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Singles Outdoors Club (SOC)

Singles Outdoors Club (SOC)

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The Singles’ Outdoor Club is a non-landed, UK based, naturist club which promotes the naturist lifestyle, naturist camping and naturist walking, as nature intended. The club’s primary aim is to enable single naturists to enjoy naturism within the naturist movement in the UK. Although membership is made up predominately of single males, and some single females, SOC also accepts couples as members, and membership stretches the length and breadth of the UK.

The main activity of SOC is to organise group visits to naturist clubs around the UK. SOC club visits are possible due to the naturist clubs up and down the country who are willing to extend an invitation to us as a naturist group. These visits are normally one or two nights over the weekend. When visiting, we have full use of the host clubs facilities. These facilities vary from club to club but, as well as toilets and showers, they often include a swimming pool, sauna, Miniten court and Boules (Pétanque) pitches. Some clubs will put on extra events, and possibly food and a number have a licensed bar.

The majority of SOC members take their own tent and camp for the weekend but there are members with caravans or camper vans and some find local B&Bs to stay at. Day visits are also possible. Potential female members may be concerned that the majority of current members are male. If you are a lady with doubts or are nervous of your first visit, you can discuss this with our ‘Ladies Point of Contact’ .


Singles’ Outdoor Club

Email: (Keith J:- Membership Secretary ) or (New Lady Members’ Contact )


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