Some reflections on women and naturism


Why are there no more women in nudism? And what can we do about it?

Consider the following scene, which can occur in a nudist environment:

A young, beautiful and completely naked woman approaches a swimming pool. She gracefully takes a swan dive into the crystal-clear water, penetrating the surface with just a splash. Its agile body moves elegantly under the surface. Water flows freely around the curves of her bare skin as she swims to the other end. She reappears on the shallow side, where she gets up and walks the rest of the way to the edge of the pool. Chills cover your body. Droplets of water fall from the tips of her hard nipples. The hot sun makes your bare, wet skin shine. She smiles and looks at a young man, also completely naked, standing near the edge. “The water is beautiful,” she tells him. “Join me?”

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This could easily be the opening scene for a porn movie. Most people would see that scene and assume that she wanted to have sex, and was inviting that young man to have sex with her. Most guys would certainly assume that was it and react accordingly.

But at a nudist club or resort? None of these assumptions are made, because none of these assumptions are true. That young woman was not thinking about anything sexual when diving into the pool, and she was not inviting the young man to anything sexual when she invited him in. She does not care that the young man thinks he can have sex with her, although she is attractive and completely naked. And, in fact, the young man doesn’t think any of that.

He would probably go into the pool with her to cool off, and they would have a friendly chat there and nothing else.
In a nudist setting, your nudity is not seen as an invitation to be coveted or touched. She is certainly not naked for the sexual benefit of the young man in question. She is naked because she wants to be naked, for herself and no one else. And having made the choice to be naked, she will be treated the same as if she were fully clothed. Anyone who finds you in a nude place will not make assumptions about your sexual availability just because of your state of nudity.

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Source: Os Naturistas

Original publication 8 March, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 24th March 2021

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