One of the items on Dianne Young's list was folk dancing in the Kiwanis Park in Saskatoon. A group meets weekly to dance but Young hadn't ever been before.
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Saskatchewan woman celebrates 60th birthday with 60 new experiences, from purple hair to nudist camp

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Dianne Young wanted to mark the occasion in style, but couldn’t decide what to do

A Saskatchewan woman is living by by the mantra, “You never know until you try.”

Dianne Young decided to celebrate her 60th birthday by doing 60 things she had never tried before in one year — from skydiving to attending a nudist camp. 

Young lives in Martensville, Sask. She turned 60 in 2019 and wanted to mark it by doing something special. 

“When I was a kid, 60 seemed really old, like ancient,” she said with a laugh. “But then when I found myself turning 60 … I don’t feel that old and I didn’t know how to celebrate.”

One of the items on Dianne Young's list was to attend a nudist camp
Dianne Young One of the items on Dianne Young’s list was to attend a nudist camp to try it out. She said it was better than expected.

Young thought about a hot air balloon ride or a cruise, but couldn’t decide which. 

“All of a sudden I thought well, ‘Why not do 60 things?'” she told Saskatoon Morning. “That’s only five things a month. I could handle that.”

“I really didn’t know how I would feel about that. I’m not a real brave person or much of a exibitionist,” she said. “But actually it was wonderful.”

Dianne Young

One year later, Young has written a book about her experience and hopes to inspire others to jump at opportunities.

Young said she’s learned it’s important to not plan things to death and to seize opportunities, as you never know if they will come again.

“You get to a certain age, you think ‘Oh yeah, I’ve done you know most everything,'” she said. “But when you start making a list of things you haven’t done, there’s a lot of things.”

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Source: CBC

Original publication 19 August, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 4th September 2020

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