Stark naked holidays

Stark naked through the holidays: “We are all naked, that’s great”

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SCHAGERBRIDGE – Checking in and undressing, that is the motto for the avid naturist. NH Nieuws will be looking for special destinations in the north of North Holland these weeks, with this week one of the few places where you can spend the summer completely naked: the naturist camping site De Groote Keijns in Schagerbrug. 

You can find the Groote Keijns behind a farm between Schagerbrug and Oudesluis. Two tightly cut lawns are full of caravans and a few tents. “I have been coming here for almost 25 years,” says camping guest Ria. “You must have swum naked once in the sea, then you will never want anything else.”

Many camping guests would not even take a holiday with clothes anymore. “Maybe a few days, but then quickly to a naturist campsite,” says Rob, who selected the campsite in Schagerbrug for the second time this year. 

Stark naked holidays
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“The mentality here is also different,” he continues. “If you don’t like something, you tell it nicely here. That is really different on a normal campsite.” Incidentally, most naturists see the ‘normal’ campsite as absurd. “We speak of textile camping or kléren camping.”

“You must have swum naked once in the sea, then you will never want anything else.”

Ria – Camping Guest De Groote Keuns

Little childhood

Several times, guests start talking about daring it too late. “There is nothing better, so I should have done this much earlier.” Therein lies an appeal to the current youth, who can hardly be found on these types of campsites. “The youth is a bit more prudish. They do go to a sauna, but naked at a campsite they don’t.” 

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Source: NH Nieuws

Original publication 25 July, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 21st August 2020

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