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These 8 People Posed Nude To Show That Body Positivity Is For Everyone

Warning: nudity ahead in this very wholesome and affirming ode to loving the skin we’re in.

Every year, Toronto’s Now magazine proves that all bodies are good bodies with its Love Your Body issue.

In it, a diverse group of people pose nude and talk about their relationships with their bodies, all in the spirit of body positivity.

For the 2020 issue, eight people bared all — emotionally and physically — in the name of self-love.

The cover model is Leisse Wilcox, a podcaster and life coach who is in remission from breast cancer and decided not to have breast reconstruction surgery.

“I was really hungry for beautiful images of women who had also had mastectomies. Nikki McKean did a campaign with Knix, and I was like, oh my god, here’s this beautiful woman — I’m gonna look like that! It was such a redefinition of beauty, and I wanted to pay that forward. Now any chance I have to share that awareness of what bodies look like and what people of value look like — which, spoiler alert, is everyone — I jump at the chance.”

Leisse Wilcox
Samuel Engelking Leisse Wilcox

Mackenzie Kundakcioglu is a nonbinary, transmasculine barber who loves to fuck with gender but struggles with body image.

Mackenzie Kundakcioglu
Samuel Engelking Mackenzie Kundakcioglu

“Coming out as trans involved a shedding of the expected femininity. When I stopped shaving my legs, there were two days of anxiety, and on the third, I realized nobody cares. That was very freeing. I also had an idea of how I would look post-transition that did not pan out. I’m still heavy-set. The interaction between beer and testosterone meant the beer gut came 30 years earlier than it does for most cis men. I went through a rise, a very deep valley and then plateaued. I’m still getting used to the balance.”

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Source: Buzzfeed News

Original publication 13 January, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 8th February 2020

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People with cancer have posed for beautiful portraits to own their mastectomy scars as a show of strength against the disease

So empowering.

Sixteen incredible men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer have taken part in an empowering photoshoot for Stand Up To Cancer, giving an honest and unfiltered look at the disease.

The inspiring project, called Defiance, has been released as part of Stand Up To Cancer, a joint fundraising campaign from Cancer Research UK and Channel 4, and aims to showcase the gritty and raw reality of cancer. These men and women have embraced scars and changes to their bodies, big or small, as a show of strength against the disease.

Stand Up To Cancer

Shot by photographer Ami Barwell, the project is a follow-up to her Mastectomy series in 2017. Following an outpouring of positive responses to her previous photographs, Ami has broadened this series beyond mastectomy scars, to reflect a diverse range of experiences and we’re so here for it.

Speaking about the poignant series, she said: “To me, Defiance is an act of rebellion. Cancer isn’t pretty, it can be dark, painful and destructive. But we aren’t playing to cancer’s rules. These people are strong, beautiful and, most of all, defiant.

“My previous Mastectomy series was inspired by my mum, who has had breast cancer twice, and a mastectomy, so this was a subject very close to my heart. I wanted to raise as much awareness for breast cancer as possible, showing women baring their scars in a series of gritty and honest portraits. I received an overwhelmingly positive response, with emails from women worldwide explaining how my photographs had inspired them and given them strength. For many, these were the first photographs they’d seen showing women post-mastectomy as beautiful, sexy, strong and amazing. I knew I had to carry on raising awareness with Stand Up To Cancer and empowering people through my photographs.”

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Source: Glamour

Original publication 14 October, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 9th November 2019

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Know the benefits of acroyoga naturista (Brazil)

How about doing a physical activity that involves yoga concentration and posture, with acrobatics and, to complete, Thai massage movements? All these features can be found in the naturist acroyoga!

The technique has long been famous among celebrities, but the goal of high demand is all the benefits that exercise can bring to your body, body and mind. Do you want to include a different practice in your routine? Naturopathic yoga instructor Fred Schinke reveals the benefits of naturopathic acroyoga.

Unlike most sports that aim only at overcoming results, the naturist acroyoga provides much deeper physical and mental work. The first point is that you need a partner to perform the fundamental movements of the technique, which means working together and especially mutual trust. In this way, the technique helps you overcome fears, insecurities and deal better with others, perfect for those who are shy or have anxiety and depression.

Not to mention that your body also benefits from this exercise. All movements help strengthen muscles by working the abdomen, arms, legs and spine.

Acroyoga grace and balance

If you are already a yoga practitioner, even better, since you will have more strength and flexibility to perform acro movements. But that does not prevent inexperienced people from practicing the technique. Sport is welcome for all people, but before starting, it is essential to consult a doctor to see if everything is fine with your joints, spine and overall health. And be sure to ask the expert if he is free to practice the exercise!

There are positions that are essential for this activity. However, it is important to always practice them with caution, without exceeding the limits of your body and with the help of a professional in the field.

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Source: Naturismo Peru

Original publication 10 October, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 14th October 2019

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Full frontal nudity

Guys, here’s a nice experiment for your next Friday evening in the bar: Suddenly shove a picture of a full frontal nude picture of a woman under the eyes of the guy next to you. Well, you don’t actually have to try it, we all know what’s going to happen. Some will tell you about how they’ll go through the Kamasutra with her, some will pretend they didn’t see it and others will start giggling like a little girl.

Now try the same with a full frontal nude picture of a man…

In some cases the sexual comments may remain but the chances on some swear words or a black eye suddenly rise.

Why is that? It’s just a naked body.

A pair of naturists climb on a fence and stand together with hands in the air

“Oh men”, our female readers will sigh when they read this, but we encourage you to perform the same experiment on your next girls night. The naked man may receive some comments on his shape and size but the red cheeks will be there as well. When the naked woman appears, depending on her body shape she may be either brave, a slut or a show off.

We are not used to see full frontal nudity in our daily life. As naturists we have seen thousands of naked bodies but only on moments and in places where we expected them. In the sauna, on the nude beach or during our last nakation in Greece. But we’d also look twice if we saw a naked person in front of us at the grocery store.

Porn addicts watch naked people in compromising situations for hours a day and yet they’ll immediately click away the pop-up of the half naked woman when they try to download the latest Tarantino movie.

Seeing the obvious in moments when it’s not that obvious suddenly makes it all a bit strange.

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Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication December 18, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 4th October 2019

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Nadia Sawalha praised for defiant nude snaps as she goes skinny dipping on family holiday

Nadia Sawalha has been praised after she went skinny dipping in a defiant show against low body self-esteem while on holiday in Greece this week.

The Loose Women presenter jumped into the pool nude and couldn’t believe she’d made the plunge as she shared snaps to Instagram.

Holding her boobs in the blue water, the 54-year-old appeared to be completely naked – either that or wearing a pair of nude briefs in the pool.

But it was the message of her dip that has inspired many.

‘Whole next level in body confidence for me!!! I can’t believe it but I only swam flaming naked in the flaming pool today !!! This has never happened!! #liberating,’ she wrote over the weekend.

‘Poor @mark_adderley‘s eyes nearly popped out of his head!! He literally squeaked ‘your naked ‘ [sic]😂😂😂 and then took these snaps! God it felt good to swim totally free!!

‘I’m not going to lie I would love to say I leapt out and pranced around the pool but in truth I nearly drowned trying to get my bikini back on IN the pool!! Not quite ready to haul myself up the steps in my birthday suit!!! Maybe next year eh girls!!’

She continued: ‘God why oh why are us Brits so hung up about nudity?! It’s been the bane of my life!

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Source: Metro

Original publication 16 Sep 2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th September 2019

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1,000 Families Project: Naked Among The Oak Trees—A Mom Of Two Embraces Naturism
In this family, mom practises naturism and enjoys hanging out in the nude with her two naked little cherubs. Dad? He’d rather keep his clothes on.

Never had I imagined I would become a naturist overnight. But after visiting Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in East Gwilliumbury, Ontario, that is exactly what happened.

I moved to the area six short years ago, and must have passed the highway sign more than a hundred times. Each time I thought, “‘I wonder what it’s like, I wish I had the nerve to bare it all in public.”

Naturism—for those who don’t know—is the practice and advocacy of personal and social nudity. I would soon find out there are different degrees of being a naturist. Some people are recreational naturists, and others refer to it as a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.

In this family, mom practises naturism and enjoys hanging out in the nude with her two naked little cherubs. Dad? He’d rather keep his clothes on.

Here is how naturism found me. I had been passing that naturism highway sign for nearly two years until I realized that the only thing stopping me from following my curiosity was a thin layer of cotton fabric on a hot summer day.

I opened my backyard door and let the rays shine in. This day was too perfect not to be naked. I immediately packed up sunscreen, towel and, oh yes, my five-month-old son. I wasn’t going to brave this invigorating experience alone, and it was nothing he hadn’t seen before.

When I arrived at Bare Oaks it was like a hidden gem tucked away. There were naked people on lawn chairs, walking around, working there etc. Here I was in all of my clothing feeling more uncomfortable to be clothed than ever before. I soon changed out of my clothes and strapped my infant son to my chest in his carrier. I felt like we were in this together and that he was a shield from my body being completely exposed.

After only three short hours I was hooked. The people, the atmosphere, the sensations of feeling water, sand and sun against my body—I would never look at clothes the same way.

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Source: The New Family

Original publication JANUARY 10, 2017

Posted on NatCorn 17th September 2019

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I Walk Around Naked as Much as Possible
I used to hide my body under towels, bathing suits, and oversize sweatshirts. Now I prefer not to cover it with anything at all.

My skin is happiest when there is no fabric trying to bunch into its crevices. Deciding what to wear is a nuisance, and if I’m bloated, everything looks strained. If I have to pee quickly, it’s pleasant not having to unclasp, unbutton, or untangle. Sex is easiest without clothes.

I love being naked.

Luckily, I live on an acre of land and can walk to pretty much any part of the property without my white hiney and drained, breastfeeding boobs being spotted by human eyes (the squirrels can’t get enough). An unexpected delivery truck did once pull up the driveway when I was taking out the trash, my body unadorned with clothing — it was awkward.

I have no desire to join a nudist colony — I wouldn’t know where to look when talking to someone. But I do wish clothing never became a “thing.” At least in Southern California, where it is usually warm enough to make clothing optional. If we never became accustomed to wearing clothes, it wouldn’t be rude to stare at someone’s different-colored nipples during a debate about the weather.

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Source: Cosmopolitan

Original publication NOV 3, 2015

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Hot Topics: Nudity for Sport – Why public nude swimming is good for your confidence
Across the UK there are various naturist swimming pools, where you can swim amongst other naked people.

Before you completely rule it out, consider the positive impacts that nude swimming may have on your self-confidence.

A recent scientific study has shown that people who are naked in a social setting have higher self-esteem than the rest of the population

General relaxation and relief;

  • An escape from the repression of modern, daily life;
  • You have more skin (all of it, in fact) exposed to sunlight and, therefore, more Vitamin D – a vitamin recognised at government level as so significantly lacking for the majority of people in the UK that it is the only supplement nationally recommended;
  • When you swim naked, there is no soggy fabric sticking into every crease, no swimming costumes left getting colder and more uncomfortable the longer out of the water you are and no scratchy material to rub against your skin and irritate it;
  • Your naked skin also dries much quicker;
  • Think of the all-over suntan!;
  • Being naked in the company of others helps our perceptions of what constitutes a healthy body – we’re all very different and subscribing solely to mediated images is very unhealthy.

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Source: Give Me Sport

Original publication 12/08/19

Posted on NatCorn 28th August 2019

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Naturist couple reveal how taking their clothes off helped them find contentment

A woman who has been in a wheelchair since 2010 said being naked in social settings has helped her feel good about her body for the first time in a decade.

Sixty-eight-year-old Joy Batley, from Wymondham, said she had always enjoyed the feeling of going without clothes, but had only felt confident enough to do so alone at home.

Following a period of illness in 2010, the former-nurse started using a wheelchair for mobility, and said the weight gain she experienced as a result had a big impact on her confidence.

Les Ford and Joy Batley regularly attend naturist events in Norfolk
Les Ford
Les Ford
Les Ford and Joy Batley regularly attend naturist events in Norfolk

But in 2012, when she met Les Ford, 57, also from Wymondham, that began to change.

Mr Ford has been a naturist for more than 30 years, first experiencing the lifestyle in his 20s, when he visited Holkham beach, a well-known nudist spot in north Norfolk, while on holiday with his brother.

Since then he has been an active member of the Norfolk naturist community, regularly attending meet-ups at friends’ houses to play petanque and catch up over dinner.

Ms Batley said she was apprehensive when her partner first invited her to join him at an event, but went along out of curiosity.

She said: “As soon as I met the others I realised it wasn’t about how I looked. Nobody cares if you’re fat or thin, they care if you’re friendly. For the first time since I started using a wheelchair people talked to me, rather than addressing whoever I was with.”

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Source: Eastern Daily Press

Original publication 12 August 2019

Posted on NatCorn 27th August 2019

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“From prudist to nudist: I got naked for a naturist swimming session and this is my honest review”
Stylist’s digital writer Megan Murray has never been nude in public before – until now, that is. Here’s what happened when she decided to bare all for the first time ever.

Everyone has had some variation of the same nightmare at some point in their lives. You know the one I mean: it starts with you walking down the street, or doing a presentation at work, or even back at school, blissfully untroubled by the state of your clothing.

Then, all of a sudden, a cold realisation creeps over you: you’re naked, nude, completely starkers – and you’re begging for the ground to swallow you up. Like I say, I’m pretty sure everyone has had the same nightmare at least once.

"As I’d never been naked in public before, and had no idea what to expect..."
“As I’d never been naked in public before, and had no idea what to expect…”

If you haven’t, though, I’m sure you can at least empathise – everything in the world around us has taught us that being naked is terrifying, embarrassing, vulnerable.

And, for most of us, the thought of parading down a poolside in the buff is enough to bring on a stress rash. So when I, a nude novice, was asked to attend weekly two-hour naturist swimming session at Energybase Gym in Bloomsbury, London (all in the name of journalism, of course), I found myself flooded with dread.

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Source: Stylist

Original publication 08 Aug 2019

Posted on NatCorn 20th August 2019

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An eye-opening hour at Kent’s little-known nudist beach on the Isle of Sheppey
The naturist hotspot at Shellness is a short distance from Leysdown

A short distance away from Leysdown beach lies a hidden stretch of shore.

For those in the know, Shellness is one of the most popular nudist beaches in the UK.

It is a true naturist hotspot.

We thought we’d pay it a visit to find out what it’s really like.

Welcome to Swale Naturist Beach
Welcome to Swale Naturist Beach

As I drove past the main beach at Leysdown, I wondered just how far down the beaten track I would have to go to find it.

The answer was a further half mile of undulating, pothole-pitted, tyre-scraping, off-piste road.

No-one would come down this lane by accident.

Parking my car next to a dozen or so others, I walked up the grass bank to catch a first glimpse of the sea.

The sea was not what I saw first.

Beyond a sign welcoming me to the Swale Naturist Beach strolled a man in nothing but flip-flops without a care in the world.

I walked further in to take in my surroundings.

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Source: KentLive

Original publication 6 AUG 2019

Posted on NatCorn 18th August 2019

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Could naturism be the answer to body confidence?
Robbie Gauld is softly spoken, and the retired grandfather can often be found exploring walking routes across Scotland.

He has recently returned from a hiking trip in Orkney and is the master of packing light for trips away.

Four T-shirts don’t take up that much space in his camper van, with the added benefit of saving on washing.

Alford naturist Robbie Gauld at home.
Kami Thomson
Kami Thomson
Alford naturist Robbie Gauld at home.

His wardrobe may seem sparse, but Robbie seldom has cause to wear clothes in the first place.

He has been a naturist for decades and seeks out isolated walking routes in a bid to indulge his passion.

From hiking in the buff to pottering around naked at his home in Alford, not wearing any clothes is part of his daily routine.

Robbie is well aware that his hobby is perhaps the last taboo in a society which shares everything online.

From analysing our sex lives to joking about bodily functions, we’ve come a long way from feeling bashful about the human body.

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Source: Press and Journal

Original publication August 4, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 13th August 2019

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“Why nudity is the most important (and primal) form of self-expression”
“There is something ultimately freeing and grounding about being yourself in your truest, most natural form”

How often are you naked? And by naked we mean well and truly stripped of your clothes and shoes, à la Rachel from Friends dancing naked around her empty apartment.

Most of us probably don’t spend copious amounts of time in our most natural state, but being naked can be both freeing and an important form of self-expression – as Amy Redmond, creative director of club night Sink The Pink, knows all too well.

“When we’re naked we are literally stripped bare to the elements, and our true selves,” she tells stylist.co.uk.

Redmond has had plenty of experience with nudity, having grown up visiting nudist beaches with her family.

“There is comfort and nostalgia in remembering my grandma’s comfortable, soft boobs, and now I’ve had a baby and breastfed I have the same boobs!” she says. “Being naked gives me comfort and makes me feel entirely at ease.”

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Source: Stylist

Original publication 20 Sep 2018

Posted on NatCorn 9th August 2019

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Topless sunbathing in France falls out of vogue amid harassment, ogling by men, and health concerns
– One in five Frenchwomen under 50 said they still sunbathed topless, compared to 28 per cent a decade ago and 43 per cent in 1984

– The current heatwave has also reignited debate around the full-body Islamic burkini swimsuit

Once widespread in France, topless sunbathing is going out of fashion, a survey has shown, with fears about harassment, body image and health seen as prompting a trend to cover up more at the beach.

Fewer than one in five Frenchwomen under 50 said they sported a “monokini”, compared to 28 per cent a decade ago and 43 per cent in 1984, according to the survey by French pollster Ifop.

Topless sunbathing is going out of fashion in France.
Topless sunbathing is going out of fashion in France.

Young women aged 18 to 25 said harassment, criticism of their bodies and being ogled by men were their biggest barriers to going topless.
And while France may be the country of liberty, equality and fraternity, Frenchwomen are more shy than their European neighbours about stripping off at the beach, compared to Spaniards (48 per cent) and Germans (34 per cent).

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Source: South China Morning Post

Original publication 30 Jul, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 6th August 2019

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Nudist Mothers And Daughters Free From Body Issues.

Heaven. Outright Paradise. Those were the main words when recollecting my day at Rock Lodge nudist club that were satisfactory to portray my experience and all in a concise visit to this supernatural asylum.

“Pressing light?” my significant other kidded with me as I put my sarong, towel and cap in my canvas shoreline pack. Prominently missing a bathing suit, I grinned. I had needed to visit Rock Lodge all late spring – a nudist heaven – lovely lake, picturesque climbing trails, untamed life and nature in plenitude and the alternative to be completely garments free. I had offered to train a stripped yoga class at 11:30 am that day and after a couple of wrong turns on my experience there, I arrived in the nick of time for the class.

I was euphoria filled to see a wide scope of yogis in the class, as old as seventy and as youthful as seven, each praising their body and the soul of yoga sans garments. In my yoga practice up to this point, bare yoga had been about deliberately taking off garments and the personalities behind them and in this manner finding another, more profound layer of opportunity that isn’t commonly accessible in the hurried city of New York City living.

Nonetheless, presently I was looked with a gathering of individuals who previously had that layer of opportunity accessible. There was no stripping function. These amazing yogis were at that point in festivity of their body, adored yoga and wore whatever garments at Rock Lodge that felt suitable right now, including, regularly, nothing by any stretch of the imagination. Sitting, ruminating, Om-ing with this network, I thought – paradise is genuinely here on earth. This is what a world resembles when we are free of disgrace, blame and dread.

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Source: Nudist Blog

Original publication July 27, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 5th August 2019

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