USA Today's exclusive sleep-in-the-nude study includes some eye-opening results.
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Study: Two-thirds of Millennials sleep nude


Anna Swanson isn’t squeamish about admitting that she usually sleeps without clothes.

The 25-year-old public health researcher said she’s just much more comfortable that way, especially in D.C.’s summer heat. She can crank the AC up a little less, and be more environmentally sensitive.

“It feels natural because it is natural and I enjoy it,” said Swanson, a Washington, D.C. resident.

It’s convenient, too. “You wake up the next day and just hop into the shower – there’s less thought to it,” she said.

According to a new survey, Swanson is in the majority, particularly in her Millennial age bracket. Two-thirds of Millennials report sleeping in the nude, the poll by the mattress review site found.

Joe Mercurio, a project manager with Mattress Advisor, said he stumbled across several articles suggesting that people sleep better without clothes – and he decided to find out more.

Sleeping with or without clothes on is a matter of personal choice.
GETTY IMAGES Sleeping with or without clothes on is a matter of personal choice. GETTY IMAGES

He surveyed over 1,000 people across the country, 58 percent of whom said they sleep in the nude. Nude sleepers also report better sleep quality than pajama-wearers.

Not surprisingly, men are more likely to sleep naked than women – though more than half of women still report sleeping without any clothes. Only 39 percent of Boomers sleep in the buff, compared with nearly 65 percent of Millennials, the survey found.

Relationships seem to relax people’s sleeping habits, with 72 percent of nude sleepers report being in a relationship, compared to only only half of single people. More than half of people who sleep nude report that their partner does, too.

Lack of clothes seems to promote love-making, with nude sleepers reporting substantially more sex than those who prefer to sleep clothed, the study found.

Sleeping nude can sometimes be embarrassing, according to the poll. About half of all nude sleepers admitted to awkward moments, including being walked in on – mostly by a friend, parent or roommate – being bitten by a bug, or having to leave the house unclothed during an emergency.

Nearly 70 percent of respondents who sleep naked said they do so because they’re more comfortable without clothes. About 58 percent said nude sleeping was relaxing, and 54 percent said it improves their sleep. (Roughly 15 percent said they sleep naked to keep their genitals “free and happy.”)

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Source: USA Today

Original publication 11 September, 2018

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