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Stop the Sexual Objectification!!

Yesterday, I posted a photo that a 21 year old girl sent in with the caption that it was her first skinny dip. And WOW, what a shit storm of comments that followed. There were the usual ones you unfortunately expect to see, the perverts, the sexually inclined, the trolls commenting horribly objectifying rubbish. A lot of these we simply delete, block and ignore.

But this time round, something worse happened. When a few others and I called out the bad behaviour from these basement dwelling keyboard warriors, we were met with a barrage of criticism from a number of men and women accusing us of being on a moral high horse. Their reasoning, “she posted it online, she’s asking for it and should expect these kinds of comments”. What. The. Hell. What’s worse, these comments were from both males and females with normal looking profiles. Not troll accounts. And I believe that they genuinely believe that these comments are justified.

So I jumped online and I did get on my moral high horse as I felt someone needed to and posted the following comment:

Just because there is a young, “attractive” body on this page, does not mean she’s putting herself out there to be objectified. She is not asking for it!

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Source: Get Naked Australia

Original publication 23 July 2019

Posted on NatCorn 24th July 2019

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