Soviet attitudes towards the naked body have changed over time
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Soviet attitudes towards the naked body have changed over time

Always with an ideological context, the sexual revolution, which soon followed its counterpart in the newborn Soviet Union

Freedom was manifested in everything. Shyness in relation to the body was perceived as a relic of bourgeois culture. Almost everyone started to undress, and nude photography has become a popular genre.

At that time, nudism was a novelty for the USSR. Sunbathing and swimming were good for health (and the Soviet people needed to be healthy), so after a hard day’s work, collective farmers, workers and soldiers were encouraged to go to the nearest lake or river to a naked dip.

Soviet attitudes towards the naked body have changed
Credit Uncertain Soviet attitudes towards the naked body have changed over time

The 1920s saw the emergence of the radical society “Down with shame!”, Which believed that true gender equality could only be achieved in the natural. We got to the bottom of the matter, quite literally.

The USSR is a “morality”. Despite this unethical, shameless attitude, nudism, for a long time, not only prospered, but was considered the norm of social behavior. However, oddly enough, nudism was not imported from the West or the East, but was adopted by the Bolsheviks from representatives of Tsarist Russia. In particular, Nicholas II adhered to a very free morality. In 1992, the paintings received a photograph, consisting of numerous photographs of the naked imperial family. But, this is a slightly different story. In the meantime, let’s talk about the USSR.

The first propagandist of nudism, as spiritual openness, bodily and moral freedom, was Lenin. In which, even during his stay in Germany. When Lenin met guests from Tsarist Russia, he always took them to nudist lakes, where they could breathe true freedom. In the Social Democrats, this made quite an impression. They understood that in this form there is no class distinction between the ruler and the common man.

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