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Skinny-dipping in Cornwall’s historic miners’ pools

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In search of the historic tidal pools in Cornwall which miners created using dynamite.

Wild swimming in Cornwall is becoming increasingly popular.

As well as diving into the open water of the sea, bathers are taking the plunge at the numerous tidal pools that can be found dotted around the Cornish coastline.

Of course, wild swimming is nothing new, and it will come as no surprise that people have been enjoying the safe bathing of Cornwall’s tidal sea pools for hundreds of years.

Skinny-dipping in Cornwall
Greg Martin

However, it did surprise me to learn that some of these pools are not as old as they seem, and were in fact man-made within the last century, usually by miners and almost always with dynamite.

With man-made tidal pools looking almost identical to the many natural tidal pools, it is difficult to establish how many there are in Cornwall.

There is very little recorded history about the creation of pools, with most of it coming from word of mouth.

Concentrating around the coastline of west Cornwall, with its rich mining history, I decided to try and seek out the tidal pools created by miners, to see if they are still being enjoyed to this day.

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Source: CornwallLive

Original publication 6 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 17th September 2020

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