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Roseville Runner Finds Freedom In Naked Road Races

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A few days ago, Jen Miller, who covers running for The New York Times, published a funny column about how she broke out of her pandemic gloom by entering the Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 5K, a race run at a nudist resort in Pennsylvania. And that’s where Deadline Detroit learned of Bruce Freeburger, 69, who drove from Detroit to run in the same race and was quoted in her story.

We knew we had to find this guy and get to the bottom of this crazy idea of nude running. Freeburger, who lives in Roseville, arrived at our outdoor meeting fully clothed; he respects the expectations of society, and besides, it was chilly that day.

So how long have you been a nudist? Or do you prefer naturist?

There’s actually two types. One would be recreational nudists, and then the other would be a social naturist. Some people (practice nudism) for fun and thrills. But a social naturist is really a philosophy, you know, You actually have ethics and stuff like that.

I’m going to assume that you consider yourself a social naturist, then. What is the philosophy, briefly?

Well, one thing is that it’s non-sexual. And it’s so much of an equalizer. Forest Hills Club (in Saranac) says on their webpage: What car you drive? Where your kids go to school? What stores you bought your clothes at? It doesn’t make a difference.

Bruce Freeburger shows his T shirt from the Bouncing Buns 5K
Nancy Derringer Nude races have commemorative shirts, but wearing them is optional. Bruce Freeburger shows his from the Bouncing Buns 5K in Pennsylvania

OK. So how long have you been a social naturist?

I would really describe myself as a runner rather than that.

You like to run and you enjoy running nude. You don’t hang out at nudist camps or naturist camps when you’re not planning a run?

Yeah, it’s the competition. The fact that the runners themselves are (competitive), yeah. It’s a fun event, and the only time I really run naked is in competition.

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Source: Deadline Detroit

Original publication 12 September, 2020

Posted on NatCorn 21st September 2020

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