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Pursuing My Passion About Nudism and Body Acceptance

Everyone is passionate about something – I happen to be passionate about nudism and body acceptance. I am also passionate about Arizona – one of the best places on the planet to live and play. And when I can combine my passions and share with others, then it makes the entire experience extra special.

In 1980 I was one of the founders of a nude travel club called Arizona Wildflowers. We’ve had a lot of fun with the name, calling ourselves “Blooming Idiots” and “Arizona Weeds.” I’m sure others have had other names for a group that at one time topped over 200 active members of ASA/AANR. We camped, hiked, boated, traveled in motor homes, and even attended a number of clothed activities (attending the local horse track, for example) just because we enjoyed each others’ company. Probably 30 years ago I became the sole owner/operator of the business and have continued to have at least one very popular activity – the nude white water raft trips through the Grand Canyon.

Elves Chasm Nude Grand Canyon Swimming HoleThe Grand Canyon is visited by more than 6 million people a year. Most of these people are not Naturists.

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Source: Review Resorts

Original publication February 27, 2019

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Standard Deviations: ‘Nakationing’ — naked vacationing — is a thing?
They’re calling it “one of the fastest growing trends in both travel and recreation.” Me? I call it just plain awkward.

Apparently, the “nakation” is a thing now.

At least, that’s what the American Association for Nude Recreation would have us believe.

You’ve heard of the “staycation”? The “mancation”? Even the “praycation”? Well, get ready for the nakation, a trademarked combination of “naked” and “vacation.”

Logo for International Skinny Dip Day
Logo for International Skinny Dip Day

I know about the nakation because awhile back a friend forwarded to me an email from the aforementioned AANR — based in Kissimmee, Florida — announcing that the group has designated the second Saturday in July as International Skinny Dip Day. This raises two troubling questions, in my mind:

1. Isn’t it a tad presumptuous for a group calling itself the American Association for Nude Recreation to assume it has the authority to declare an International Skinny Dip Day? I mean, you’d think they’d at least get input from naked people in other countries before making such a bold proclamation.

2. Why would anyone send an email about skinny dipping to me, the guy about which there’s absolutely nothing that could even remotely be considered “skinny”? Continued…Read full original article

Source: Standard-Examiner

Original publication APRIL 15, 2018

Posted on NatCorn 16th April 2018

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American Association for Nude Recreation – Social Family Nudism in Appropriate Places
Our interview with American Association for Nude Recreation President Beverly B. Price

People all over the world enjoy nonsexual nude recreation. Some call themselves skinnydippers. Some call themselves nudists. Some call themselves naturists. There are nudist or naturist vacations, clubs, resorts, campgrounds, groups, cruises and beaches across the globe.

Beverly B. Price
Beverly B. Price AANR

We asked American Association for Nude Recreation President Beverly B. Price about AANR and nudism.

How would you describe AANR in one sentence?

The American Association for Nude Recreation is the oldest and largest organization in the Western Hemisphere advocating for and educating about nude living. Continued…Read full original article…

Source: Family Travelers Magazine

Posted on NatCorn 11th March 2018