Should You Tell Your Friends & Family About Your Naturism?

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Posted on NatCorn 9th April 2019


  1. My partner and I are regulars to a naturist swim night and also go on naturist holidays, my partner told her parents in a telephone conversation without my knowledge, on one visit to her parents, during an evening meal my girlfriends father started asking questions about what happens at a naturist holiday, I almost choked on my food as I didnt know he was aware of what we did, turns out that he went ahead and told everyone else in the whole family what we do too.

  2. Having a safe place to express your self with like minded people is essential for some of us.

  3. I love this… It pretty much sums me up going outside naked when nobody is around! I’ll keep in touch and looking forward to finding a few coves in the the summertime with like minded people!

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