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Full of lovely paintings that might lead you astray: The Renaissance Nude reviewed
Even during the heyday of Michelangelo and Raphael depictions of naked human bodies were not necessarily all about art

Early in the 16th century, Fra Bartolomeo painted an altarpiece of St Sebastian for the church of San Marco in Florence. Though stuck full of arrows, the martyr was, according to Vasari, distinctly good-looking in this picture: ‘sweet in countenance, and likewise executed with corresponding beauty of person’. By and by the friars of San Marco discovered through the confessional that this image was giving rise to ‘light and evil thoughts’ among women in the congregation.

‘Vanity’, c.1485–90, by Hans Memling, left, and ‘Hell’, 1450, by Dirk Bouts, right.
‘Vanity’, c.1485–90, by Hans Memling, left, and ‘Hell’, 1450, by Dirk Bouts, right.

It was removed and eventually sold to the King of France (who was presumably less bothered by that sort of thing). So even during the heyday of Michelangelo and Raphael depictions of human bodies without any clothes were not necessarily all about art. This is one of the themes of The Renaissance Nude, a truly marvellous exhibition at the Royal Academy. This show is packed with lovely things to look at. There are beautiful bodies aplenty, and the roster of artists includes many of the great names in painting and sculpture — Dürer, Titian, Raphael, Signorelli, Memling. As a visitor, that’s really all you need to know.

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Source: The Spectator

Original publication 23 March 2019

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Why naturism is good for children
Its regular practice improves self-esteem and acceptance of one's own and another's body, as well as inculcating respect towards others and the environment

Eider is a 22-year-old girl from Bilbao who has practiced naturism since her memory reaches her, when as a child she ran naked on the beach with her parents. He just paused "when he was the age of the turkey", because of his own body's shame, until at 16 he enjoyed it again because it gives him "an inner peace, a feeling that you are part of nature as you are . I have been lucky that my aitas instilled this to me: it is a human body and nothing else ". Among the benefits that are associated with the usual exercise of nudityis not only that of a more natural acceptance of the human body (own and foreign), but also a better self-esteem, a greater ecological awareness, respect towards oneself and towards others and even a healthier mind, so it does not exist no reason for the little ones not to do it freely. "When children are young, it is when they have to be taught that it is natural. It has an important educational component that school does not give you, "says Ibán, father of Eider. And Ismael Rodrigo, president of the Naturist Federation of Spain and advisor to the International Human Rights Foundation, adds that "depriving children of the vision of natural nudity transmits a disastrous ideology: that there are parts of the human body that are bad, that should be hidden, even if the parents do not realize it.

"Nudity must begin at home, in the bosom of the family," he continues. "At bath time it's an easy time. Although it is better to extend as much as possible, especially in summer. When you get home, take off not only shoes and part of the clothes, but all of them and place towels on sofas and chairs. At home, your clothes are your home. " If you have a garden or terrace with an inflatable pool, do not put clothes on the children, "and if the area is discreet, do not take it ourselves. If we go to the beach, do not put clothes on the little ones. And in the changing rooms, it is better that the children enter with the mother and the girls with the father, to accustom them to the nudity of the other sex ". All this will teach them to appreciate the beauty of the body regardless of its form, a process in which the role of parents as models is fundamental.Lasexologia.com . "If parents show them that they take care of their body, that they celebrate and accept it by tolerating their" shortcomings "and appreciating" their strengths, "they are offering them a very valuable model." Eider, on the other hand, tells that from his gang of friends there are people who are naked and people who do not, "and you respect yourself the same".

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Source: El País

Original publication 2 AUG 2018

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Dozens march in the buff through San Francisco advocating for public nudity
Three dozen people in the buff paraded around San Francisco on Sunday in the fourth-annual Nude Love Parade, celebrating the human body and protesting the city's nudity ban.

The lively procession began at noon at the Jane Warner Plaza in Castro and continued to Haight and Stanyan in Golden Gate Park. Many held signs with messages supporting nudism such as "Born this way" and "Freedom of choice."

Three dozen people in the buff paraded around San Francisco on March 17, 2019, in the fourth-annual Nude Love Parade, celebrating the the human body and protesting the city's nudity ban.
Three dozen people in the buff paraded around San Francisco on March 17, 2019, in the fourth-annual Nude Love Parade, celebrating the the human body and protesting the city’s nudity ban. A. Graff

Parade organizer and nudist activist Gypsy Taub shouted out over a megaphone: "Don't believe the lie. Your body is beautiful," and "It doesn't matter what size or shape your body is, it doesn't matter what age or gender. Your body was made by God, and God doesn't make mistakes." Along the route, people stood on the sidelines snapping photos on their phones.

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Source: SFGATE

Original publication March 18, 2019

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Naked man arrested in Scottish Government car park after Victoria Quay ‘skinny-dip’
A naked man was arrested in the carpark of the Scottish Government building at Leith’s Victoria Quay - after going for an early morning swim.

A police spokesman said they received a report of concern for the naked man at about 5:35am on Thursday, March 14th after he was seen naked in the car park area at Victoria Quay.
The incident happened outside the Scottish Government building at Victoria Quay in Leith
The incident happened outside the Scottish Government building at Victoria Quay in Leith Stock image

The spokesman added: “The man was traced and confirmed he had been for a swim. He was taken to hospital as a precaution and then released. “No crime was reported and no further police action is required.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Edinburgh Evening News

Original publication 15 March 2019

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Working Naked

No, I did not forget to put pants on before heading into the office one day. I am not that out of my mind yet. It is a privilege for a select few of us, the opportunity to work from home on occasion.
No, this is not me!
No, this is not me!

In a previous job I was able to do so two or three times a week. My current position requires a more hands on approach so working from home is not something I do very often anymore. However in our modern and very connected world, no one thinks much of it if once a month I play the “have an appointment” or “the roads are terrible” game as an excuse to work from home, avoiding the office and the terrible torment of getting dressed. I hope this is something each of you gets the opportunity to try at least once in your life because being naked while working makes working much more fun. Just for fun, I thought I would document a recent work naked from home day. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Nude Canada

Original publication march 11, 2019

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Naked rambler near Lothian nursery sparks fury and bewilderment
A STUNNED passerby told of her shock after spotting a naked man strolling through West Lothian woodland.

The disbelieving dog walker managed to snap a photograph of the unexpected sight as the mystery man brazenly made his way through Invy Park in Livingston yesterday.

She warned others to steer clear of the area and expressed concern at the bizarre behaviour close to Ladywell Nursery and Inveralmond High School.

The man was snapped walking in a patch of woodland in Livingston.
The man was snapped walking in a patch of woodland in Livingston.

“I couldn’t believe it. I am baffled – mentally scarred,” said the mother who took the photograph.

“I walk there regularly with my dogs as do others it’s more the fact school kids use that same track to get to the school wouldn’t want my daughter seeing something like that.”

She said she wanted to “raise awareness” and avoid anyone else inadvertently stumbling across the naked walker.

He was snapped wearing nothing apart from a pair of shoes and socks, with a bag slung over one shoulder.

Bemused posters took to social media to speculate the dark-haired man’s motives for his lack of attire in temperatures of around five degrees. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Scotsman

Original publication 05 March 2019

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Naked Penketh cyclist defended by British Naturism
NATURISTS have defended a man who was seen riding a bike naked in Penketh – claiming the cyclist had committed no crime.

Residents reported a male cycle with no clothes on near to Fiddlers Ferry Boat Yard and Penketh Mount on Sunday afternoon.

Cheshire Police confirmed that it was investigating these reports.

But British Naturism – a members organisation which promotes naturism in the UK – believes that the man was acting innocently.

It cited the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which states that naturists are free to roam in the nude as long as no malice is intended.

A man was seen riding a bike naked near to the Ferry Tavern pub on Sunday.
A man was seen riding a bike naked near to the Ferry Tavern pub on Sunday.

Andrew Welch of British Naturism said that its members were ‘horrified’ to hear the news that the cyclist had been reported to the police.

He said: “It’s an important point and it frustrates us.

“I think that there is a presumption that a naked man must be up to something, when in fact the law is now incredibly clear.

“There is no action needed unless a crime is being committed.

“Naturism – taking your clothes off specifically because you want to sunbathe or feel the air on your skin – was named as an exclusion from the Sexual Offences Act.

“A naturist just doing his or her normal thing is not committing any kind of crime.

“It doesn’t have to be behind closed doors or in a designated area – anybody can take their clothes off and be a human being without committing a crime, unless they absolutely set out to offend someone.” Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Warrington Guardian

Original publication 26th February 2019

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Me and my vulva: 100 women reveal all
First it was breasts, then penises – now photographer Laura Dodsworth has taken portraits of 100 vulvas. She tells Liv Little why.

Towards the end of last year, I published an essay about my vulva – in a book, and then in the Guardian. At 25, I’d spent years considering labiaplasty and having sex with the lights off, because of things ignorant boys had said, as well as some of my friends. I felt a deep sense of shame about my body, which over time became crippling.

‘The little mole looks like a chocolate chip.’
‘The little mole looks like a chocolate chip.’ Laura Dodsworth

It’s this shame that photographer Laura Dodsworth is aiming to overcome with her latest project, Womanhood. In a book and accompanying film for Channel 4, she tells the stories of 100 women and gender non-conforming people through portraits of their vulvas. It’s the third instalment in a series: in Bare Reality and Manhood, Dodsworth photographed and talked to people about their breasts and their penises, respectively (both stories featured in Weekend magazine). The photographer has described the series as an “unexpected triptych”; she didn’t know the project would take this direction at the start (and, when it was first suggested to her, she didn’t want it to). But the more she thought about photographing women’s vulvas, the more necessary she felt it was. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Guardian

Original publication 9 Feb 2019

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Is it nude? Fun with censorship

A couple of weeks ago a friendly follower pitched us the website #isitnude. Basically it uses artificial intelligence to figure out whether a picture contains nudity or not. Sounds familiar? If you ever had a Facebook or Instagram ban for nudity (often not legit, but that’s another story) you know exactly why we found this subject interesting. Although we don’t have proof of this, we’re pretty sure that these artificial intelligence algorithms are exactly what social media is using to figure out whether our photos are appropriate or not. Maybe after the machine check a real person does a double check, but we honestly doubt it. Based on some of the photos for which we have been banned, the big anti-nudity machine seems to be nothing more than… exactly… a machine.

We’re not going to bother you with many of the details about how this system actually works, if you want to read more about it, you can find all info Here. What it comes down to is that just like for face recognition it searches for skin patches and based on their positions and sizes the system tries to figure out whether the skin is part of one of those body parts that should remain hidden for the world (according to them, not to us). One could call it “penis recognition” or “female nipple recognition”… One term even more disturbing than the other. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication January 24, 2019

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Why Are People Ashamed of Being Naked?

Genesis tells us about the moment humans first “realized” they were naked, quickly followed by the moment they were first ashamed of being naked — but it doesn’t explain why humans were ashamed. Animals are naked (albeit furry), and for tens of thousands of years, so were human beings. So what changed — and if we wanted to, could we change back, and unlearn our shame? Recently, some British researchers attempted to find out.

Their theory is that the shame of being naked was codified in (most) human societies as a way of protecting mating pairs. (Perhaps it’s no coincidence that humans are among the few mammals that mate for life — and they’re also ashamed of being naked.) The thinking goes that humans’ natural gregariousness and need to interact outside the family group, coupled with nakedness, created too many temptations to stray from the mating pair. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Mental Floss

Original publication MARCH 11, 2009

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Central Bank Removes Nude Art

The Central Bank of Iceland has decided to remove a classic painting by the famous Icelandic painter, Gunnlaugur Blöndal, after a staff member of the bank complained about the painting’s explicit content. The complaint was filed amidst the #metoo movement last year.

Fréttablaðið reported that a staff member thought the painting, which depicts a topless woman, was inappropriate and asked if it was possible to stop displaying it. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Reyjavik Grapevine

Original publication January 21, 2019

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Más allá de Facebook e Instagram: ¿Por qué se censura el cuerpo femenino?
Pixon Project denuncia, con ironía, lo absurdo de censurar los pezones femeninos.

Claudia jugó con los límites de Instagram… y perdió. O perdió a medias, porque encontró un nuevo enfoque para su arte. Eso, y una comunidad entera de creadores que han convertido las redes sociales en su campo de batalla en la lucha contra la censura del cuerpo. Del femenino, sobre todo. Porque en Internet, el paraíso de la pornografía gratuita y accesible para cualquiera con una conexión, el desnudo de la mujer sigue siendo tabú, y el castigo consiste en eliminarlo.

Hay anacronismos que surgen de otros anacronismos. Si lo de quemar sujetadores nos suena muy sesentero, que esa imagen naciera de una de esas fake news tan siglo XXI no es menos chocante. 7 de septiembre, año 1968, un grupo de mujeres se manifiesta a las puertas del centro de convenciones de Atlantic City. Dentro se celebra el certamen de Miss América. En plena explosión de la llamada Segunda Ola Feminista, la traca final de la protesta prometía ser una gran pira en la que se quemaran los “instrumentos de tortura contra la mujer”, con el sujetador como eje central. Se amontonaron cientos de sostenes, se tiraron a los cubos de basura situados en el centro de la protesta… pero el fuego nunca se produjo.

La (no) imagen fue tan potente que se convirtió en símbolo. Una joven reportera del New York Post, Lindsy Van Gelder, mencionó la hoguera de sujetadores en una columna, más como un deseo que como una realidad, pero el suceso caló y los medios replicaron la noticia falsa en grandes titulares. Había nacido un mito, y medio siglo más tarde el pecho de la mujer sigue siendo el arma predilecta de la lucha feminista, y su peor enemigo, la censura.

Un sábado de marzo, la artista valenciana Claudia Sahuquillo amaneció sin cuenta de Instagram. Ningún aviso, sólo un mensaje en la pantalla: “Se ha desactivado tu cuenta porque infringe nuestras condiciones”. Casi 80.000 seguidores a la basura de un momento a otro. Su proyecto #SkinIsTheNewCanvas convertía efectivamente el cuerpo desnudo de la mujer en su lienzo. Y sí, las fotos mostraban pezones. Pintados, pero pezones. Recuperó su perfil el lunes después de justificar, a través de un formulario, que en lo suyo no había pornografía, sino todo lo contrario. Igual que se fue, volvió. Pero a ella el susto sólo le confirmó que lo que hacía tenía sentido. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: ANAPA

Original publication DECEMBER 26, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 28th December 2018

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Is getting naked the answer to our self esteem problems?
As season 4 of the widely debated Naked Attraction takes to our screens, Leah Crossman comes to terms with the naked body and the huge amounts of positivity that we could all benefit from if we stripped off once in a while.

Naked attraction – take away the dating aspect and it is a wonderful display of naked bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes. Where most people feel awkward viewing such a thing on national television, I was fascinated. To see five real human bodies lined up next to each other, you understand how delightfully unique every single one of them is and it makes you realise that to have differences is not so different after all.

Naked Attraction

Self-confidence, particularly amongst young people, is something that we’re all lacking. This is understandable from a lifetime of unattainable body images being ingrained into us from the moment we signed up to Instagram. Tell us that it’s photoshopped however many times you want, but we will still try the latest fad diet to get that dream body. According to the Centre for Mental Health, one in 10 teenage girls say that they’re unhappy with their body and as our use of social media is only increasing, so are our body insecurities.
Keith Gordon from Naturism in Cornwall agreed: “The more people are used to seeing normal naked bodies and being seen themselves, the more they realise the natural beauty of human bodies without surgical enhancements or chemical introductions. This develops self-confidence and body confidence which leads to greater happiness and fewer distorted pouting photographs on social media.”

I’m not particularly overwhelmed with my body, I have the things I would change just like the next person and social media definitely doesn’t help with that. I long to have the bodies I see every day scrolling down my feed, but by doing that, I’m trying to live up to a body that doesn’t exist – is this because I never really see bodies that do exist?

For generations society has told us to cover up and partly, I think this is to blame for our self-esteem problems as for so long it has been seen as a bad thing to be naked. Older generations are more conservative and in fact, my own Grandma was pretty horrified by the show. She said it was obscene and there was no need for full frontal nudity. But for what reason? The only outcome from that mindset is us having no idea what our bodies should look like because we are never actually exposed to what a real body looks like. In search for this clarification, we have turned to Instagram, where our perception of the human body is distorted by camera angles, lighting and editing software used in excess. When we see a real body, or more importantly our own bodies, we label it as abnormal because it’s not the kind of body we’re used to seeing every day. Naked Attraction unknowingly addresses this struggle by showing us real and very different bodies.

Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign
Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign

Many have had a stab at this ‘naked taboo’ too. Take the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign, a celebration of real women, in all kinds of variations and exactly the kind of naked, body positivity we need more of. It makes people feel confident in their own bodies to see how different every other body is, but it needs to be more prevalent.
Celebrity stylist, Gok Wan, also campaigned for body confidence to be a compulsory part of the PSHE curriculum in 2011. His work found devastating statistics such as, 70% of participants stated that they did not like what they saw in the mirror and 71% of participants said they felt self-conscious about their body in changing rooms. Unfortunately, just as this scheme was going to be passed, the general election happened and the campaign lost momentum.

I think Gok hit the nail on the head though, we should start with schools and strike youngsters as soon as they discover what an insecurity is. We should teach them that it’s normal to look different to one another and to love their bodies by looking past the photos they see on social media and tell themselves that those bodies aren’t real. Then as Keith from NatCorn mentioned, this would hopefully lead to less edited photographs online, which fuel this dangerous cycle of body issues and mental health problems.

Gok Wan campaign for body confidence
Gok Wan campaign for body confidence

Whether you agree with being naked or not, it can’t be denied that Naked Attraction holds some educational value. The way I see it, the more we get naked, the more realistic our perception of what a real body looks like. We would learn to love and embrace ourselves, instead of resenting ourselves for actually having a normal human body. From having the confidence knocked out of me throughout my teens, to being filled with body positivity as I watched Naked Attraction was almost euphoric. If one episode of Naked Attraction has that kind of power, then isn’t it time to get your kit off?

Original work by: Leah Crossman, Falmouth University, Journalism

Posted on NatCorn 18th December 2018

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‘Totally gutted’: Locals angry as nude beach in Australia set to stay

A councillor in Australia wants the local New South Wales government to intervene after the council voted to keep a remote Byron Bay beach optional of clothing.

Councillor Paul Spooner said the decision to keep the clothing optional declaration at Tyagarah Beach showed the council was “not listening” to locals.

Locals protested outside Byron Shire Council for the clothing optional declaration removed from Tyagarah Beach.
Locals protested outside Byron Shire Council for the clothing optional declaration removed from Tyagarah Beach.

“They are elected as representatives for the residents and it’s clear to me that the residents of that community do not want a nude beach anymore,” he said.

Tyagarah Beach was officially made clothing optional 20 years ago after locals petitioned for a legal nude beach, and has been enjoyed by people keen for a skippy dip since then. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: stuff

Original publication Nov 23 2018

Posted on NatCorn 30th November 2018

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No male nudity on beaches please: Karnataka Women’s Commission Chief writes to CM
In her letter, Nagalakshmi Bai told the CM that male nudity on the beach was a threat to the safety of women and also posed a security threat.

The Chairperson of Karnataka’s Women’s Commission NG Nagalakshmi Bai, in a letter to the state’s Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, has come up with an unusual request – a dress code for men on beaches.

Nagalakshmi’s letter was prompted by the sight of nude men she saw at Gokarna Beach earlier this month when she was there for a holiday.

Gokarna Beach
Gokarna Beach Wikimedia Commons image

“I was in Gokarna three weeks ago and observed men walking around the beach nude. They should wear at least a little bit of clothing to cover themselves up,” she said, speaking to TNM.

In her letter, Nagalakshmi told the CM that male nudity on the beach “is not only posing a threat to the safety of women and children but also a security threat (sic)”.

She called for more police personnel to be posted on beaches for security reasons. “There are many women and children, including young women who are selling items in the beach, who are affected by this. There have been accusations of sexual assault against them,” she said. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The News Minute

Original publication November 20, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 29th November 2018

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How to act around nudists

For almost two years we have been publishing two articles per week for nudists. Tips, tricks, stories, Naturist Talks and lots of reviews of all the nudist places we’ve visited.
Well, sorry fellow nudies, but we thought it was time for a change. This article is not for you. This one is for the textiles.

The idea was brought to us via an e-mail from one of our readers. Many nudists have textile friends and family and even though they know a little bit about the lifestyle, they know you like to be naked and they know that it’s not about sex, sometimes it’s still a bit awkward. Especially when they unexpectedly ring your doorbell and suddenly you’re standing there butt naked in front of them.

Their cheeks turn red.

They have no idea where (or where not) to look.

They want to say something but the words are not coming. Or certainly not in the right order.

And you wonder… “I told her that I was a nudist, right?”

What were you supposed to do? It’s your best friend for god’s sake. Should you be putting on pants and a bra for your best friend?

Some time ago we already gave you this basic guide for living with a nudie that you could send around to all your friends, family and colleagues to explain in a nutshell what nudism is all about. Here’s an addendum for the guide, which explains how THEY should behave.

So actually… This article is for you anyway. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Naked Wanderings

Original publication July 26, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 22nd August 2018

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Nudists, Nudism and Nudity Throughout History
The Complete History of Nudism, Nudists and Nudity

In this article will explore both nudism and nudity throughout history. While organized nudism, as a movement, is considerably young, social nudity is as old as Adam and Eve.

Nudism and Nudists History Part One – Nudity in the Bible

Nudity In The Bible – When the word nude or naked is mentioned, the first thought is of Adam and Eve. The Biblical Book of Genesis states at the end of Chapter 2 in verse 25 that the man and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. In Chapter 3, after Adam and Eve eat of the fruit of the tree, they become aware of their nakedness and cover themselves in shame. Because nudism exists today in a cultural, social and political context, Adam and Eve would not be considered true social nudists Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Felicity’s Blog

Original publication July 11, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 30th July 2018