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Should You Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Naturism?

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Should You Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Naturism?

You started out enjoying being naked around the house, occasionally daring to slip outside when no one was noticing. Along the way you heard that there was a nude beach or resort near you where other people hung out nude. Your curiosity was piqued to the point where you gathered up the courage to finally check out the scene, and you realized that everyone there was very friendly. The people were from all walks of life, but they were the same more than they were different because when people are nude all pretexts are removed. You felt the freedom of being outside nude with no judgment by anyone, so you kept coming back until you realized that you were now a nudist.

Up to now only you and/or your partner was aware of enjoyment of naturism. You’d go off to the beach or resort to socialize with your new nudist friends, but you would not tell your friends and family about what you were doing because of the connotation behind nudity. On the other hand, you now realize the naturalness of being nude and the fact that social nudity is not sexual in the least bit. You have a quandary, because you want to share your enjoyment of naturism with friends and family, but you are concerned about what they will think of you. Additionally, you are reluctant to post or say anything on social media that could impact your career or friendships, yet you know that what you are doing is perfectly natural. What do you do?

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Source: A Naked Girl

Original publication April 3, 2019

Posted on NatCorn 9th April 2019


  1. My partner and I are regulars to a naturist swim night and also go on naturist holidays, my partner told her parents in a telephone conversation without my knowledge, on one visit to her parents, during an evening meal my girlfriends father started asking questions about what happens at a naturist holiday, I almost choked on my food as I didnt know he was aware of what we did, turns out that he went ahead and told everyone else in the whole family what we do too.

  2. Having a safe place to express your self with like minded people is essential for some of us.

  3. I love this… It pretty much sums me up going outside naked when nobody is around! I’ll keep in touch and looking forward to finding a few coves in the the summertime with like minded people!

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