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Being naked is so natural for me, whether knocking about the house or being out and about, with limitations of course. Like many I’ve enjoyed being naked at events, clubs, swims, beaches and free range naturism.

By and large being naked has always been enjoyable with a few notable exceptions were clothes would most certainly have been an advantage. One example concerned a walk which started on a beautiful sunny winter’s day. After a while it started to cloud over then the clouds decided to dump a load of snow over me. On another occasion it was a sudden and vicious rain squall. On both occasions getting dressed became a sudden necessity. One bright summer’s day I was happily munching a sandwich on a hill top in Derbyshire when I heard a bussing sound and on looking up saw an ominous dark cloud, of bees! I made a quick retreat and fortunately the bees moved on. Clearly the local wild flowers held a greater attraction for them than me but it had been a scary moment.

Supreme moments
Credit Uncertain Supreme moments

That’s one end of the normal distribution curve of naturist enjoyment but what about the other end? I’ve picked a couple of special moments that were sheer joy. They were moments that made me think; now I really know why I’m a naturist.

The first was a swim of a secluded beach. My family and I discovered this beach in North Wales after a colleague had stayed in a cottage nearby. He had told me that the way to the beach was to speak to a lovely old lady who lived in a farmhouse. She would let us cross her fields which led down to the beach. There was and there is still no public path down to the beach. We did as suggested and the lady kindly let us troop down across two of her fields. At the bottom of the second one was a small gate which opened onto a very steep but perfectly navigable path down to the beach.

Supreme moments
Credit Uncertain Supreme moments

We found beach to be quite stony at high tide but had a large rock we could sun ourselves on. There was also a large rock a short distance out into the sea which at high tide made a perfect diving board provided one was careful about the barnacles. We visited this beach on many occasions over the years sometimes even lighting a fire from the driftwood and cooking lunch which the children always enjoyed. It was all wonderful and we considered it our “secret beach” Occasionally someone would clamber over fences but they rarely strayed onto the beach. Every time we holidayed there we always asked the old lady if it was in order for us to cross her fields and it always was. We became very friendly and on several occasions she invited us in for a chat and during one late autumn holiday we actually stayed in part of her farmhouse. It always seemed so natural to be naked on this beach but there was one very special occasion.

It was just after the August Bank Holiday and we decided to have another session on the beach. It was a dull but counterintuitively quite warm. As we got closer to the beach on the steep slope down it had become quite misty. Despite the mist, as usual I got on to the beach first and within seconds of arrival I was naked. It was still warm and once my wife was down the temptation was too great and I was soon in the sea. I can only describe it as magical. The sea was totally calm, the mist was still there but the sun was doing its best to break through. I can only describe it as surreal. At the time I actually realised this magic moment would be just that, a moment, the here and now, and soon it would only be a memory. I savoured every second. I knew this was a special moment and I knew then why I was a naturist.

My second moment was in France. My wife and I decided we’d like to spend a couple of weeks at Arna on the French west coast. We enjoyed the first few days spending time on the beach and exploring the local villages. Then it rained, and rained and it kept raining for five whole days. It was unremitting. We explored more villages and traipsed round several supermarkets. A saving grace was the indoor pool at Arna but that really wasn’t a substitute for the beach. And then during the evening of the fifth day he rain actually stopped, at last! The first indication had been a lightening of the sky and then the evening sun poked out from behind the clouds. There was only one thing to do, go out.

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Source: Irish Naturism

Original publication 24 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 11th April 2021

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