Sleeping naked helps you get a better night’s sleep


If you want to try something new to give your sleep a bit of a boost, why not try sleeping in the nude?

Over 2,500 volunteers were asked to wear different types of clothing or go to bed completely naked to work out who had the most rapid eye movement (REM) – the stage in which we dream, form memory and process emotions.

As well as sleep monitors, researchers got people to sleep in T-shirts and shorts, underwear, PJs with full sleeves, kimono robes, nightgowns, nightshirts, onesies, bathrobes and T-shirt or trouser PJs. And, of course, some wore their birthday suits.

Those who slept naked recorded an average of 26.5% REM sleep. The T-shirt and shorts group, and those wearing just underpants were not far behind.

At the other end, those in nightshirts, bathrobes and T-shirt/trouser combos recorded averages of less than 20% – the latter achieved just 17.5% REM sleep.

The study from TheDozyOwl also looked at whether socks were good for you.

They found people who slept with socks on had a little more REM sleep on average (27%) than those who slept with socks off (26%).

However, broken down into men vs women, the data shows that the average REM sleep had by male participants was higher without socks (26% with, 27% without), while women had more REM sleep on average with socks on (28% with, 25% without).

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Source: Metro

Original publication 26 February, 2021

Posted on NatCorn 11th March 2021

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