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Should I share with my friends and family that I am a nudist?


Naturism is misunderstood by many textiles. Periodically, the media confuse it with swinging. Naturists are then seen as perverts that only sex and hedonistic pleasure drive. Yet naturists know it’s not the case. Naturists are no more perverse than textiles. It is with naturists like any other person. Demystifying naturism is what drives this site, as well as the magazines devoted to it and the many naturist associations.

Then comes the choice to live according to your principles. Without proselytizing or shouting naturism from the rooftops, living in accordance with one’s tastes and what makes us happy seems essential. The question of the congruence between what we are and what others perceive of us is central to happiness and personal balance. So, should we tell everyone that we are naturists, without risking negative repercussions? This is what this article will attempt to do. Live your naturism openly for a good life.

What is naturism?

If naturism is not more widely accepted, it is above all because of its assimilation with sexuality and because nudity should be limited to the privacy of one’s bathroom and romantic relationships. Society codified it and integrated it into the societal software. It is important to re-specify the definition of naturism as defined by the International Naturist Federation.

Naturism a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.

Seen like this, naturism can give the impression of a hippie or neo-rural activity. It limits naturism to its component linked to nature. But what to do with urban naturists? Of those who like simple communal nudity without being particularly attracted by nature? Naturism is not limited to a life in harmony with nature, although for questions of climate change we must undoubtedly have to get closer to it, but that is another question.

We often talk about the difference between nudists and naturists. I don’t. You can be a lonely naturist and a social nudist. Again, a matter of unnecessary and reductive labels. On the other hand, what nudism and naturism have in common is the comfort of nudity. A nudist, like a naturist, is someone who is comfortable with their own nudity and that of others. He or she has learned to separate this nudity from his or her own sexuality. I am naked for what is comfortable and in no way ashamed. It is this notion that should be borne in mind and be prepared to explain. I develop it in the article, The incredible comfort of nudity.

No shame, no deviance, no quirk. Naturism is natural, normal and healthy. Both physically and psychologically.

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Source: Nude & Happy

Original publication 14 November, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 2nd June 2021

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