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Serbian naturists in the age of the Coronavirus (Serbia)

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You can read the text of the Serbian Naturist Organization “Serbian naturists in the coronavirus era” in English in the October edition of the International Naturist Federation (INF-FNI) newspaper FOCUS.

At a time when naturism is still not a topic that we are all happy and open about, with obvious changes in the sense that being naked is no longer a sin over sins, a situation has arisen that has reset many things and It has made us all equal, especially equally vulnerable. In what way, it doesn’t matter much, but the crown came to Serbia, disrupting daily life at its roots. The revolt of nature and the need for man to return to it were one of the theses and frequent slogans related to the epidemic. Movement restrictions, social distancing, and various bans are the hallmarks of the covid-19 virus period, which, at the time of writing, is still ongoing.

Whether many systems would survive was a general question, and naturism itself was criticized for various measures, such as travel and gathering bans. However, the situation is a little different now. It has been shown that naturism as a lifestyle is already in harmony with nature and its desire to rebel when its users overindulge. Also, this is an indicator that naturism is a part of us that is not necessarily conditioned by the social or by some other dictation, but also depends on how much we want to fight for it.

The main limitation in the work of the naturist movement, which we are talking about in Serbia, is the scant movement outside the country, which, in fact, created a completely new dimension and potential that was not recognized at all, even with the restriction of gather a certain number of people.

This summer, Serbian naturists had the opportunity to experience something that until now they could only see in the reports of the “white world” with the conviction that this is simply not possible in our country now, and perhaps never. As we all agree that the word “can’t” no longer exists in our dictionary, we tackled a series of challenges to bring Serbian lakes, mountains, cities and adrenaline activities closer to Serbian naturists in just one summer. And we succeeded, at least to some extent, although not everyone believed it was possible.

In early summer, at the time when it was possible to just leave the country for a short time, we organized sailing on the Greek sea. We open this summer with this exotic trip in the hope that the epidemic does not complicate the season much, whose main characteristic is the trips. But, unfortunately, it is, which turned out not necessarily to be bad.

Okay, we admit it, sunbathing on a beach without a bathing suit is not a problem in Serbia either, even without organizations you can find sand or pebbles next to the water and get naked. However, we went a step further: we were in places and lakes that were not fixed and where before there were no naturists, which allowed the gathered naturists and nudists to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in new and undiscovered places, and on the other side promoting naturism in areas without local enthusiasts. that they would dare to try something like that on their own. Of course, absolutely supporting local groups who are trying to fight for a piece of their naturist place in the sun, we have been to those beaches.

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Source: Naturism Peru / ANNLI (Naturism / Nudism national and international)

Original publication 11 October, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 19th October 2020

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