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Is going topless legal on the Blue Ridge Parkway, like on a really hot weekend?
Imagine taking the family, including some pre-teens, on a lovely spring hike atop Craggy Pinnacle on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

You drive about 20 miles northeast of Asheville, climb through rhododendron tunnels and past giant rocks. You are breathless with excitement to see one of the prettiest summit sights in Western North Carolina, which sweeps across the rippling Blue Ridge Mountains.

When you get to 5,892-foot-high summit, you get an eyeful, all right.

But it’s not the kind the kids were expecting.

Hikers take in the view at the summit of the Craggy Pinnacle trail, Friday, June 15, 2018.
Hikers take in the view at the summit of the Craggy Pinnacle trail, Friday, June 15, 2018. Matt Burkhartt/mburkhartt@citize

A reader recently reported she was on just such a hike recently, enjoying the 360-degree view, when a man and woman, perhaps boyfriend and girlfriend, were taking the obligatory stand-on-the-wall photos.

The woman went a step further – maybe wanting the full-on effect of nature’s cool breeze? – and took off her top and bra.

She proceeded to pose, wiggle and wave her arms in the air for photos while the unsuspecting family watched in disbelief.

So, was the fresh-air flasher breaking the law?

Technically, no.

Was it tacky? This outdoors reporter thinks, yes. Asheville might be the “Paris of the South,” but our mountaintops are not the French Riviera, folks.

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Source: Asheville Citizen Times

Original publication May 25, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 4 weeks ago

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Thousands fight to stop Soho’s iconic nudist-friendly Coach & Horses pub being taken over
Regulars fear their beloved boozer will become a ‘soulless chain outfit’

The landlord of Soho ’s nudist-friendly Coach & Horses pub says he feels “overwhelmed” after nearly 15,000 people signed a petition calling for it to be ‘saved’.

Pub company, Fuller’s, looks set to take over management of the historic boozer, known for becoming London’s first all-vegetarian and vegan pub.

A Coach & Horses punter poses for the pub's recent naked charity calendar
A Coach & Horses punter poses for the pub’s recent naked charity calendar Coach & Horses

Since opening in 1847, it has been a haunt for Spectator and Private Eye journalists, and was immortalised as the setting of a West End play about a writer’s gambling and sex-driven lifestyle.

But landlord Alastair Choat, 55, and daughter Hollie, 31, will lose their tenancy of the Greek Street tavern on June 23.

Drinkers and regulars responded en masse with more than 9,600 people signing a petition calling for the “beloved pub” to be saved, while another 5,000 signatures have been collected at the bar. They fear Fuller’s will turn it into a “soulless chain outfit”.

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Source: MyLondon

Original publication 15 MAY 2019

Posted on NatCorn 23rd May 2019

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Cornwall Council adds apostrophe to Land’s End
Cornwall Council has voted to add an official apostrophe to “Land’s End”.

Clarification on the punctuation was needed because of proposed changes to electoral boundaries that left some council ward areas needing new names.

Land's End now has an officially recognised apostrophe.
Land’s End now has an officially recognised apostrophe. GETTY IMAGES

A debate on ward names lasted 90 minutes, and included grammatical input from a Cornish history expert.

Councillors heard Land’s End has been spelled with the apostrophe in two different places or not at all, which has led to the uncertainty. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: BBC News

Original publication 12 September 2018

Posted on NatCorn 10th October 2018

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Near Paris, will open the amusement park for nudists
…To celebrate the international Day of naturism July 14, and at the same time to escape from the heat.

Amusement Park Adventures LAN in Magny-on-Vexin (55 km from Paris) where there are a variety of attractions, including trampolines and a mini Golf course, and fountains, where you can swim, allocated one day for nudists, Sunday 1 July, confirming the reputation of France as a tourist the most advanced country for naturists. According to AFP, every year France attracts around four million fans of nudist rest.

The management of the Park notes that some of the rides is possible only in shorts or underwear for security purposes.

“We used to think that it is better not to show too much. But the policy pursued by the mayor of Paris, socialist Anne Hidalgo views (Anne Hidalgo) proves that times have changed,” — said the head of the Paris group nudists Cedric Amato (Amato Cedric). He estimated the number of nudists in the region of 88 thousand people. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: The Bobr Times

Original publication June 30, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 28th July 2018