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Swimming Pool Hygiene. Proposal of the Naturist Movement to Municipalities and Health [Spain]

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Mandatory to shower naked and with soap in the changing rooms before accessing the pools and wearing a well-washed bathing suit.

“I protect you, and you protect me”, is the philosophy on which we base the need for the use of sanitary masks: protect the other. If we all wear them, when necessary, we will all be protected.

The Naturist associations want to collaborate in this mutual protection by contributing our experience on hygiene in swimming pools.

Science tells us that clothing is the main source of infection in swimming pools: for the user himself by conserving moisture, and for others, by preventing proper hygiene prior to swimming in the pool.

Areas of the body that must be cleaned before entering the pools Areas of the body that must be cleaned before entering the pools

The perfect solution would be to prohibit the use of clothing in swimming pools, but today we know that this is not feasible. What we can do is introduce the obligation to shower naked and with soap in the changing rooms before accessing the pool . And remember that you should bring a well-washed swimsuit.

There are many countries that have established this obligation forever. Thus, for example, in Iceland they even put up signs indicating the areas of the body most in need of cleaning, such as the head (hair), armpits, genitals, anus and feet. A caretaker ensures that no one accesses the pool without going through the mandatory hygienic shower . Other countries, such as Korea or Japan, are especially sensitive and practice with an intense shower, even with scraper fabrics, before accessing the pool. Many facilities incorporate SPA in the changing rooms, where nudity is mandatory and thorough cleaning before using the Jacuzzi at 40º and / or accessing the common pool.

We have all observed how there are many people, especially young boys, who access the pools with fairly long shorts, with a double layer that prevents them from even getting wet when standing under the outdoor showers. Some even wear underwear under the swimsuit-pants, and everything indicates that some use it as street clothes. The shower with those clothes on is not hygienic. It does not achieve any type of cleaning because the water hardly wet the entire area that the swimsuit covers. Once inside the pool, the water enters everywhere .

Therefore naturists propose that all municipalities (or even from State Health) establish the rule of mandatory shower with soap and nudity prior to entering the pools, and prior to leaving them. Furthermore, this measure has no financial cost for any administration.

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Source: FENSpanish Naturism Federation

Original publication 2 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 6th July 2020

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