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Sharing my naturist lifestyle
Santana is back with another story about her life. This time she’ll be talking about reactions from her loved ones, after they found out that she started the naturist lifestyle and the way that she shares that with the world. Enjoy reading her story, I found a nice quote online which describes her story pretty good.

As you all have seen already, Harmen and I take a lot of pictures of our naturist lifestyle. We share these photos with friends and family but with other naturists aswell. We do this to promote naturism and to show how nice it is to be a naturist.

Unfortunately this isn’t accepted by everyone. Especially by some of my friends and family. Because Harmen is naturist for a big part of his life, most people that are close to him don’t ask questions about why he does what he does. Me however, am new to this naturist lifestyle and some of my friends and family are having troubles seeing me live this lifestyle. It’s hard for them to accept it, especially that I share nude pictures of myself with the world. My ” best ” friend gave up on our friendship when she found out that I was naturist and made pictures of it. She didn’t want to be confronted with it and was afraid my pictures would be used for other things. Cont…Read full original article…

Source: Bare Thoughts

17:10 2nd October 2017

1 thought on “Sharing my naturist lifestyle

  1. Thank you for your courage and sharing. I live in Oklahoma,US, in the “Bible belt”. Ironic because the Bible never says it is sinful being naked. I try to promote non-sexuall nudity with my own photos on Twitter. My family has not accepted my nudity so I’m forced to be dressed to be with them. I hope the US will be more accepting soon. Keep strong. Keep safe.

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