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Suzanne Somers ‘Friendless’ At 74 Because She’s A Nudist?


Is Suzanne Somers worried she won’t be able to get any guests to visit her new “party house”? That was one tabloid’s story earlier this year. Gossip Cop investigates.

Suzanne Somers Losing Friends Because She’s A Nudist?

Back in May, Star reported Suzanne Somers and her husband Alan Hamel had recently moved into a new house. Somers reportedly called the pad “a very sexy house,” insisting, “We’re going to give parties — it’s a party house.” But, the outlet asks “will anyone show up?” According to the report, Somers and Hamel’s “clothing optional” lifestyle is driving their friends away.

Suzanne Somers
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An inside source explains to the tabloid, “Suzanne is always going on about how being nudists keeps them hot, but many in her life think it’s too much,” adding, “There are people she used to hang around with but doesn’t see so often anymore and the ‘Why’ doesn’t seem to dawn on her.” The tabloid goes on, insisting Somers’s friends are getting tired of hearing about her naturalist lifestyle. “It’s a tedious topic for people to listen to all the time,” dishes the source, “Now she and Alan don’t get as many invites to social engagements as they used to!”

Suzanne Somers Doesn’t Get Invited Places Anymore?

So, is Somers really being ostracized from her old social circles for her fondness for being nude? Of course not. It’s true Somers isn’t shy about showing off her birthday suit. The Three’s Company alum posted a nature-inspired nude picture for Earth Day and has expressed her desire to pose nude for Playboy again. She’s also been extremely open about her sex life with her husband. That being said, Somers has never publicly stated she lives a “nudist lifestyle.”

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Source: Gossip Cop

Original publication 1 July, 2021

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