I've lived in Cornwall for just under a year

Six things which shocked me when I moved to Cornwall


It’s been a strange 11 months

Having moved into the county, or as I found out quite quickly some call it the Duchy, there are a few things which took me back.

I moved down in January from a small village near Didcot, Oxfordshire, having (like many from the south east) only been exposed to Cornwall before as a holiday destination.

There’s plenty to love, and a fair bit to question.

Some of the big things people claim to be shocked by when moving down didn’t phase me, such as the number of tourists. I was prepared for that.

Here are some things I was less prepared for.

1 – It’s windy… so, so windy

In typical British fashion, I’m starting off with something about weather: it feels like this county is always windy.

Cornwall gets the credit for being one of the more rainy places in the UK, but the wind is something else.

Winter? Wind.

Quiet spring evening? Wind.

Lovely summer’s day? Wind.

Heatwave predicted? Wind.

2 – There are barely any chains of anything. Not even cinemas

This isn’t really a bad thing. Part of Cornwall’s charm is its utter refusal to fall in line and the high streets reflect this.

While there are a few more Greggs here than a couple of years ago, so I’m told, it’s striking just how few chain shops there are.

It feels like the number of Wetherspoon pubs can be counted on one hand and there’s not a VUE cinema in sight. It’s quite nice, actually.

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Source: CornwallLive

Original publication 12 November, 2021

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