboral a la mujer fomentando la lactancia materna todo el tiempo que sea posible…

Astarté, diosa nodriza (dea nutrix) feniciaFuente
Astarté, diosa nodriza (dea nutrix) fenicia

Cuando acabo la comida, en la despedida, me dirigí hacia mis primas y no pude hacer otra cosa que recomendarles la lectura de este libro:

Ahora mismo, estoy tentado de escribir un resumen del libro, diciendo que nos describe con total precisión, y basándose en la información historiográfica disponible (la escultura, la pintura, los escritos de cada época) como la visión del pecho femenino ha evolucionado, siempre bajo la atenta mirada y el prisma masculino, que ha impuesto según su conveniencia una visión u otra del mismo; por ello, en unos tiempos se ha fomentado la lactancia materna de la madre en exclusiva, y en otros se han impuesto las nodrizas… (yo realmente no sé si he tenido nodriza o no, pero en mi vida ha existido una teta Carmen… aunque también es cierto que en Valencia a los hermanos se les ha llamado siempre tete y a las hermanas teta… hasta que llegó la identificación sexualizada de la palabra -bien reciente- y ha desparecido prácticamente del vocabulario). Continued…Read full original article…

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The End of Lake Willoughby’s Nude Beach?
Draft Ordinance Headed for Westmore Town Meeting in March

WESTMORE — It’s a little too cold now for swimming – with or without a bathing suit.

But the Westmore Select Board is not done with its consideration of banning nude sunbathing come next beach season at popular Lake Willoughby’s Southwest Cove.

That beach, secluded and accessed by a walk through the woods and down a set of stone steps, has been a clothing-optional beach for decades.

Amy Ash Nixon
Richard Goddard of Newport, at the clothing optional beach at the Southwest Cove of Lake Willoughby, looks over a copy of the draft ordinance on public indecency presented at the Westmore Selectboard meeting in early October

Every so often, controversy over the nude beach bubbles up, and that happened this past summer, with allegations coming to the town’s selectmen over women being bullied by naked sunbathing men.

Those allegations led the board recently to meet with the town attorney to consider a draft public indecency ordinance for the Town of Westmore that would put an end to the clothing-optional beach enjoyed by the naturists – the term naked sunbathers prefer. Continued…Read full original article…

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Riding BAREBACK: Female jockeys strip with whips for VERY saucy calendar
FEMALE jockeys have stripped off and left just their helmets on as they pose for a cheeky charity calendar.

The riders are pictured on horseback and in front of a racecourse for the sultry photoshoot.

In one shot, the women pose with riding whips and crowd into a tub.

In another, the girls tap each other’s backsides as they gaze into the camera in nothing but their jerseys.

ATHLETES: The women are all talented point-to-point ridersDavid Simpson
ATHLETES: The women are all talented point-to-point riders[/caption]

The shoot was organised by group leader and jockey Leanda Tickle and carried out in Adlestrop, Gloucestershire.

The models featured are point-to-point riders, jockeys who race over fences with hunting horses.

From around 1,000 images shot on three separate photoshoots, three were chosen to form the Big Reveal 2018 calendar. Continued…Read full original article…

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Naturist Images and the Confessions of a Soul

A number of years ago, forty-seven years ago, I met a young woman who captured my heart. Almost a year later, we were married and I gave her a bouquet of three red roses. Today, the symbolism of three red roses continues to have the same emotional impact as that August day. Symbols are powerful, almost magical in the lives of everyday humans.

Three red roses
Three red roses

I was struck by this image of a friend of mine, an on-line friend from the naturist community. It was simply because she is a beautiful woman, but perhaps it fell to the roses, three pink roses. This friend, like myself is married. And, like myself, she is a naturist edging deeper and deeper into the world of naturism that is characterised more by a need than a want. Continued…Read full original article…

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A man of no cloth: Reverend, 55, is a practising naturist and tells TV documentary the Bible celebrates nudity
Taking a leaf out Prince Harry’s book?: Reverend Bob Horrocks is both a Church of England vicar and a practising naturist. The Bolton-based 55-year-old will appear in a TV documentary about attitudes towards the naked human body.

His flock, as you might expect, are more used to seeing him in a cassock and dog collar.

But the Rev Bob Horrocks is rarely happier than when he is entirely defrocked.

Naked before God: Reverend Horrocks says the Bible doesn't condemn but celebrate nakedness.Manchester Evening News Syndication
Naked before God: Reverend Horrocks says the Bible doesn’t condemn but celebrate nakedness.

The 55-year-old, a keen naturist who holidays at clubs for those of a similar inclination, defended his hobby yesterday, saying there was nothing anti-Christian about it.

‘If someone sees a body uncovered, people think that’s somehow sexualised and they shouldn’t be looking at it,’ he said.

”They snigger – they are made to feel uncomfortable because it’s not part of their normal existence. Continued…Read full original article…

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Someone tried to sell Sia’s nudes, Sia leaks them herself
The singer posted the image on Twitter with the caption ‘Everyday is Christmas!’

Sia has one-upped a website selling her creepy, long distance lens nudes by posting them herself on Twitter. The photo, which was shot without her consent or knowledge, was for sale on a website charging to unpixelate the image. The watermark for paparazzi agency FameFlyNet is visible on the image.

Not wanting to let anyone make money off non-consensual images of her nude body, Sia, famously protective of her image and privacy, posted the image herself on Twitter with the caption: “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!” Continued…Read full original article…

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Why all artists should have naked ambition
Shadows and skin texture, the way the limbs move, extend. Every pose or position, reveals a whole new composition

It’s a question I am often asked, “why do artists draw from the nude”.

Shadows and skin texture, the way the limbs move, extend. Every pose or position, reveals a whole new composition
The short answer is, the human figure offers all the complexities an artist needs to learn in order to be able to conquer any drawing subject.

But why? Well, the longer answer goes like this…

Every time a model makes a move, there’s something to learn and work on. Shadows and skin texture, the way the limbs move, extend. Every pose or position, reveals a whole new composition, and another focus for a drawing. A great range of movement is possible, right in front of you, which combined with the anatomical and structural complexity of the body, make particular demands on us when we draw. Continued…Read full original article…

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Black Nudists: Embracing the Skin You’re in with The Black Naturists Association
Despite our oversexualized media, nude beaches are still considered taboo in America and one of the biggest misconceptions about them is that they’re only for older white people and those with beach bodies to show it off.

If you Google “Black Nudists,” your first impression might be that they don’t exist, or that nude beaches are not open to Black people. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. After visiting several nude beaches with some close friends, the idea of creating a space where we too could be represented and leave our bunprints’ footprints in the sand, grew more and more as we met other Black folks on the beach who were just as happy to see us as we were to see them. These experiences and the desire to change the narrative are what gave birth to Black Naturists Association. (B.N.A)

Jakob Owens

Who are we?

We are eight friends who love to travel and explore the world. Through our mutual love of travel and helping to expose friends and family to unique experiences that will broaden and challenge preconceived thoughts and notions of what’s acceptable within the black community. Black Naturists Association is an organization that advocates nudity through naturist environments and activities to help promote healthy body images and self-esteem for those in the Black community. BNA is for open-minded people who not only want to embrace the freedom of being nude and comfortable in their skin but most importantly, accept themselves and others however they might be. Continued…Read full original article…

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Home naturism

As naturism is such a core part of our lives, indoors and out at home and publicly on holiday, I don’t generally think about it in terms of ‘home’ at all. It’s just something that I/we do.

But I was speaking to an avatar recently who said that part of the attraction SL naturism is that it allows him to practice naturism by default. Either that or what he called ‘home naturism’ or ‘closet naturism’, sometimes together.

Living in an apartment block, hundreds of miles from the sea and lacking the self – confidence to go nude in public, the gentleman in question who lives alone confess his naturist activities to coming home from work, drawing the curtains, stripping off (if the weather’s warm enough) and logging into SL. He was well-versed on SLN too! Continued…Read full original article…

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The Digital Camera — Technology’s Gift to Naturists

To all the techno-geek engineers out there who over time created the capability for me to build a photo album of naturist memories without concern of what developers might see, who might find out, where copies might end up, and what might happen…..thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my gloriously nude heart. Because looking back on fond memories is one of my favorite pastimes. Nude memories can now be easily included in that.

I suppose the Polaroid provided the same capability many years earlier but on a much smaller scale and certainly with less fidelity. So, I’m not really counting that. But I did utilize a camcorder to provide the same purpose — documenting my new found nudist experiences.

In my younger years, I filmed many of my nude activities — really boring stuff really….cleaning, vacuuming, walking thru the house, my first foray into being nude outdoors, etc… It was just everyday life, but nude. I really enjoyed looking back on them later. It was like getting to step outside myself and get so me living as a naturist. Just going to and fro, nude. It wasn’t focused on seeing my penis and butt. It was about seeing my naturism. Continued…Read full original article…

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Naked and Deactivated
An interview with Jessa – founder of the Nude Blogger

How did you fall in love with the nudist lifestyle?

When I was younger, I used to head down the surf coast a lot with my friends. I started dabbling with topless sunbathing, exploring the more secluded areas of the beach. I didn’t want to be… looked at in a certain way, and I wasn’t trying to be sexual, so I ended up at nude beaches, thinking people might be less inclined to stare.

In 2015, I was on a solo backpacking trip. At this stage, I’d spent the last few years visiting a lot of nude beaches, but in Montenegro that year I put my name down for WOOFING (free accomadation in exchange for work at a campsite/farm).

This place I signed up for – it was ‘eco friendly’, which I assumed was some sort of nature reserve. Turns out it was clothing optional. [laughs]. I didn’t realise at the time of booking, but once I figured it out I just sort of thought … this is meant to be, because I loved being naked, but I’d never tried the lifestyle. Continued…Read full original article…

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Jumping in, giving it a go, taking a leap….sooner or later, we all have to go solo. The instructor is gone, the teacher has armed you with the tools, the research is over. You just have to try it. Whatever it may be. For naturists, it often comes with a “what the hell” type moment where you overcome the fear, the trepidation, the concerns. Instead, you choose to embrace the what if, the unknown, the road seldom taken. What others reject and fear, you happily embrace. You choose to go nude.

Not a photo of Mrs Naturistthoughts, but it reminded me of her story the first time I saw it. I’m left with a sense of “discovery”, like she just found something she has been searching for for a long time.
Not a photo of Mrs Naturistthoughts, but it reminded me of her story the first time I saw it. I’m left with a sense of “discovery”, like she just found something she has been searching for for a long time.

As I’ve said many times, personal “first time” stories are always my favorite, no matter how similar they may be. Because for that person, it was a big event. It’s what they did. It was their jump, their leap, their giving it a go. That should never be bypassed or trivialized. It’s a big deal.

I’ve shared so many if my personal stories that I don’t think I have many left to be honest with you. But one of my favorites was actually a Mrs Naturistthoughts story, a first time. Although Mrs had spent time nude growing up, just as I had, and would occasionally join me in nude time at home, such occasions were sporadic at best, and usually something she did to join in with me, not simply for herself. But on one occasion while I was out of town, she shared with me that she had spent the morning nude and had found it quite enjoyable and exhilarating. She relayed a small anecdote of how much she enjoyed her morning routine au naturel — standing by the sink, washing a few dishes, in front of the open window, feeling the morning sunlight on her body, wearing only her jewelry. It made her smile. Continued…Read full original article…

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Photo series captures naked bodies in all their glory to challenge the idea of being ‘normal’
Seriously, screw the pressure to be ‘normal’.

It’s all made up, anyway. Beauty standards are fleeting, arbitrary, and often impossible to reach.

And besides, if we were all ‘normal’, it’d be pretty boring. Our wonderfulness is in our difference.

That’s the message 22-year-old artist Francesc Planes hopes to explore in his photo series, The Normality Project.

Tess was called a ‘fatty’.FRANCESC PLANES / CATERS NEWS
Tess was called a ‘fatty’.

Francesc photographed people who have been bullied for the things that make them different – from a prosthetic eye to their weight – but have learned to embrace and love their bodies. He asked these people to strip naked for a joyful photoshoot that celebrates the things that aren’t ‘normal’, but are glorious anyway. Continued…Read full original article…

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Comparing the Netherlands and Canada in November

I have a good friend who lives in the Netherlands. Well, actually, I have other friends who live there as well, but this blog post is about this particular friend who is a naturist like me. His name is Lukas and he has appeared here in the past. He has new photos that he has shared of being active outdoors in November, something I have managed to do as well. But there are differences in our photos as you will see.

Lukas in Crete 2017Sky Clad Therapist
Lukas in Crete 2017

On the Canadian prairies, winter has arrived with a dump of more than fifteen centimetres of snow. Snow started falling in the final hours of October 31st and has continued to fall in bits and pieces until today (more is apparently coming). This morning I took the challenge to clear off our driveway and the sidewalk in front of our house wearing as little as needed to accomplish the project. I worked until I had cleared the sidewalk, and the garden path into my neighbour’s yard before the sun had risen. It was a challenge that invigorated, and left a certain part of my anatomy rather chilled. Continued…Read full original article…

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Keep Calm and Stay Naked
It’s that time of year again when naturists/nudists go into a bit of hibernation of sorts. I have blogged previously about my experiences and tips for surviving as a naturist through the long Canadian winter (Check them out here and here if you like) and have not yet thought of anything of value to add on the subject.

With nothing of value to add to the surviving the winter naked conversation, I decide to start a different post than my usual “naturist experience” based ones, with the topic of current state of naturism as I saw it and the underlying politics and problems holding us back. But ultimately if got a little depressing and I could not remember what I thought would be the benefit of my rambling complaints.

Rather than focus on the ridiculous state of affairs at the International NaturistFederation or the sad (but totally understandable) announcement from YoungNaturists/Nudists of America that they are winding down all YNA operations, and don’t get me started on the many so called Twitter naturists who are really just porno addicted, dick pic sending perverts. This paragraph alone should show you how sad that post would have been
Instead I wanted to talk about the positive things going on and in the world of Naturism. There is plenty going on that give me hope that being a naturist is getting better and easier than even a few years ago. Continued…Read full original article…

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El naturismo y la esencia de la libertad

Como nos explican diferentes e ilustres pensadores de las diferentes generaciones la mayor búsqueda del ser humano ha sido siempre la de sentirse libre y proclamar a los cuatro vientos su ente libre para una mayor compresión de la libertad de todos los seres humanos. Hoy en día vivimos momentos de extrema complicación en lo que se refiere a las libertades individuales y colectivas. Resulta extremadamente complicado entender el concepto de libertad cuando solo vivimos en el concepto de imposición. Desgraciadamente las reglas del juego de la vida ya están marcadas por unos cuantos para todos y eso lo podemos extrapolar a todos los ámbitos de la vida ya sean políticos, económicos y sociales. Si nos paramos a pensar por un momento entenderemos que no somos seres libres aunque nos encantaría serlo, la represión en el caso del naturismo lleva siendo patente desde hace décadas, ahora lo podemos extrapolar a situaciones políticas y de nuestra vida la cual está completamente teledirigida por los medios de información. Consiguen que no veamos más allá y perdamos la capacidad de sentirnos libres desde el principio más básico del ser humano.

El naturismo lleva sufriendo o padeciendo ese estatus implantado en la sociedad de la ” no libertad de pensamiento ni de acción “. Algo tan esencial y a la vez tan precioso como el medio ambiente y el poder comunicarnos con el de la manera más natural hoy en día casi resulta algo hiriente y en muchos casos hasta penado. Si somos incapaces de poder disponer de una libertad tan esencial como esa, que libertad esperamos tener en una sociedad construida por unos pocos para todas las masas de la sociedad? De que nos sirve escondernos de la realidad? Pues como vamos viendo de nada.

El núcleo de la discusión impuesto es el siguiente. Para los grupos naturistas, el nudismo es una ideología —para lo que acuden incluso a la definición que la RAE da de la palabra— cuya forma de exteriorización (estar desnudo) y su práctica debe entenderse amparada por el derecho a la libertad ideológica “y no puede en modo alguno limitarse por ordenanzas municipales”. Y al formar parte de un derecho fundamental, los poderes públicos solo podrían limitarlo por ley orgánica. Continued…Read full original article…

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The link between naturism and yoga

Why do many naturists practice yoga and are many yogis interested in naturism?

Well, that’s simple. Both lifestyles are for women who had their puberty in the late sixties, took way too much acid, engaged on a lifetime search for enlightment and swore never to shave their armpits again. That’s it. End of story.

At least, that’s what we thought until we became interested in those lifestyles.

Only recently we figured out that both lifestyles actually have a huge common ground and suddenly it became clear why we mingle so easily. It’s for the same reasons why car mechanics are often race pilots, why vegans are into animal protection and why people who like wearing white socks join a tennis club. It’s in our genes. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

The Naked in Nature Movement
There’s a new movement taking the hiking community by storm: the naked in nature movement. While yes, it’s partly about shedding your clothes and baring your bits, at its core it is all about promoting positive body image. And I’m all for it!

I was first introduced to this movement when a fellow hiker posted about the topless movement in Arizona. A group of women had started taking their tops off at certain hiking destinations in the state, and posing for photos with a bare back. This had me intrigued. Were these women simply looking for attention? Or was there another reason they were unveiling their breasts?

Turns out, the only attention they wanted was to shine light on body positivity. Instagram accounts like @getyourassintonature, @unlikelyhikers and @fatgirlshikeing are changing the way we see ourselves, our bodies and the way we look at others. They help remind us that our bodies are not just tools of pleasure or something to be gawked at. Our bodies are instruments to help us navigate the backcountry, climb mountains and carry 35lb packs on our backs. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Pink Hat Hiker

2 weeks ago

The “Naked in the Wilderness” Principle

We believe that naturists experience the wilderness, the natural world, and each other, at a more elemental level. Nudity is a state of being, no more no less. Removing barriers is fundamental to that natural connection, be they mental barriers, societal burdens, emotional struggles, or, yes, clothing. Just as nothing between the soil and our feet, the sun on the skin, is so grounding, so it is true with each of us meeting free of the preconceptions that come with our modern world. When we shed our cloths, we also shed the image we have consciously or subconsciously created and struggle to maintain. When free from those constraints, all that will manifest is our unique human personality, with all our charms and failings intact, as natural as the fields and waters we travel upon. Just as our bodies reflect our great diversity, our past struggles, scars, and joyous hopes, so our unique personalities are freed to meet each other from a place of harmony.

Naked in the wilderness is not just something we like to say, it is really what sustains us. The wilderness can be anywhere because it is the coming together, creating openness and the corresponding vulnerableness that leads to acceptance. Not just of our bodies, but our place in this universe. We perceive the earth with all our senses. We perceive each other through spirit.

When you stand before nature, and each other, and affirmatively declare, “Here I am, in this time and in this space” and see your existence validated by the woods, the water, the wind, as well as each member of this community, that is when we find our true life-joy. That is where we relax and settle into our being and find peace. Continued…Read full original article…

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Food in the nude: Paris gets its first naked restaurant
The restaurant is appropriately named O’naturel and can be found on rue de Gravelle in the 12th arrondissement.

And it’s opening to the public on Friday, after what the managers considered to be a successful soft opening on Thursday, reported Le Parisien newspaper.

Woman with Jelly CandyDepositphotos
Woman with Jelly Candy

“Tonight, we only had the members of the Paris Naturist Association. They’ve supported us from the beginning, and we reserved our first soirée for them,” restaurant manager Mike and Stephane Saada told the paper. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Local, France

2 weeks ago

‘How photographing naturists helped me to love my body’
Amelia Allen went from fashion to fully-naked, and here’s what she learnt.

When you think of naturists, you probably cringe in horror remembering the time you went skinny dipping after a few too many sangrias.

But as photographer Amelia Allen’s new book Naked Britain points out, naturism is something that’s happening in Britain right now; and though you might not think it, encompasses every shape, age, colour and career.

Amelia Allen

Here, she explains how shadowing British Naturism clubs for two years changed her perception of ‘beauty’, and helped her learn to love her body.

“I’ve been a fashion photographer for quite a few years”, she told Cosmopolitan UK. “And I spend a lot of time photographing what you would call ‘conventional beauty’ and ‘aesthetically pleasing models’ to promote clothes. I enjoy that industry; it’s fun and creative, but if you leave that bubble, you realise how warped it can make your perception of the human body. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

What if Nudism were a Religion?
What if nudism were a religion? What if the practice of ”Nudism” were considered equal to the practice of Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Abrahamic religion or any of the other many religions that exist today?

If nudism were a religion then surely I could no longer claim to be an atheist. I’d be attending Nudist Church every Sunday and even volunteering my time towards the church on other days of the week. Heck, I’d even be interested in becoming a nudist preacher!

Some people reading this might answer that it is against the law to be naked in public, or that they would be offended if they saw a naked human body.

First of all, if nudism were a religion, then being naked in public could no longer be considered a criminal offence, or else it would amount to a clear case of religious persecution by the state. In Canada for example – where I am from – the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that everyone has the freedom of conscience and religion. Hence, if ”Nudism” were a religion, forcing a ”Nudist” to put on clothes would be like asking a Sikh to remove his turban or a Muslim woman to remove her hijab. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

My first time : Connie
Our posts ‘My first time’, also published as ‘My nude debut’, has been a popular, if irregular series at SLN, and draw on reports we receive, or commission, as to our readers first experiences of naturism in its broadest sense.

They seem to be like buses 🙂 you wait for ages and two come along at once!

Here’s the first of two recently received reports, the first from Floridian reader Connie, about her first experiences of skiing dipping in her parents’ pool with a friend and, later in the week, there’ll be another in this ongoing, irregular series, following an inworld conversation I had with an avatar at a naturist sim.


Hi, I’m Connie, from Vero Beach, Florida. Or I was, 10 years ago as a middle teen. My nudist experience comes from I was living with my Mom in Florida. My parents are divorced and my Dad lives in Tampa now. Mom still lives in Vero Beach, but I’m now resident in Kissimmee after university there, finding a job after university and then marrying. I’m 25 now and the proud Mom of my own baby son. About 10 years ago, I was 15 going 16, my parents split up and Dad moved away. It was an amicable divorce and Mom got the house, complete with pool. At the time my Mom was young enough to think about dating again (she eventually married a boyfriend she met in that time) so used to go out every Friday night. I was pretty young, but she had enough faith in me for me to be at home if I had a friend over for a sleepover most Fridays.

Olivia would come over and stay until Saturday lunchtime when Mom drove her home, so we’d go home from school on a Friday afternoon, Mom would fix us some food, and we’d change into our bikinis and laze by the pool.

The sun would go down but it’s Florida, still warm enough to sit out in a bikini until midnight and beyond it you want to in the summer months.. Which was what we did. We’d put on some music, order a pizza or light up the BBQ, cook some food and chill. We’d swim a bit. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

A naturist’s view on clothing
What? Clothing? Yes. It’s the stuff we have to hang around ourselves in most of our daily lives to be ‘acceptable’.

You know, the comfortable stuff that can make sitting, walking and moving so unpleasant. It’s something the world has bestowed upon us all for the sake of ‘decency’ and ‘normality’. Because everyone’s born dressed, right? 😉

Why textile?

First of course there’s the obvious reason. Staying warm. Contrary to popular belief that should be the reason for our fabric prisons. Not fashion, not being hip, not being pretty. Staying warm. I’ve seen people take that to extremes. Imagine a summer day, nice and toasty, of about 30C / 86F. You’re sweating because it’s so warm, despite you are down to the bare acceptable minimum. And then you see someone on a bicycle in long pants, a sweater and… a coat. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

Rethinking Strategies When Encountering Others

Jbee and DF choose naturism and nudity. We feel free and natural, healthy, and wholesome. We are more aware, more in the moment, more spiritually free, when we are naked. We don’t wear clothing, unless we feel the need. We go nude, whenever that is possible. It is fun, cooler in the heat and altogether positive.

“Have a great day!”
“Have a great day!”

We are liberated and free to be nude in our domestic lives and in some social settings where we can be casually nude among friends. We do what we can to live in liberation. Above all, we love the naturism of camping and hiking. We seek remote places to explore with our bodies, mindfulness, and meditations. We experiment with the wonderment of our natural world, its relationship with our own nature and our spiritual consciousness. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

What is it about being naked?

Come on, it continues to blow my mind, what is it really about being naked and nudism? We all have a body. All women are made the same way, all men too. Of course, some are fatter, thiner, bigger, smaller, darker, lighter, etc. However, we are all coming from the same mold (we share all a lot of the same DNA).

Therefore, the body you are looking in the mirror when you are naked is not very different from another body you could look at when naked. So what the fuss around naked bodies? Well, it’s just the way society wants us to rethink our relationship with our body: money and shame! You need to be ashamed so you can spend money, on clothing, on religion, on stupid useless stuff. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

Wanting the clothes-free life

Dear Annie: I’m a man in my 30s who is a nudist at heart. Though I enjoy doing things clothes-free, my wife, “Jamie,” does not. Jamie has gone with me to a nude beach — and “participated” — only once, and that was as a gift for my quitting smoking.

Jamie reluctantly allows me to attend one nudist event a year, but I have found myself wanting to do more — doing online research about different nudist sites in my area.

I know that Jamie would not want to go to any nudist events herself — though I would love it if she changed her mind — so I’m trying to figure out how best to broach the topic of my wanting to go alone.

The problem is that she, like so many others, mistakenly believes that naturism is a sexual thing. For me and the vast majority of nudists, it’s not. I simply enjoy the freedom of being able to be outside naked. Also, most nudists are quite a bit older than I am. Continued…Read full original article…

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2 weeks ago

How to Take a Boy Into the Locker Room Without Scarring Him
You have to talk about it, but it doesn’t have to be weird.

At some point in your young son’s life, he will accompany you for the first time into a locker room. The experience won’t be particularly noteworthy for you because you’re a grown man who’s been to a pool or a gym or experienced summer camp or gym class or life on Earth, which sometimes involves lockers, in general. But, for your son, it has the potential to be awkward or downright frightening to suddenly be surrounded by strange men in various degrees of undress if you haven’t had a basic conversation with him about human bodies. Fortunately, that conversation is easily had and easily understood by your toddler, who can process and handle more than you might think. Unfortunately, that conversation might make you feel weird. But it’s only weird if you make it weird.

Think of the locker room as a teaching opportunity — a classroom for casual nudity, healthy body image, and sexual understanding. “When you boil it down, it’s a discussion about body parts. It’s really easy,” says Stacey Honowitz, supervisor of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit for the Florida State Attorney’s office and author of Genius With a Penis, Don’t Touch. “It comes down to logic and common sense. It’s when you hide it, when you shelter kids from things, that they become unaware and you run into problems.” Still, like any good lesson, some prep-work is needed to drive it home. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

The irony with textile colonies

It’s quite interesting how within the textile colonies, that it’s ok to sell products by sex appeal. Violence is all over the television with beheadings, people getting their brains shot off; even games promote the same concept.

Yet, a simple display nudity that shows a nipple, butt crack, the penis, vagina on TV or in public — people lose their minds and freak out. in some cases, being barefoot in public people lose their minds.

It’s time for people to rethink the very way you were brainwashed and re-train your track of mind for at least just one second before skipping the rest of this article. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

What Are the Chances?!

Depending on your belief system, many people, would agree with this statement — the events in our life are the result of free will, values, circumstances, and coincidences. In other words, I see an old friend at a store simply because of a series of events, choices, and circumstances that brought us together at that place and that moment. When you stop and think about it, it’s amazing. Change any single variable, even slightly, and everything changes. We usually acknowledge that with something along the lines of “what are the chances”?!

I definitely agree with that statement but I’m also a firm believer of the “everything happens for a reason” theory. Call it the work of God, karma, or fate. But sometimes, I just feel like there is another force at work shaping or guiding our lives along the way. So, I guess I’m a hybrid of the two schools of thought.

Our naturist life is no different than any other segment of our lives. Maybe part of it is free will, choices, circumstances, and coincidences. Maybe portions aren’t. Like I said, it depends of what you believe. But when reflecting on some of the significant naturist events in my life and how they came to be, I have many worthy of contemplation. But one stands out among all others. And it is a life impacting event, not one confined to naturism. It’s the forces that brought Mrs Naturistthoughts and I together. Continued…Read full original article…

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3 weeks ago

Nude Days & Non-Nude Days

As I’ve said before, I’m not a 365/24/7 naturist. Simply put, some days I’m in a nude mood, others I’m not. I know some nudists proclaim a desire to be nude everywhere, all the time. Ok, that’s fine. Not really practical I’d say but hey, it’s good to have a goal right?

I certainly understand their motivation. Being nude is wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy all the sensations it provides? But…..sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes I don’t feel well. Sometimes, I just have other priorities.

But I do find it interesting how some days I genuinely want to be nude. I’m sure there is some kind of hormone or chemical in the brain that turns the nude switch on for me, but it definitely provides a different mindset. Continued…Read full original article…

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Young Woman Finds Great-Great Grandmother’s Nude Photos From 1890
And People Are Freaking Out

Christmas is a time for family and festivities, but for one young woman, it was a time of great discovery.

A Tumblr user who goes by the name of “Gallusrostromegalus” on the site saw a picture online that poked fun at women today.

The photo was a meme and it joked that women back in the 1800s and 1900s were much more modest than women are now.

Flickr: simpleinsomnia

Once she saw it, she recalled one Christmas she’ll never forget. She happened to come across some revealing photos of her great-great-grandmother that were taken in 1890 couldn’t help but disagree with with

Naturally, the story was so funny, she had to post it online for others to enjoy — and boy did people respond to it! While people everywhere are tickled by her story, she didn’t share the original photos themselves — they may have just been too private! Continued…Read full original article…

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