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Social nudity in naked places and open spaces

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“Clothing-optional” is another phrase for nudity beaches, nudity retreats, and nudity resorts. Naturalists’ destinations around the world offer naked fun in the sun. “Naturist” is another word for naked—diving, dining, and dancing in your birthday suit. Social nudity refers to naked people being naked together.

Peruse the 15 best nude beaches on planet Earth. “Although still taboo in many places, casting aside your clothes at the shore has become a customary practice around the world in recent times. From rocky coastlines to talcum powder fine sands, and big city bays to secluded shores, there are now hundreds of beaches where it’s perfectly legal (or at least de facto legal) to sunbathe, swim and otherwise frolic beside the sea in nothing more than your birthday suit,” according to a CNN article. .

There is an American Association for Nude Recreation and National Nude Weekend is in July. Who knew? You can stay in the USA and bare your soul—I mean your body. TripSavvy lists the best clothing-optional resorts and nude beaches in the USA.

Hmmm. Suitcases would be lighter on airplanes.

Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin (Columnist)

However as a golden oldie, a public nudity scene is not on my Bucket List for a relaxing get-away trip. Viewing wrinkly old gals and hairy geezers is not my idea of a vacation paradise. Old folks, put some clothes on and cover up those shiny heinies. But there is no such place as a nude beach for senior citizens—or is there? Surf the internet and read about clothing-optional lifestyles for oldsters. That’s fancy talk for aging bums in the buff and topless tanning on a towel.

Blind Creek Beach is a nudity place in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Old geezers would certainly go blind if they get a gander at my saggy female parts. And I do not want to see male body parts waving in the wind either.

The old ladies I know don’t have a desire to take their aging bodies back in public places. We can celebrate ourselves by being fully clothed—and drinking Margaritas at an outdoor tiki bar.

But what if you decide to vacation at a nude place?

The TravelSmart website says, “Once you’re on a nudist beach, don’t stare, gawk, point, or giggle.” And slather sunscreen on exposed areas. Put a towel under your bare bottom when you lounge on chairs.

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Source: Modern Ghana

Original publication 26 May, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 11th November 2019

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