Nudism = wellness?

Spending time starkers can improve your mood and reduce anxiety


Are we moving to a clothing-optional society as nudism continues to gain popularity in South Africa and around the world?

Clothing optional living has become more prevalent thanks to the pandemic, but at home. Naturism or nudism as a lifestyle is also gaining traction in South Africa as more people are dropping their clobber to frolic amongst nature. It’s nothing sexual, but rather a choice to be closer to nature and perhaps, get an all over tan.

Nudism has come a long way, from the controversy that surrounded outspoken Beau Valley nudist resort owner Beau Brummel in the 1980s.

Nudism = wellness?
Credit Uncertain Is nudism the new wellness?

Nudism is said to have its origins in Germany during the early 20th century and since then it has spread worldwide. Proponents of the lifestyle say that anything can be more fun when you do it naked. In Germany, there are even non-segregated locker rooms in some gyms with shared showers, pools and saunas and other coed facilities.

In South Africa several restaurants and conferencing venues have tested the waters with unisex restrooms, but we are far from getting publicly naked outside of nudist resorts and skinny-dipping beaches and venues.

South Africa ranks seventh in the world for quality skinny dipping spots and there are about six mainstream nudist resorts scattered across Gauteng and North West. There’s Sun Eden, which borders the Dinokeng Game Reserve, Birds of Paradise and the curiously named Voelkop, where you can shed your kit amongst others.

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Source: The Citizen

Original publication 11 November, 2021

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