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My Favorite Nude Beach in the World

The beach itself is beautiful, but what makes it remarkable are the demographics it attracts and the liberating sensation unique to this place.

It was another Sunday morning on Balmins Beach. A group of naked old men were gathered in a circle, one of them holding hands with his unclothed 5-year-old granddaughter. The old guys were chatting and chuckling, oblivious to the fact that the little girl’s eye line was located at a pretty interesting angle.

“Oh my God,” drawled my visiting American friend, a New York assistant district attorney. “That’s a crime scene right there…”

Courtesy of Barcelona Tourism
Courtesy of Barcelona Tourism

In the U.S., maybe, but here in Catalonia, Spain, being publicly naked on a beach is still the ultimate sign of liberty. On Balmins Beach in the cosmopolitan town of Sitges, famous for its association with Picasso and Dali and the jet set of the 1960s, the right to be naked and proud is as deeply ingrained as the insistence on speaking Catalan or the unspoken pressure to eat a weird kind of barbecued leek called calçots on Sundays in the winter.

But even by the standards of Catalan nudist beaches, Balmins, 30 minutes south of Barcelona by car, boasts a demographic unparalleled by any other nudist beach I’ve ever been to. Calçots eaten with the traditional almond and red pepper Romesco sauce is actually a great combination, but the reason I bought an apartment in Sitges 17 years ago is Balmins Beach with its utopian mix of gay men, Catalan bourgeoisie, and senior citizens and their grandchildren.

They all co-exist in a fascinating way that reaches its apotheosis on weekend mornings when imperious Catalan couples are out in force with their pristine sun loungers and their copies of La Vanguardia. As they liberate bosoms from bras and buttocks from underpants, they hardly notice the gay men with expensive cock jewelry strutting along the shore. The gays will, however, respectfully defer their frolicking when they pass groups of au naturel women of a certain age, ample legs planted confidently in the surf discussing the latest Spanish royal family scandal or the best way of cooking cuttlefish and potato stew.

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Source: The Daily Beast

Original publication 10.10.19

Posted on NatCorn 12th October 2019

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NAKED THEFT Barcelona now so ravaged by tourist muggings that cops are giving out robbery ‘survival kits’ to victims on the beach
BARCELONA has become so besieged by tourist thefts that police are handing out survival kits to beachgoers who have their clothes pinched while taking a dip in the sea.

The initiative is particularly appreciated by nudists visiting the beaches of Sant Sebastia or Mar Bella, according to reports.

The Urban Guard of Barcelona is looking after victims of theft by giving them bags containing four practical items – flip flops, a T-shirt provided by Barcelona City Council, trousers and a one-way Barcelona Metro ticket.

El Pais reports that the “theft kit” is especially designed for holidaymakers returning to their belongings on the beach after a swim, only to find their gear has been swiped.

Cops in Barcelona have special kits to hand out to holidaymakers targeted by criminals on the beaches
Cops in Barcelona have special kits to hand out to holidaymakers targeted by criminals on the beaches GUÀRDIA URBANA

Since the holiday season began, cops have handed out 174 kits between May 27 and August 21.

This is a rise from three years ago, when 120 were provided from May to September.

The jump echoes a rise in reported crime in the resort location, with deputy mayor Albert Batlle saying there’s a “security crisis”, including at its crowded beaches.

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Source: The Sun

Original publication 26 Aug 2019

Posted on NatCorn 30th August 2019

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