Sunbathing warning: How to protect yourself when suntanning naked – skin cancer risks

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Ditching swimwear on holiday is no longer taboo with over 22 per cent of Britons opting for sunbathing in the buff. How can you still protect your delicate areas when tanning naked?

Almost a third of Britons dare-to-bare and reveal they prefer to wear no clothes while on holiday. With naturist beaches fast becoming the new travel hotspots, getting that all over tan is more popular than ever before. This trend looks set to continue with 27 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds choosing to one day getting their kit off, saying they are up for it in the future. When it comes to sunbathing ‘au natural’ 31 per cent prefer tanning naked. However burning one’s bits is the reality for most so how can you protect yourself when tanning in the nude?

Sunbathing warning: Precautions to take when sunbathing naked
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Sunbathing warning: Precautions to take when sunbathing naked

Research from Hotels.com and the British Skincare Foundation looked at Britons attitudes to sunbathing in the buff. It found that half of those surveyed over 55, admit they don’t always use sun protection when exposing those sensitive areas to the sun.

Almost two thirds admit they don’t always use sun protection, 41 per cent claim to find it’s easy to forget and shockingly, 7 per cent never wear sun cream at all.

What’s more, almost two fifths of 18 to 24 year olds are not aware that it’s even possible to get sunburnt down under, with many finding out the hard way.

When it comes to burning their private parts, six per cent admitted experiencing the pain, 14 per cent have caught the sun while sunbathing topless and one in five have come back from the beach with a burnt bottom.

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Source: Express

Original publication Aug 6, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 17th August 2019

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